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4/12/2019 Neil Reckers

Not Verified | I took the flight K7-708 from Mandalay to Heho to get to Inle Lake as it is the quickest way to get there. This was my first time flying with Air KBZ and it was a pleasant flight. Check-in and boarding was very efficient. The flight left Mandalay about 10 minutes before the scheduled time and arrived about 15 minutes earlier. The cabin was very clean and seats were comfortable. Cabin crew were friendly. I will not hesitate to fly again with Air KBZ.

9/26/2017 Mark Ellwood

✅ Verified Review | Yangon to Mandalay. Really good flight, the seating was 2-2 and actual seat numbers given on boarding pass, plenty of space even at 6'4" inflight catering offered, light snack and good coffee. Nothing to worry about despite ATR aircraft type and would definitely fly again.

9/26/2017 Mark Ellwood

✅ Verified Review | Heho to Yangon. Another very good flight same ATR aircraft, no seat numbers given but all very easy boarding. Plenty of space, 2-2 seating and inflight snacks given with coffee or Tea. One member of crew not happy but not the end of the world. At 6'4" I had no problem with the seat space in fact better than many European airlines.

12/27/2016 Antony Lynam

✅ Verified Review | Flew RGN-SNW, arrived at the Yangon Domestic Terminal an hour and a half ahead of the flight. Check-in was smooth, received my passenger identification sticker and waited in the restaurant. Boarding was via a bus from the gate to the aircraft. The plane was an ATR-72 and seating was done quickly. Flight was full. Aircraft left on time and boxed refreshments and tea/coffee were served soon after the seatbelt signs went off after take-off by well-presented aircrew. Flight arrived on time and on disembarking, after clearing immigration, received my bag within half an hour and was out of the airport. Return flight SNW-RGN was slightly less orderly with three Air KBZ flights leaving within 45 minutes of each other. Seating area was full in the lower floor of the departure terminal so went up to the top floor and sat out on the deck to watch the planes landing from the seaward direction. Once on board the ATR-72, flight was smooth, again received a box with sweet buns and boxed juice in, and tea/coffee served. Flight arrived on time again and bags were slightly delayed at Yangon. I was impressed with the service throughout and would fly again.

10/29/2016 Michael Andersen

✅ Verified Review | I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of Air KBZ flying from Yangon to Mandalay. I bought the ticket just two days before the flight and the fare was very reasonable. Check-in was fast and efficient, and a Air KBZ employee approached me in the line and escorted me to the check-in desk and helped me check-in. The domestic terminal is small and a bit chaotic, but this is not Air KBZ's fault and should be remedied when the new domestic terminal is finished. There are no screens announcing that boarding has commenced, so you have to pay attention to the airline employees who walk up and down the waiting area with hand-held signs with your airline and flight number on it. Boarding was via a bus to the aircraft. The plane was clean, in good condition and the seats were comfortable. The flight crew was helpful and friendly. We were served a light breakfast on this 80 minute flight. The flight took off and landed on time. I would certainly fly Air KBZ again.

3/25/2016 P Ryan

Yangon to Thandwe and pleasantly surprised by Air KBZ. Snacks served onboard – seats generally comfortable. Organisational issues with boarding and a slight delay in departure from Yangon. Check in at RGN was not very organised, however, once inside the departure terminal - ground staff were more helpful. They give you a coloured sticker to put on your shirt to ensure you get on the correct flight. Would use again.

1/24/2016 Ravi Mene

We recently took 4 internal flights on AirKBZ during our holiday in Myanmar. They use mainly ATR72 500-600 aircraft for these flights. They serve a snack and a drink on flights longer than 1 hour, on shorter flights boiled sweets are served. The planes were newish and in reasonable condition. At every check in you are given a sticker to identify your destination, once onboard these stickers are seen on the backs of every seat and safety cards. FAs were professional and pleasant. The schedules were punctual, as the turnaround time on hopping flights is well under 20 minutes, some of the flights left before time as soon as all the passengers were on board!

12/29/2015 Richard Hattemer

I had not heard of Air KBZ before I made the booking for my Myanmar trip. However, all of the three domestic flights (Mandalay to Thandwe, Thandwe to Sittwe and Sittwe to Yangon) went very well: on-time arrivals, food and beverages free of charge although the flights were short, friendly staff, modern and clean aircraft. I would fly Air KBZ again in case I return to Myanmar.

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