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10/4/2012 M Cousins

Had booked for the wife and I to go to Luxor for the day booked in advance through Thomson holidays. I thought it would be Egyptair but getting onboard found out it was an Air Memphis MD-83. On entering the plane you could see how old it was old seats equipment etc. It stank of aviation fuel at the back which is where we were si...

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4/30/2012 M Hannan

We booked a day trip to Luxor from Sharm and flew Air Memphis. Aircraft was an old MD83 which was tired looking inside and out but clean. Friendly cabin crew juice and a snack were served. Don't let appearances put you off.

3/15/2012 A Thompson

My mother and I flew from Sharm to Cairo return. I thought we would be boarding an Egyptair flight - unfortunately not. We boarded through the back of the plane as we walked to our seats another passenger sat down only to find a piece of metal had come apart from the seat. Most of the seats were held together with duct tape. Nev...

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8/20/2011 V Franc

Belgrade to Hurghada on a charter flight. Old plane non-existent leg space cold food and dated biscuits. Only good thing I can say about them is that the cabin crew were nice.

6/19/2011 M Ryan

Totally agree with all of the comments below. We travelled from Sharm to Cairo and back again on a day trip booked through Thomas Cook. Cannot believe a company with such a good reputation would use this airline. We are not nervous travellers normally but I was convinced we would not make it back in one piece. My husband describ...

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4/27/2011 F Delferriere

We've made a return flight Paris - Marsa Alam on an A320. I have to say that crew were all very kind playing with children smiling. It's quite rare to see warm food in a charter flight even though the food was forgettable. Seats seem to be refurbished. Mine during the first flight was broken and I was always on recline position ...

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10/26/2010 A Miralles

We flew Air Memphis from Milan to Hurghada with our 4 month old son. The baby pushchair was broken while handled by airline staff and we are still waiting for an answer from Air Memphis who play dead. Apart from this behaviour food terrible staff unpleasant and unhelpful. No baby cot like any decent airline - even though we had ...

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9/12/2010 Jan Ashdown

Luxor via Sharm to Manchester on A320 after Monarch refused to let me and my 8 year old daughter board with Kiss Flights tickets. There were 13 of us stranded at Luxor and about 70 more in Sharm so we only half filled the plane. The crew was friendly professional and sympathetic to the fact we had been delayed for a further 4 ho...

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8/26/2010 P Fordham

My son and I flew Air Memphis from Hurghada to Cairo (and the return flight) in August 2010. Like most people I had expected an Egyptair plane and was surprised to see Air Memphis as I had never heard of them. I too noticed a pool of some liquid under the plane as we went up the steps to board but gave it little more thought. Th...

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7/4/2010 John Lynn

I flew Air Memphis Luxor to Abu Simbel on a very ancient Romanian built BAC 111. Frightening on way out even worse when we landed back at Luxor - we were still deplaning onto a ferry bus when the pilot and engineer used a car jack to replace one of the front wheels that had a very bald tyre in front of all passengers. Never agai...

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7/2/2010 A Tasker

Sharm to Cairo day trip. After asking the tour operator who we would be flying with and being told Egypt Air we were not impressed when we found ourselves entering the tail of Air Memphis. I have to say I am not a nervous flier in the slightest but myself and my partner were genuinely fearing for our lives. The journey started o...

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5/8/2010 J Parrott

I flew Air Memphis as part of a day tour to Abu Simbel from Aswan. Like many on this site I had assumed that I would be flying Egypt Air but was very surprised when I arrived at the airport with the tour group and saw the ancient DC9 on the tarmac. I'm a nervous flyer anyway and so really had to weight up how much I wanted to se...

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4/25/2010 Ron McLeod

Aswant to Abu Simbel. It's a good thing I have no fear of flying after a rough flight to Abu Simbel they landed and during taxi to the parking spot as they got there they locked the brakes tossing any loose things in the cabin towards the front of the plane. Judging by the laughter from the guides for different groups this is co...

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12/21/2009 Steve Francis

Very similar to previous comments! We did the Sharm to Cairo day trip. Sharm to Cairo was OK (almost normal but a very old/cramped plane). But the return to Sharm in the evening was the first time I've ever really thought we were going to crash-lan. The plane was in a very steep final descent and turning left then right then lef...

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12/7/2009 John Kneijber

Aswan-Abu Simbel return as part of a pre-booked excursion. Had I known it was this airline I might have thought twice. Flew on a DC9 - I am 45 and sure this aircraft was older than me. It should be in a museum. Most of our tour party were quite relieved to make it back to Aswan - and that is about the most I could say about this...

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10/26/2009 C Foster

Sharm to Cairo plane looked tired scruffy seats dirty windows and cramped interior. However the flight to Cairo was pleasAnt with a good view of the pyramids and a good landing. After a wonderful day in Cairo we arrived back at the airport for our return flight and things now began to get interesting. After passing through secur...

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9/25/2009 J Croote

My wife and I flew Sharm to Luxor on the DC9 -as the other comments say seats where broken the same crew that we had in the early morning still controlled the plane on the return flight late that night. I'm sure we all recall the somewhat vertically challenged stewardess handing out the date biscuits and fruit drinks. As we ente...

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9/1/2009 H Collins

We booked the Aswan-Abu Simbel excursion thinking we'd fly on an Egyptair aircraft but what we found at Aswan airport was an old DC9 of this previously unknown company called Air Memphis. The flight was ok but I wouldn't recommend the same experience to anybody. The airplane was old and smelly seats were broken no safety demonst...

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7/29/2009 Brenda Jones

I agree with all other comments I've read! Flew Sharm to Luxor return last week and have never been so scared on take off or landing both ways. The MD83 was dirty dark and smelly and passenger comfort even on a short flight was non existent. On the return to Sharm we boarded the aircraft through the rear of the plane between the...

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7/16/2009 J Hudson

Returned yesterday from a fantastic holiday along the Nile and Cairo. However this also included the experience of a lifetime - flying with Memphis Air twice. I am a seasoned air traveller but I have to say that flying with this airline did leave me genuinely frightened at several times during the flights to and from Aswan to Ab...

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