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4/18/2019 Catherine Deck

✅ Trip Verified | Lisbon to Tampa via Toronto. Never again. Air Canada Rouge is possibly the worst airline I have every flown. I checked my bag in Lisbon to be told there was a fee which I paid. I asked if my bag could be checked to Tampa - no. I had to pick up my bag in Toronto and recheck it for my flight to Tampa. I had to pay a 2nd baggage fee. My bag cost $120 dollars to fly on the same booking. The aircraft was very old and uncomfortable, very dirty, with no in-flight entertainment. You have to download their app which didn't work. They had devices to rent but ran out about the 3rd row from the top. Food was disgusting and I found the cabin crew to be unhelpful, rude and very badly mannered. Fly with any other airline if you have a choice.

4/17/2019 Paul F, Airbus A320 (320) seat 32F

Window placement means its hard to sleep against the window here because your head lines up with the window indentation.

4/12/2019 Andres Lajara, Boeing 767-300ER (763) rouge seat 13-A.13-C

Two legs from Budapest/Toronto/Orlando FL. Changed from Rouge Regular Economy to Premium Economy. Best decision.Traveling with my wife, So the Window and aisle seat Combination was Great. Plenty of leg room , tray comfortably down, bigger seats are always better but this are Fearly+ Good,.am a Big Guy, a Please, can I get a Seat belt extension Guy, and No Complaints on the Seats.. But No TV, Nothing, Get the ACanada Rouge Entretaiment APP Prior to Flight on your Cell or other. The Flight Menu on your seats packets tell you how to Connect. And to MCO Nothing but liquids, No Food, unless you buy it.

4/12/2019 G Kalovics

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Paris. Unvoluntary downgrated from business class to economy, after I made a claim, Air Canada generously gave me a $300 coupon as a compensation while I paid $1,700 for that leg of the flight. The rule is, if there is not enough seats in business to accommodate all passengers, they will downgrade the lowest fares.

4/11/2019 S Carter

✅ Trip Verified | Fort Lauderdale to Toronto. Rouge flights in economy - seats, space and service are awful! On April 7, I was rescheduled from a super 8 aircraft and was put on a rouge flight. So cramped that, at barely five feet tall, my knees touched the seat ahead - no room to put a small bag under the seat. The staff were rude when I asked for help to put my bag in the bin above. Today I am travelling again. I had no choice with the airline, but used points for an upgrade. This time in rouge business- I expect the same lousy seats and service. Air Canada prmised lower priced service with rouge - reduced costs considerably but never adjusted the price. It is as costly as a regular Air Canada flight.

4/8/2019 Abdallah E, Bombardier CRJ900 seat 1F

There is limited above head cabin space in business class. Seat 1F was very, very, very, cold compared to other parts of the plane. There as a draft coming from the side through the floor.

4/8/2019 Rob Brown, Boeing 787-8 (788) International seat 1A

Beautiful pod seating. 3windows to look out of. Fantastic leg room. Privacy with lots of places to put things. Aircraft landed in Vancouver before processing to Honolulu. The two meals were very tasty. Service was outstanding on both legs of the flight. Very pleased.

4/8/2019 D Parivic

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to Toronto. After half an hour waiting, the plane returned to the gate to get checked. Is it not supposed to happen before boarding? Last year the flight from Vancouver to London was delayed, and we missed our connection and one day of vacation. They didn't do anything to help us to get our connecting flight - on the contrary. They made us wait and we lost 30 minutes that might have helped. I will never fly Air Canada again.

4/5/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-8 (788) International seat 14A

All the premium economy seats are pretty good on this plane, though I've never sat in the middle nor on the bulkhead row. I've been on this plane 3 times now between YVR and PVG, and twice SFO-YUL. Food and service on the Shanghai legs definitely a cut above the SF-Montreal route. I try to stay in rows 13 and 14, I tested an empty bulkhead seat (row 12) and it would definitely cramp my leg room (I'm 6'2). I like 13 and 14 K on west bound legs, and 13 or 14 A on east bound, so that I face north and away from the sun. 787 does not have slide down window covers, it's LED dimming only which is not 100% opaque. Overall, this is a nice premium economy product, much better than the legacy US carriers on the same routes, and comparable to the good Asian airlines like Cathay or EVA.

