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8/9/2012 Susan Song

Shanghai to Tehran return July 2012. Direct flight to Tehran. Economy class. Aircraft A310. Fare was quite good. Check-in fast. Cabin crew showed Iranian hospitality. No individual inflight entertainment but fairly speaking since the flight was at night. One toilet closed for whole trip the other two were not clean and almost out of tissue. Food was enough and fine for me. Many drink options. Flying time was less than 10 hours on my way to Tehran and less than 8 on the way back to Shanghai. Considering all the above I will certainly choose this airline next time for my trip to Tehran.

2/28/2012 F Ahmadi

DXB-IKA. A300-600 aircraft clean cabin with friendly flight attendants variety of meals were good but the quality of meal was very poor.

10/21/2011 Alan Clare

Madrid - Santa Cruz B747-400 economy. Checked in at Palma okay on connection but no through booking for seats. Check in at Madrid and Aerosur cabin luggage allowance less than originating airline (through ticket) so cabin bag removed and put in hold. Entering plane strong toilet odour throughout the cabin. Generally a very dirty cabin interior with hard uncomfortable seating. No inflight films available. Bar service once glass of wine and water. Cabin staff said they had run out. Dinner was a greasy stodgy rice. I've got my return to look forward to - and all for £1450.00 return. Awful - I do this trip 3 times a year and nobody else treats passengers like this.

4/24/2011 Simon Smith

Santa Cruz to La Paz. The flight we were booked on was cancelled two days in advance and we were switched to a later flight. This flight was then delayed by over an hour and there was no information given as to how long the delay would be - the aircraft just didn't turn up. Once finally on board no acknowledgement of the delay but otherwise ok - a small sandwich and drink were served which was fine for such a short flight. The aircraft was quite old although not as old as some others we saw - they still use 727s for some flights.

1/1/2011 I Gerard

Zero: contact their reservation/sales desk by sending 7 emails in Spanish and English. To this day I never received any reply of any kind. Still don't have my reservation code so still unsure if my reservation exist. Have not travelled yet so can not rate on board experience.

4/20/2010 P Moreno

Buenos Aires to Miami with a delay in the output of Buenos Aires 5hrs. After a scheduled stopover in Santa Cruz in Bolivia suffered a further delay of 4 hours. In addition to this as the plane that took us up was very small for the flight he was forced to make an additional stop to fuel in Cali Colombia. The planes we had to take us to get to Miami were dirty with broken seats no kind of entertainment (such as TV). The poor and inattentive staff of course had to deal with few resources. The return flight similar. Delays old planes but most of the journey by plane Miami-Santa Cruz had a noise in your engine that was intolerable to the ears. Large number of passengers frightened by the strange sound was heard constantly.

8/23/2009 K Beard

Santa Cruz to Cochabamba Cochabamba to La Paz. This airline tries hard to fill the gap left by the collapse of Aero Lloyd Boliviano but is still plagued by constant changes to schedules usually because the aircraft flying the international route (Brazil) is late in arriving in Santa Cruz and therefore delays the local flights. It also tends to overbook flights and then moves confirmed ticket holders to later flights (it is really important to reconfirm flights) and will even change flight schedules back in time so flights depart 2 hours earlier then scheduled. The airline is fine if you are not in a hurry and don't mind delayed flights changed schedules and don't mind having confirmed tickets ignored.

10/8/2007 A Gathercoal

Santa Cruz Bolivia to Sao Paulo Brazil - a saving of about $50US over GOL. At the airport check-in was easy. I recommend that you arrive early to avoid the impending line. The counter staff was as friendly and they did not charge me for my extra luggage weight. I was impressed by the 737 that AeroSur is using on this international flight [do note that most AeroSur flights use aging 727s]. The flight attendants served a box meal and drinks on this two hours flight and we arrived on time. .

10/4/2007 B Crowley

La Paz - Sucre in an ex-Mexicana 727. Ticketing process is manual and very slow - beware and get your tickets before the airport! We were handed a little snack bag as we boarded then served drinks on board - a great way to provide good service on a short flight.

9/29/2007 Allan Gathercoal

Santa Cruz Bolivia to Sao Paulo Brazil. At the airport check-in was easy. It pays to arrive early and avoid the impending line. The counter staff was friendly and they did not charge me for my extra weight (about 4 kilos). I was impressed by the new 737 that Aerosur used on this leg - most AeroSur flights use older 727. The flight attendants served a box meal and drinks on a 2 hours flight and we arrived on time. I would use them again for this route.

4/23/2007 M Dekkers

AeroSur has become the leading Bolivian airline after the breakdown of Lloyd Aereo Boliviano (LAB). VVI-CBB-TJA. Checking in took about forever and the Aerosur ground staff forgot to mention airport tax that still had to be paid. This was mentioned by security officers with only 15 minutes to go. We still made it on time despite the lack of help of ground staff. TJA-VVI. While checking in I was offered to take a flight right way or two hours later. I choose the latter but was refused because the luggage guy had already tagged my suitcase for the early flight. Of course they couldn't get it back. Again total lack of service of ground staff. The flights were ok albeit not on time. Flying in these countries is never on time. Despite all this I would certainly choose AeroSur next time but only because there's no reasonable alternative.

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