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9/9/2016 Alan Sargeant

✅ Verified Review | Check-ins for both flights were efficient and friendly and done in English. Each flight departed and landed on time. Cabin crew were friendly and had reasonable English (there has been a marked improvement in the 10 years that I have been flying with Air Astana). On the flight to Almaty lunch was served and on the flight to Bangkok a very late dinner was served. With a 1.00 am departure for Bangkok the Airline would be much better served by giving a light supper soon after take off (or have a decent meal available in their lounge) and then having breakfast about one hour before landing. The food was well presented and portion size was adequate. The wines were OK. On the Tbilisi - Almaty sector they offered an IPAD but did not take advantage as I had my own entertainment. My luggage did not get any priority and was one of the last bags unloaded from the plane. From Almaty to Bangkok my luggage did get priority and was off the plane soon after I arrived at the carousel. Overall a pleasant experience without any unpleasant incidents.

8/20/2016 Aiyaphol Kemapuckpong

✅ Verified Review | Bangkok to Almaty via Astana and Almaty to Tashkent return. This was my first time flying Air Astana. I was part of a business trip that was promoting tourism in Thailand. The best flight was ALA-BKK, since they had AVOD on the seat backs - the aircraft don't have AVOD. The food was average, with the exception of BKK-TSE, which gave me a very good breakfast. Most flights, check-in is average, although some employees are more enthusiastic than others, and once onboard the flight, there is a flight attendant handing out candy. Boarding process could've been more efficient. ALA-TAS and back used an Embraer plane, and the seat is the most horrible seat I have sat in and recline is half of what you get on an A320. The flights are mostly uneventful. Overall, I would pay for the upgrade to business class next time, but if I were forced to sit in coach, I wouldn't mind.

8/16/2016 Joseph Coutts

Flying from Tashkent to Ulaanbaatar via Almaty and Bishkek we had booked all three legs via Air Astana but a month before the departure they notified me that the Astana - Ulaanbaatar leg was cancelled and offered to reroute. Having heard good things about Turkish Airlines we chose the Tashkent-Almaty-Bishkek-UB option with the last leg on Turkish. Air Astana responded to every email of mine within minutes and while we were to have an overnight layover in Astana in the original plan with a hotel paid by us, Air Astana put us up in a new Bishkek hotel with food and transport to and from the airport. The flights themselves were on time, had more then average legroom, newer planes, good food and friendly attendants. Turkish Airlines was the low point of the three legs, being one hour late arriving from Istanbul, but it did complete our necessary connection. Given the need and opportunity I would certainly use them again.

8/10/2016 A Hunter

Flew Air Astana from London to Beijing via Astana. We were all disappointed with the aircraft fleet. Despite prominently showing inflight entertainment for economy class on the website we saw no inflight entertainment on our route London to Beijing (surely quite a major long haul route worthy of IFE?). It was a horrid flashback to flying long haul in the 1980s - I thought this was a thing of the past. What is particularly galling is the image of lots of TV screens on the website - mis-selling, beware.

7/25/2016 E Nurani

✅ Verified Review | From Seoul to Astana in Air Astana business class. Overall it was a good experience and my first flight with Air Astana, the crew was kind and pleasant, the food not so bad and the legroom more than average. Let's say the service is on the same level of the most famous european airlines (but not even close to the Japanese ones). One thing that disappointed me is that they changed the airplane at the last second and instead of the new Boeing 767 they just received 2 years ago, I found at the gate a 25 years old 757. Even if the 757 was fully refurbished and the cabin were really well made, they can't hide the age of the plane. I try to choose my flight after a research about the airplane I would fly with and I am happy to pay a bit more for an airline that use new and bigger airplanes. Although it is a common thing for almost all airlines, I'm don't recommend an airline that use narrow body jet for flights longer than 5 hours.

