Sitzplan Airbus A340-300 (343) Aerolineas Argentinas

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Sitzplan von Airbus A340-300 (343) Aerolineas Argentinas
Sitzplan von Airbus A340-300 (343) Aerolineas Argentinas

Flugzeug Airbus A340-300 (343) Aerolineas Argentinas mit 2 Klassen und 280 Sitzen an Bord. Dank dem Flugzeug-Sitzplan können Sie herausfinden, welche Plätze komfortabler sind und welche am besten vermieden werden sollten.


9/23/2019 Ramón Miralles, sitz 42C

El vuelo fue muy bueno. El avión no estaba numerado como en la imagen, así que el 42C era cómodo y amplio. Al entretenimiento de a bordo le faltan mas información sobre el estado de vuelo, pero sirve. La comida puede parecer un poco escasa pero no estuvo mal. Es comida de avión

5/8/2019 Óscar García Puente, sitz 31G

Of course, good, because it was placed in Emergency exit. But I have noticed that most of B's and G's in Tourist area have the Video entertainment devices where your feet should be, taking a lot of space. Regarding food and beverage, better take a sandwich with you from home.

1/20/2019 Juan, sitz 22F

Un avión limpio, standard.

8/17/2018 Sandra, sitz 17A

The seat is fine. But very small legroon

7/25/2018 Gonzalo, sitz 45D

Fue horrible. El ruido durante todo el viaje es insoportable, además es muy difícil salir al pasillo. La pantalla del pasajero de al lado estaba estropeada, no paraba de preguntar cómo funcionaba tanto a mí como a lxs azafatxs.

9/30/2017 Alexis Pascual, sitz 35A

Hermoso avion, comodo, amplio, sereno y sobre todo rapido, corrida final a 1033 km/h, llegada 40 minutos antes de lo previsto. El servicio de la tripulación, acorde a una compañia Skyteam, EXCELENTE.

5/18/2017 Diego S, sitz 17C

Bad seat, there is not enough space for the legs.

3/13/2017 SeatGuru User, sitz 8D

It's an 80s era business/first class seat with partial recline, and the plane was looking a bit threadbare. The food and service were good.

10/31/2016 JIMMY, sitz 5J

Night time flight. Food and drinks were perfectly good. The cabin staff were helpful and courteous. We departed and arrived on time. The seats were tired looking but worked properly and while not a flat bed I slept soundly for many hours. Did not use entertainment - I never do preferring to read or work. After reading other rev...

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4/30/2016 SeatGuru User, sitz 8H

More of an overall complaint with this plane and not just business class. Service is friendly. Food is good. Plane is DATED. Audio / visual allowed a few movies...but you couldn't start/stop them! It was like turning on a TV and your favorite show was playing. No start over, no rewind. I would NOT recommend this plane. An...

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2/11/2016 SeatGuru User, sitz 29H

Five seats away from the bathroom and i still can hear the toilet flushing

3/25/2015 Rodolfo, sitz 32A

This seat map does not match with the real plane. Flight was good and on time. Seats have acceptable recline angle (more than AA 777).

4/19/2014 reisen, sitz 24C

The Seat Electronic in Thema first 4 rows of this compartment does not work. More than 12 hours flighttime without entertainment, readinglamps and the possibility to call a flightattendent.

1/13/2014 ausol, sitz 5H

Club Condor, a business class seat. Hard as an ironing table, very worn, and very angry crew.

2/16/2012 ezequiel zamora, sitz 13E

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