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3/16/2019 Amanda Walden

Not Verified | Birmingham to Delhi via Paris. Upon arriving at CDG we had trouble finding the gate so I enquired from an Air France member of staff to help, the response I got was “read the board”, appalling. The flight was ok. That’s where it ends, I received a text to say my luggage would not be arriving. 2 days later I made countless useless telephone calls and I am still waiting, I am now in Nepal with nothing. I was told by Air France my luggage would not be on the next flight out of CDG as the plane was at its weight limit, my luggage was 13kg. I have received no further communication.

3/14/2019 A Restrepo

Not Verified | Prague to Miami via Paris. Booked trip 10 months ahead through tour group, had one connection each way when I booked (with Air France), some time before travel Air France changed itinerary on return trip, now two connections adding a lot of time and hassle right off the bat. Then on return leg flight delayed leaving Paris (middle leg) due to issue with Air France plane, causing us to miss the added connection, then had to take later flight. All together at least 8-10 hrs extra travel time over original itinerary. How did they think it was ok to add an extra connection? All I can say is there’s a lot of options to fly to Europe. I will not be using Air France again.

3/9/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Caribbean seat 6A

The leg room in premium economy is almost equal to economy in Air India 777-200LR.

3/5/2019 Richard Callis

✅ Trip Verified | Short flight from Paris to Madrid but excellently executed by Air France. Check in simple and fast, fast track through passport and security, fabulous lounge with nice breakfast available. Efficient boarding, new comfortable aircraft with friendly staff. Flight arrived on time. Air France consistently performs.

3/4/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Three Class seat 41L

Seat seems narrower than the other. Good room for legs.

3/2/2019 G Calleme

✅ Trip Verified | London Heathrow to Paris CDG. Really enjoyed flying with Air France. Boarding was fast and organised, new aircraft, friendly staff and croissants and hot beverages was offered during this 40mins flight. Totally recommend Air France.

3/1/2019 Brendan Relph

Not Verified | We were very disappointed with the way Air France thinks of passengers as just air cargo. As a 50th wedding Anniversary we had booked well ahead but on the return leg could not select seats as the first leg was from Malaga to a connecting Flight from Paris. We were separated in our seating to 2 different areas of the plane , and it was a full flight - from the airline that purports to fly from the city of love. This was a low point of a fabulous trip!

3/1/2019 Simon Channon

✅ Trip Verified | London to Johannesburg via Paris. First time in Business with this airline. Short hop to Paris followed by long layover in CDG Lounge - reasonably comfortable but little service. Departure delayed by 75 minutes of de-icing. Cabin crew stylish but a little aloof; generous with the champagne but slow to get going on the dinner service, despite it being well after 2.00am. Excellent food and wine when it arrived but poor breakfast before landing. 175 degree reclining seat allowed 5 hours of sleep.

2/28/2019 Benjamin Riedle

Not Verified | Bengaluru to Paris. Air France kept us on the jetway for 4 hours, without air conditioning and did not allow us to get off the plane, despite the plane still being connected to the jetway. After the inevitable cancelling of the flight, we were then taken back through customs. After getting another flight with another airline (that was not in business class), we tried to have them honor our business class tickets by allowing us to wait in the executive lounge, which we had been able to access with our business class tickets, but since we had to get coach tickets at the last minute, then we were not allowed to wait in the lounge. The only positive that I can report is that the flight attendant was kind and remorseful; this was obviously not her fault in any way. However, as a company, Air France left a lot to be desired

2/27/2019 K Murton

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to New York. I particularly asked for a vegan meal when I booked the flight one month in advance. On Skyteam it appears that vegan meals are referred to as vegetarian non-dairy. I booked my flight on Premium Economy on Air France. There are two meals offered from Paris to New York. First is the main meal which was vegan but I noticed that because it was vegan, I got less food than the vegetarian sitting next to me. One and a half hours before the flight was set to land, a sandwich snack was offered to me. It looked like a chicken sandwich. When I notified the flight attendant, she took the sandwich back and disappeared until the flight was about to land. Other flight attendants came through quickly pick up the trash. No one bothered to follow up with me. I felt cramped in premium economy seating but I guess it offered extra legroom than regular economy.

2/26/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-200ER (772) Three Class v1 seat 48A

Flew from ATL-CDG. This turned out to be a great seat. My wife and I could sit next to each other since I like the window and likes the aisle. Both A and B seats recline like normal. These seats were a hidden gem.

2/26/2019 Thomas P, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Caribbean seat 10J

Great seat at the front of the economy cabin. Legroom here is infinite (even with curtain in front of you). Service is great, however you can’t enjoy in flight entertainment and cameras during taxi, TO and landing, as the monitor must be stowed in the armrest.