7/9/2016 N Paterson

Dushanbe to Almaty. While they're inflight service was quite good, their ground service was deplorable. I was charged an outrageous fee for overweight baggage - 144 Euros. They refuse to let me carry my luggage cart onto the plane and required that I check it and charged me an additional 45 Euros. Additionally they charged for food or beverage in the business class Lounge.

6/9/2016 Alain Kupferman

✅ Verified Review | Normally, there are direct flights from Bangkok to Almaty, but on some days, Air Astana flies with a smaller plane (B757) and makes a short stopover in HCMC. The 2-2 seat configuration is good, as there is plenty of legroom between the rows, the seat is comfortable. The entertainment system consists of iPads with movies, music, games, etc, equipped with excellent earphones. Food is reasonable, though not excellent and the wine / drinks selection rather limited. The crew was pleasant and attentive, but the business class was only occupied at 25%. I have to fly often to Kazakhstan, will avoid the days where the airline stops in HCMC as the trip takes almost 4 hours more.

6/6/2016 H East

✅ Verified Review | Flew from London to Astana with Air Astana. The aircraft was clean, staff friendly and food great. I had a brilliant experience. To add to this I was upgraded on the way back which really did make my trip.

5/24/2016 Can Kantoglu

✅ Verified Review | Air Astana from İstanbul to Almaty on a night flight. Plane was satisfactory and the business seats were up to standard. Big size blankets. A friendly crew, and also tasty food. The movies was new realesed. Thanks air Astana.

5/10/2016 Sam Grukas

✅ Verified Review | Istanbul to Atyrau. I have been flying now with Air Astana for the past 12 years. In this time I have seen some major improvements in aircraft, entertainment catering and inflight service. Service levels are matching if not exceeding many long established airlines. The crew are attentive and customer focused, expressing Kazakh hospitality in a professional way. The food and beverages are very acceptable and there is a excellent selection of meals for those with special dietary requirements. Something I need to use myself. I enjoy the music selection though the earphones are poor and so I carry my own. You can't always be lucky with the movie but it is guaranteed to be recent. Again their sometime the playback technology can have glitches. Very annoying when you are actually engrossed in a film for it to jump or freeze. The inflight magazine has a nice variety of articles that will meet most tastes. I hope to see them continue on this same flight path for the foreseeable future.

4/24/2016 Leslie Hayden

✅ Verified Review | Delhi to Dushanbe via Almaty. Air Astana is one of the nicest airlines I have flown and their service is exceptional. The flight attendants were polite and helpful, and the seats were clean and comfortable. The food in economy class was some of the best I have had on an airline - several options, including a vegetarian option that was delicious. The selection of newspapers, food, cleanliness, and service in economy class was excellent. I appreciate Air Astana's exceptional quality and service.

3/19/2016 Alain Kupferman

Flew Air Astana from Astana to Bangkok via Almaty. Very good flights for economy, crew are friendly, meals are of reasonable quality, crew passes often with drinks, amenities kit basic but practical, good entertainment with individual screens, cabin and toilets very clean. Anyhow, not many alternatives if you want to fly to Kazakhstan.

3/17/2016 G Helios

Seoul Incheon to Astana. There had been a plane change from the Boeing 767 I was expecting to a Boeing 757. My assigned seat in Row 1 had been shifted to Row 4 (last row of business class which I always try very hard to avoid) -- and when I discovered it -- I found that it was impossible to change because the other seats were already allocated. The transfer desk at Seoul said that there was a system glitch preventing them from entering my Lufthansa Miles & More Number into the system -- meaning that I would have to save my boarding pass and mail it in after I returned. I resent the imposition on my time. The seats were slanted and I slid off the seat while trying to sleep on it. I may have gotten two hours of sleep on a seven hour flight. Making up for all these issues was the amazingly attentive and thorough staff and the delicious food. They opened the wrong red wine and when I pointed out that it didn't correspond with the menu they had given us, they found the correct bottle and opened it. I was amused that they had obviously served it the 12+ other people before they had gotten to me and that no one else had noticed.

