Air Mauritius



11/5/2015 Daniel, Airbus A330-200 (332) sitz 3A

Seats were not as good as other business class seats but still very nice. Plenty of legroom, Seat reclined fine, Food was fine and staff were friendly and cheerful.

10/30/2015 Sean Cully

Totally disappointed with the flight outbound, dated aircraft, in light entertainment was ridiculous all the films started at the same time with no option to rewind or pause. The meals were bland, you'll not starve but that's about it. we couldn't book our return seats online, we tried several times but no results, but thought n...

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10/26/2015 S Baxter

Return flight from London to Mauritius in business class. Friendly, welcoming staff on the whole, and good service. Good food and excellent champagne and wine offerings. The main issue is the business class seat, which does not lie flat, and leads to interrupted sleep. Business customers have access to the Skyteam lounge at Heat...

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10/23/2015 Mark Porter

London Heathrow to Mauritius with Air Mauritius. This was the most uncomfortable journey I have ever taken. There was no leg room and the seats were unforgiving. Good value for money, but so are buses.

10/20/2015 Ann Ferdinands

London Heathrow to Mauritius return, and we had no problems both ways. Cabin crew helpful and smiling. Food wasn't. We did check in online both ways and this so efficient going through bag drop. We felt the Airport in Mauritius was amazing, the downside to our outward journey was that another passenger became ill 2 hours before ...

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10/12/2015 E Johnson

This Air Mauritius flight was awful. There is very limited leg room due to a metal box taking up most of the available leg room beneath the seat in front. Impossible to get remotely comfortable on the flight. No sleep was had due to very uncomfortable seats and constant cabin announcements. Badly designed and old plane. Infligh...

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9/18/2015 Eric Serret

Air Mauritius is appaling, whilst on holidays (I am Mauritian born) the airline and its associated problems were in the papers on a daily basis. I got home with marks on my knees (even though I have a baby which kept me in and out of my seat - entertainment system did not work on 2 of our 4 seats - delayed for 3hrs in terminal d...

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9/7/2015 P Dover

The seats on this Air Mauritius flight were old and grubby, and the leg room poor. A good point was the seating layout of 2x4x2. The staff were polite and reasonably helpful. The inflight entertainment was poor and the screen was so small I had to wear reading glasses to watch it. The worst thing was the food - on the flight fro...

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8/20/2015 N Standing

A truly awful experience and one as a family we have no wish to repeat by flying again. It was a daytime flight and all the cabin window shutters were kept down and the lights kept down so we flew in darkness - we asked the purser to put up the lights and blinds and we were told he could not do this. There was obviously bright s...

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8/15/2015 Rajesh Sisodiya

We had to travel from Mumbai to Mauritius. Air Mauritius flight MK749 got cancelled on 17/7/2015 10 hrs before departure without an alternate flight arrangement. We had to book tickets from Mumbai to Mauritius via Dubai. Return flight of Air Mauritius on 21/7/2015 MK748 to depart at 2120 hrs was rescheduled late by 3 hours at la...

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7/29/2015 Anoop Dhondoo

Singapore to Mauritius. The crew were sleeping with covers on their head at the back of the plane which were far from a warm welcome I was expecting. However crew were helpful and fairly good for inflight service. Return leg did not meet my expectation - Air Mauritius delayed for 2.5 hours and was not helpful to change my connec...

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7/12/2015 Chris Cooper

We were pleasantly surprised by the service and overall comfort of the trip. The cabin staff were professional and friendly and the food and beverages top class. The accommodation arranged for us by Air Mauritius at the Airport Holliday Inn was top class. Thank you and well done, looking forward to our next trip on Air Mauritius...

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5/8/2015 Rowan Smith

My wife and I booked business class from Cape Town via Mauritius to Paris (return). The 5.5 hour flight from Cape Town to Mauritius was essentially in economy seats with an arm rest in between the seats with a partial recline. The 12 hour flight from Mauritius to Paris in a A340 was in a reclining seat except that it is not flat...

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5/4/2015 A Edgar

LHR-MUR return as experienced business travellers there are certain things we expect. We were originally flying BA until they changed the schedule meaning a loss of a days holiday unacceptable when you only have 7 so we changed to Air Mauritius which to be frank I was dreading! Check in fast and efficient fast track through cust...

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5/1/2015 D Gardette

Flew Cape Town - Mauritius - Perth Business class. The flight from CPT to MRU (A319) is more Premium Economy than business with extra legroom economy class seats (3) with the middle seat blocked. There is no individual IFE on this flight. MRU - Perth (A330) full business with slight inclining beds. Service was good and the food ...

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3/4/2015 H Blumenthal

A pleasant surprise on this MUR-TNR flight in a 340. Comfortable seats (for a 2 hours flight but in no way a lie flat) nice staff proper food and wine. Much better than my previous flight NAI-MUR where I paid business fare to be seated on a coach seat (and the crew told me it has not changed): this is why I would not recommend t...

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1/30/2015 Chris Lyons

The staff on the AM plane's do no more than the bare minimum service wise how many times does a customer have to ask for a glass of water? When you get the water its in a plastic cup and its warm! Their own pre flight customer care video states that consuming water is suggested for all flights! If only you could get it. Then the...

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1/14/2015 J Leslie

The seats were narrow and leg room poor. A good point was the seating layout 2x4x2. The staff were polite and reasonably helpful. The inflight entertainment was poor and difficult to get to work. The worst thing was the food on the flight from Heathrow to Mauritius the food was just about acceptable. Coming back was dreadful. Th...

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1/9/2015 Abhishek, Airbus A330-200 (332) sitz 24H

Seats were not reclining . Leg space was bit crampy. When flight took off there was certain noise coming from interior window pane when i kept hand on it stopped. Food and beverage was good. Service was good too.

6/20/2014 John Robertson, Airbus A340-300 (343) Layout 1 sitz 2A

Fabulous service,comfort and value for money