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1/12/2017 M Ivanovic

✅ Verified Review | Flew Air Serbia from Belgrade to Rome. Cabin crew very attentive, welcome drinks, nuts, a hot meal, towels provided twice, everything for a little over an hour trip. Good leather seats.

1/9/2017 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-200 (332) platz 30A

Good economy seat with good audio and video equipment, but is too bad because they no have power point in economy clas, wifi is present too.

1/9/2017 P Gathijirasin

✅ Verified Review | Paris to Thessaloniki via Belgrade. I fly a couple times a year, and my experience with Air Serbia was one of my worst experiences with customer service. Me and my travel companion's flight out of CDG was delayed so they canceled our connecting flight out of Belgrade to Thessaloniki. They then re-booked us o...

1/5/2017 I Michael

✅ Verified Review | 24 hour delay on route CDG-BEG-SOF - Thank you Air Serbia! The flight from CDG to BEG was delayed 60 min due to late arrival of the plane from BEG. During the flight, the captain informed connecting passengers about the gates for other connecting flights, but not ours. It turned out when we landed, that the ...

12/25/2016 S Vico

London to Belgrade. Poor cabin crew service! The flight was almost full and most of the passengers obviously carried more than one cabin bag, so space for luggage above my seat was full. Instead of helping me to find space for my bag and jacket, a member of cabin staff told me to keep it under my seat. Later I found enough space...

12/23/2016 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320 (320) platz 3A

This flight was awesome! In row 3 there is so much legroom, and the service was amazing! We flew the A320 from Paris to Belgrade and back in 2014. Even on just a 2h 40m flight they had 2 food options, and they were almost an entire meal! Not to mention I saw the Eiffel Tower from the plane on decent into Paris!

12/5/2016 A Toward

Belgrade to Brussels. You may think that a relatively small country like Serbia would have a basic airline however, the business class in my opinion is far better than any other European airline. The A319 is a small aircraft but the business class feels very spacious. Air Serbia use two seats instead of leaving the third seat in...

12/4/2016 B Gadagocin

✅ Verified Review | Belgrade to Malta return, the aircraft advertised was the A319 - however we were ushered in an ancient Aviolet (Air Serbia charter division) Boeing 737-300 inherited from Yugoslav Airlines which was a huge disappointment. Some half-hearted attempts have been made to make the really old cabin interior look a ...

10/27/2016 N Andrea

✅ Verified Review | Bucharest to Prague via Belgrade with Air Serbia. 8 hour delay and no comunication. We have to stay in the airport until they reroute us but only after 8 hours. Bad attitude at the airport and by email. I will never fly again with this company.

10/23/2016 P Cullen

My first flights with Air Serbia, I was impressed. Both flights were on time, the crew were very welcoming and food pretty good (a choice between London and Belgrade). It was standard seating for economy class, not particularly comfortable but fine for a short flight. The overall impression was of a well managed airline with goo...

10/21/2016 A Chiu

✅ Verified Review | Belgrade to Paris CDG. I was pleasantly surprised by the stark difference between JAT and Air Serbia. The aircraft was new and clean. The ground staff was efficient and the crew onboard was exceptionally cheerful and attentive. As an economy passenger, even a menu with an actual meal and drink selection was ...

10/14/2016 Alain Kupferman

✅ Verified Review | Belgrade to Abu Dhabi. Although the difference to the defunct JAT is enormous, the business class (2 rows of 24 seats each) is very low-class and only be classified as economy deluxe; in the first row, it is not even possible to stretch legs completely. Seats hardly recline. Food was good, flight attendants ...

9/30/2016 G Korjacan

✅ Verified Review | Ljubljana to Thessaloniki via Belgrade. Horrible experience. After take off we returned back to Ljubljana airport due to technical problem. It can happen, with their ATR72 aircrafts it can happen quite frequently. They are old, extremely loud and with really tired cabin. At the airport no information at all,...

9/18/2016 R Davids

✅ Verified Review | Good experience overall flying from Tel Aviv to Belgrade. Friendly service, seat pitch limited but not inferior to competitors on this route, full meal served, including drinks, which is far above the standard for European routes to TLV. Would certainly recommend Air Serbia. Flight left and arrived on time.

9/11/2016 Dragan Lekic

✅ Verified Review | My wife and I had an excellent experience with Air Serbia. We were treated with kindness, respect, and unprecedented customer service. The crew attention to detail is impressive: from making sure our headphones were working to ensuring we were satisfied with our meals to offering an extra blanket. Despite be...

8/30/2016 A Alhilou

✅ Verified Review | Belgrade to Athens with Air Serbia. This was without a doubt, one of the best experiences on a European flight. The check-in agent was very polite and helpful. I later tried the Air Serbia premium lounge, which puts any other European airline to shame. The catering was excellent, with plenty of choices of hot...

8/9/2016 Alexander Popovic

✅ Verified Review | Belgrade to Stockholm with Air Serbia. Good and helpful check-in. Good food - a choice between two different menus with free drinks. The plane was fresh and new and the crew gave a professional impression. I really recommend paying a little more to go with Air Serbia than going with the low cost companies. Th...

8/2/2016 Slim Benatia

✅ Verified Review | London to Belgrade return. The Check-In at London Heathrow T4 was too long. just 2 staff one for business and one for Drop off/check-in. The boarding process was a mess, looks like a Low cost company. They board us to the channel and we had to wait 10/15 min to board the flight. Inside the aircraft was hot a...

7/29/2016 G Vassalis

✅ Verified Review | Thessaloniki to Dusseldorf via Belgrade. First of all electronic check-in is not available. You have to go to the airport to check-in. Anyway we did that. At the boarding pass and at all the screens the boarding time was 04:35, but the airline desided to leave earlier and started to make last call announceme...

7/14/2016 G Koldzic

Athens to Belgrade with Air Serbia. Seamless check in, kind airport staff, relatively comfortable seats. Clean and well designed cabin, kind and helpful flight attendants. Professional and informative pilot / flight deck info provided. Amazing food for this relatively short flight.