4/5/2019 Steven Johnston

✅ Trip Verified | Edmonton to Charlotte via Toronto. It started with the grounding of the 737 Max 8 which lead to the first cancellation of my flights on March 15. This is understandable. I went online and changed all of my flights and my wife's flights and lost a day of travel but had everything sorted. I was now due to depart on the 16th. I got a call on the 15th from an agent saying my new flight was cancelled due to a schedule change. I questioned the reason "schedule change" as the agent didn't realize my wife was on the same plane and my wife's ticket was still good. Everything got rebooked to have us routed through Vancouver and then overnighting now in Toronto and arriving the following day in Charlotte. When I arrived in Vancouver I got a text that my plane to Toronto was cancelled and I wasn't departing Vancouver until 11:55pm to Toronto with a 1 hour gap between my arrival and the flight to Charlotte. This was a problem as my luggage was all tagged to Toronto as I was supposed to be getting off and collecting my bags. I went to luggage services and arranged for the bags to all be redirected to Charlotte. I was assured this happened. When I arrived in Toronto I was met with the news that 2 out of 3 of my bags were not located. They almost did not let me board to the US with missing luggage but we finally got through with 4 minutes to spare and a very long run across the airport. I had to purchase new clothes as my bags were missing for three days. I finally got my bags but had to keep calling them to check on them and had to report the issue three different times as they failed to file a proper file number. I was never given the file number and I am now struggling to claim these charges. Due to the three flight cancellations I incurred charges for two missed hotel stays that couldn't be cancelled. We had a great time in Charlotte and on the last day I checked in online for my flight and it said to arrive at the airport 3 hours early for the international flight so we did. When we arrived at the airport there is only one Air Canada counter and there were no staff present to check our bags. We waited for 45 minutes after having the airport page them for someone to show up. When the agent finally showed up and we questioned why we have to be here three hours before our flight but she wasn't here, her response was "My schedule says I start at 9 take it up with my boss". There is a sign on the counter that says an agent will only be present 3 hours before flight departure times which clearly was not the case. I emailed air Canada customer service twice regarding these issues and the first response was a generic canned response addressing the grounding of the Max 8 737, which did not address my concerns. I noticed through my trip, no matter the issue they were using that as the reason for everything. I originally asked for someone to call me which has still not happened and I have written a reply to their email which they have not responded to. There were multiple opportunities available for the airline to step up and do something such as hotel vouchers during layovers etc. but they did nothing and the failure to address my emails with a legitimate response is disgraceful.

4/4/2019 Cindy Brickner, Airbus A320 (320) seat 34E

Terrible seats! NO leg room at all. The magazine holder on the seat in front of me was hanging off one side. BUT - the staff are FABULOUS!!!

4/3/2019 D Marston

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Vancouver. Second time this has happened, they did not load hot food for sale on a 5+ hour flight. All that was offered for sale were some humuus, Twizzlers and Pringles. Such little respect for the customer. Why don't they let passengers know before boarding. I know AC focus is Business Class but a brand is only as good as it's weakest link.

4/2/2019 Martin Van Walsum, Embraer 175 seat 12C

Extremely comfortable seat. Definitely worth the extra $31 we paid. Business Class is directly in front of it, so there is nothing limiting legroom. My son and I are both 6'4" and shared the two seats on one side of the aisle with plenty of room.

3/28/2019 Maria Isabel Arango

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Toronto. My husband's and I were supposed to come back from India on February 27, 2019. When we arrived at the airport we were told our flight had been cancelled. Nobody new why. At the counter there was only one representative of Air Canada. She just kept on saying for information call this number. That number was never answered by anybody. 24 hours went by and nowhere to be in contact with Air Canada personnel. We opted to buy tickets with another airline so we could come back home. After a month of trying to talk with somebody from Air Canada I receive an email just says sorry for the inconvenience this incident caused. I had to buy new tickets and Air Canada say they are not responsible?

3/27/2019 S Karadunal

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to Delhi. Our flight departed from Vancouver on time (12:13 am on March 14, 2019) but arrived roughly 2 hours late in Delhi ( on March 15, 2019). To our horror, we were later disclosed that none of our luggages were loaded on the flight! As our trip (me and my mother in law) was to attend my brother's wedding, this costed us a lot. Apart from the hundreds of phone calls i made in vain to the number provided to collect luggage when it reaches India, i had to buy everything for my stay in India. Finally, i received our luggage less than two days before my return flight.

3/26/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-300 (333) v1 seat 14HANDK

We found the seats comfortable with great room. The pitch of the seat was great since no one was behind you when you reclined. There was a foot bar to rest your feet on. The screen did not work on our 10 hour flight for seat 14H

3/26/2019 N. Nation, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Three Class v2 seat 31G

Good leg room, close to the washroom, but there's a lot of traffic, due to being in the isle and near the washroom. Seat very narrow.

3/26/2019 F Thompson

✅ Trip Verified | Regina to Toronto. Air Canada is awful. So incompetent in every aspect. They messed up my boarding pass so I couldn’t get past security without going back to an air Canada agent. Flight late, poor service. Nothing but incompetence each time I fly with them.

3/25/2019 Jim, Airbus A320 (320) seat 24F

More leg room than the 767 to Toronto. 1 washroom as some dipstick wrote on the wall.

3/25/2019 L Beale

✅ Trip Verified | Kahului to Vancouver. I woke on an overnight flight to a very warm cabin and felt a bit claustrophobic. I went to the back of the plane where a Flight Attendant was very kind to offer me water, a damp cloth and distraction. He was lovely chatting and after a while I was able to go back to my seat and finish the flight. This was a unique experience for me but Damion made it seem as though this sort of thing happens all the time. I was very appreciative of his kind attitude and the fact his coworkers allowed him the time to be with me. Thank you, Damion. You have an exceptional employee here, Air Canada.