3/3/2016 Talgat Dairbekov

It is the first time I took Air Astana to Istanbul. Time was quite convenient, working hours I spent in office and arrived late evening. Enough time for rest and to be fresh in the morning. The food is good, with the great variety and taste. Service is very good, the staff is very attentive. The entertainment system is the ipad provided by the airline which is good solution. But I might say the choice is a bit limited. If you fly a lot, you watch everything good and start to watch international movies that not bad too.

3/2/2016 Xavier Verfaillie

I am French and thought before that there is no better way to fly than Air France or Lufthansa. Since i am in Kazakhstan (2 years) Air Astana is for me now the number one before European airlines. The service and welcome is perfect, food is really good and most of the time, flights are on time! The fidelity programm is very flexible and very attractive.

2/13/2016 J Newton

Atyrau to Istanbul return. Most of the times I check into Atyrau Airport, the customer service at check in is not customer friendly. The communication of any flight delays is sub standard, with passengers not being correctly informed of the real reason why the flights are delayed, just technical fault is communicated. Would recommend the staff go on a customer care course to appreciate that the passengers are actually paying an expensive price for their flights. Been flying with this airline for over 10 years and witnessing a deterioration in the check in process.

2/11/2016 Julia Chekaeva

Almaty to Astana with Air Astana, the flight was a bit late, but the staff announced the reason for the delay and we managed to arrive in Astana nearly on scheduled time. The crew was super friendly and attentive. The pilot had a good sense of humour and made everyone smile while making announcements to the passengers. Thanks Air Astana.

2/4/2016 Graham Massam

My expensive return ticket to Bangkok included 5 hours in a seat some charter airlines would be ashamed of, the trip in the opposite direction with unadvertised stop in Ho Chi Minh. The flight was moved forward 15 mins in Bangkok but failed to inform me, but they were late anyway for the original take off time. I won't discuss the food on board.

1/7/2016 ChrisKZ08, Boeing 757-200 seat 11C

Checkin opened three hours prior to takeoff. Excellent smooth service. I had emailed a seating request for bulkhead the day before, and was given exactly the seat I requested. Boarding was exactly on time, as was takeoff and landing. Service was a little brusque but it did what was required. The meal was very good - one of the few times in Economy I could eat everything. Have been flying Air Astana for 30 months and never joined NOMAD Club. I will do so now, and consider the airline for more of my long haul flights.

1/4/2016 T Prior

Beijing to London via Astana. The flight price was pretty much the same on the Air Astana website as on flight comparison websites, which is usually not the case with airlines playing ridiculous price games. There was a kind refund policy, in which you pay 40 USD per flight as a refund fee if you want to cancel, and you can cancel anytime. I also read that you can get a refund or exchange the ticket if you miss the flight! On the flight the staff weren't petty and didn't complain when I changed seats and laid across them for a full five hours sleep. Unfortunately the connection flight couldn't leave because the weather outside was so windy and snowy, so i spent a night in Astana, Kazakhstan, in a free and clean hotel with a bus stop right outside of it that very regularly goes directly to the airport for just £0.20. I then caught a flight to Paris the next day on a very modern plane, and from there on Air France to London, which was arranged without cost by Air Astana. Staff generally spoke very good english in Astana, and the office is within the small airport - so there's always someone available for help. When the flight was cancelled due to bad weather in Astana, there was very little information going around as to what would happen next. A simple series of messages would really have put me at ease, as I was quite stressed at the time. But things did turn out completely fine, to my reassuring surprise. The other problem was when I caught the flight from Paris to London, my baggage had not been put on the same flight! To be fair, this may not have been Air Astana fault, as the baggage label definitely listed both Paris and London airports. The bag was put on an Air France flight the next morning and delivered to where I live in about 2 days. I also had a tracking code that I could use to check where the bag was at any time. So overall it wasn't problem free, but everything did work out okay! I would fly Air Astana again.