2/26/2019 Phillip Solomon

Not Verified | Joon (operated by AF) from Cape Town to Paris offered a satisfactory business class experience. Configuration was 2x2x2 which made access to the aisle a bit difficult as you had to climb over the person occupying the other seat. Service was friendly from a young crew. Food was OK. The almost flat bed was reasonably comfortable and I had a good sleep. The business class from Paris to Toronto on the 777 offers the pod-style in a 1x2x1 configuration giving everyone aisle access. Service was efficient, friendly and comfortable. Food OK. Enjoyed the snack prior to landing. Lie flat bed was good and I thoroughly enjoyed this business class experience.

2/22/2019 Jeroen v, Boeing 777-200ER (772) Three Class v3 seat 18G

From the four seats in the middle of row 18 are the middle two seperated with a arm rest that you can put up, the outer two are both with fixed arm rest where the video screen is stowed in.

2/22/2019 G Lamelle

✅ Trip Verified | I flew with Air France from London Heathrow to Ho Chi Minh City via Paris. Both flights were enjoyable. The seats were comfortable, both aircraft looked new and clean. Flight attendants were polite, friendly and helpful. The food served for the Paris - Ho Chi Minh was quiet good compared to other airlines. Hope to fly with Air France again soon.

2/19/2019 SeatGuru User, Airbus A380-800 (380) seat 30A

This seat may be good for a very tall person. I reserved it because I usually reserve Comfort Plus, just for extra amenities and space. This particular seat ended up being my most uncomfortable flight I've taken. The DL8599 leaves SFO at 3:20PM, and lands in Paris the next morning. Ideally, you'd want to sleep a good chunk of that time but it will be basically impossible, as the crew uses the space in front to congregate, and you are directly next to the galley and the bathroom, both of which remain brightly lit for the entire flight. Additionally, AF tends to discontinue beverage service during overnight flights but will leave out a cart of water in this open area - TONS of foot traffic, people taking walking breaks, NO under seat storage (for a woman with a purse this is exceptionally annoying), plus you will still need to climb two other people (also trying desperately to sleep) in order to get to the lavatories. What a mistake. I can't believe they charge extra for this seat, it should be a discounted price.

2/15/2019 R Valenjay

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Atlanta. In spite of asking for Vegetarian meal I was provided something with meat. When I told this to the hostess in english, she said something in french and moved on. Just ate the bread / yogurt that came with the meal. Second meal again was given a bread with some ham piece on it. Better avoid if you are very particular on what you eat. Seats were uncomfortable. Return journey in Delta was very comfortable - better seats and good vegetarian meal option.

2/13/2019 N Keane

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Paris. We upgraded to premium economy on the day of the flight, costing £60 and resulting in a new boarding card being issued - all fine, we did this in order to be on 2 separate seats rather than a bank of 3 or 4 given it was a night flight. As we boarded we were stopped and without explanation or apology, issued new boarding cards which were for 2 seats not even together and on a bank of 3! We were dismissed upon discussing this, the staff were so rude and abrupt saying "there must be a reason, what did she say "I explained we weren't given one! We were simply instructed we had to sit in the new seats as the ones we'd paid for weren't available. It turns out, Air France had simply sold the upgraded seats twice and the other couple happened to get on the flight before us. The plane was dirty, the staff were surly and rude, the food was disgusting and despite an 8 hour duration, there was drinks offered twice only. We flew outward with Delta who were amazing, we had snacks and 2 meals as well as over 5 drinks rounds. the staff were friendly and the plane was immaculate. With regard to the comfort - zero, I got no sleep, the chair didn't recline properly. With regard to in flight entertainment - poor selection and a clunky system that constantly forced you to watch adverts before proceeding. I will never ever use Air France, we still have had no apology or reason for our last minute seat reallocation and I imagine there inst a hope in hell we will get that wasted £60 back.

2/11/2019 E Muillene

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Paris, a day flight. The IFE was worn out and out of date. No touch screen, unclear screen and poor sound. Leaving Thailand, I ordered the Thai dish. It was terrible, dry, tasteless and inedible. No cabin crew serving refreshments during the 13H flight, you need to go to the galley. This is totally impossible if you are by the window with sleeping neighbors. Terrible inflight service. Dinner of raviolis was served upon landing, but who really cared after such a terrible flight. The airline is completely out of touch with the offering of competitors and remains locked in in what is believe the French class. Well there was no class to be seen just gloating, pretension and an overpriced flight

2/10/2019 S Merton

✅ Trip Verified | My last experience with Air France was very good. Had a very long flight from Papeete to Paris via Lax for transfer. The cabin crew were very caring and even funny! The inflight entertainment offered a wide choice of movies and music, with some recent releases. The food quality was exquisite, two times services from PPT to LAX and again from LAX to CDG. The seat was very comfortable and I slept like a baby! I would book for sure again Business Class on that route, if only prices wouldn't be that high for this way! It was worth it!