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9/19/2019 H Manish

✅ Trip Verified | La Guardia to Toronto. The day I started my journey from Toronto Pearson airport the flight was late by one and half hours and today I am returning to Canada by the same airline and the flight time was at 5:45pm but after reaching to LaGuardia airport suddenly they have change flight departure time to 7pm. And ...

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9/17/2019 Chris S, Boeing 787-8 (788) International seat 31G

Tons of leg room , more than premium economy, but be aware people use this as a walk through and will step over your legs without asking

9/13/2019 Peter Burian

✅ Trip Verified | Flew to Lisbon Sept 10 on AC1916, economy. Nice new plane. First drink not served until dinner 2 or 3 hours later. Staff confirmed in flight entertainment did not work on this plane. Should work on iPad or android device as there are no built in screens on Rouge. On flights to Europe they do provide a hot meal...

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9/13/2019 R Walden

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Toronto. Just got on a flight in which the staff at the check in counter was extremely rude and forced us to check our legally sized carry-on bags. We were part of boarding group 3 and they claimed that the overhead storage was already full. When boarding the plane, we realized that the storag...

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9/12/2019 B Gernaud

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to Paris. Very poor experience with Air Canada. Very hard seat, because space optimization has gone too far. Very bad food (vegan like pasta with no taste at all, awful salad and cheap chocolate muffin). Worst entertainment system, you must watch 5 minutes of ads before doing any of your choice (film...

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9/11/2019 Harrison Riley

Not Verified | Vancouver to Melbourne. This flight was the largest flight of my trip and my second last flight of my 5 flight trip and my first time on Air Canada. I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of the staff and how chatty they where, they wanted to know how my time was in Canada which i thought was nice consid...

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9/11/2019 A Dow

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to Osaka. Check in and boarding we’re fine for AC039. The seat was quite uncomfortable and seemed smaller than what I remember on other 787s. The meals were just pathetic, served in plastic containers and virtually tasteless for me. Choice of pasta or chicken with rice. We had to struggle to tear of...

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9/11/2019 R Stagg

Not Verified | Las Vegas to Toronto. There was nothing premium (or Rouge's version of Business Class) about this aircraft or service. First, the aircraft: a very old 767 where the overhead bins were not configured to match today's carry-on baggage. Thankfully, my carry-on was only partially filled because I had to push that dow...

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9/10/2019 Dave Kimball

✅ Trip Verified | Venice to Toronto. Horrible experience with this airline. Will never fly with Air Canada rouge again. We were delayed due to mechanical issues for nearly 3 hours causing us to miss our connection. Wouldn’t do anything to help and had the attitude that they got us from point A to B so who cares what time it was ...

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9/9/2019 Roman V, Boeing 777-200LR (77L) Three Class seat 41A

41A, and I would image 41K, are at the tapering section of the body so they aren't inline with the seats in row 40. They are moved slightly inward by a few inches. Not too big of a deal but this means the tray table and entertainment screen is also not inline with these seats by a few inches. On the plus side, however, there is ...

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9/9/2019 C Hayle

✅ Trip Verified | Today's experience with Air Canada was very frustrating. I got up at 4.30 am to catch a flight to Ottawa. The flight was cancelled due to mechanical failures. I was re-directed on another flight and was reassured both in my destinations of departure and arrival that my luggage would follow shortly. It is now t...

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9/9/2019 H Garton

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Philadelphia. I flew business class via Air Canada. Due to some unknown delay (this was not mentioned during the flight, prior to, nor after landing) they determined that my bags would not make the transfer between gates, (landed at 17:10, with a flight departure of 18:10, that did not depart until ...

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9/8/2019 Samantha Scott

✅ Trip Verified | Second time flying with Air Canada. First was last August, Boston - Kelowna via Toronto. Due to delayed flight, missed connection, Air Canada offered no courtesy and we had to sleep on the floor of Toronto as it was delayed by 8 hours overnight. This time, flight delayed from Kelowna to Calgary, missed connect...

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9/8/2019 R Laminski

✅ Trip Verified | When Air Canada canceled the Boston to Montreal flight for no good reason we missed our Montreal connection to Lyon and ended moving from business class to coach on TAP Airlines through Lisbon. We barely made it to Lyon and the first Women's World Cup we were going to watch with our two grandchildren.. On retu...

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9/6/2019 Kimberley Starchuk

Not Verified | Calgary to Tokyo. My special meal which was prebooked was given to me cold. The pasta dish was still cold and the quinoa salad on the side was frozen. When kindly mentioning this to one of the flight attendants, she told me that there was nothing she could do about the frozen salad, but she could heat up my pasta...

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9/5/2019 Victoria McNair

Not Verified | Vancouver to Calgary. I had called air Canada because I needed to change my flight. I ran into so many problems when calling in, I had asked to change my flight to a different day, when they said that this was not possible I asked to cancel my outbound flight but keep my inbound flight. To which they said this co...

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9/4/2019 Rick Nedza, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) International Layout 1 seat 41K

Narrow not much space to seat in front. Cushion ok tiny headrest. Overall rank 1 to 10 for comfort would be a 6 only.

9/4/2019 Danielle DuBois, Boeing 787-8 (788) International seat 14A

Fantastic flight! As always, Airc canada made the 7-hr flight a dream! I had the fruit plate - globs of fresh and gorgeous fruit; my son had the regular meal. Bathroom has a window in it (that was a first!). Wonderful service, very happy staff. Travel note: the luggage area above window seats will easily fit carry-on laying on ...

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9/4/2019 Ewa Gajewska

Not Verified | Los Angeles to Warsaw via Toronto. Really disappointing customer service - when they ran out of hot tea in my aisle, I had to ask for it couple times and still didn’t get it. I was shocked, this attitude is something that cannot be explained. Little leg room, old aircraft, no entertainment in seats and bad exper...

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9/3/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-300 (333) v1 seat 35A

There is no power at these seats (35A/C). Same actually for 35H/K.