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7/3/2016 Nenad Radujkovic

✅ Verified Review | Amsterdam to Tivat via Belgrade with Air Serbia. Another great experience with AS. I have to say one of the best airlines I have taken recently. All flights left almost on time. The flight crew is professional, well presented, super friendly and helpful. The aircraft were clean and they offer lots of legroom, WiFi was perfect from AMS to BEG. Pilots were giving us updates prior to take off and landing (which is great as well). Food was served on all 3 flights even the to Tivat which was only 35 minutes long - again amazed by that. As I live in Canada we do not get anything in North America even if you fly for 9 hrs and they charge us crazy prices. Luggage was delivered on time and everything went smooth at the Belgrade airport. Again, love the service on AS and hope they keep it up.

6/27/2016 Ralph Nader

My Air Serbia plane was delayed in Paris for one hour on which I missed my transit flight from Belgrade to Beirut. Around 20 passengers were stuck until next flight which happened to be in 24 hours. Air Serbia sent us unguided to different hotels letting us discuss with the hotels representative on getting a room or not. It seems the airline has frequent similar delays where all passengers are sent to these two hotels. Accodomodation and food is below average. They just provided us with one dish of chicken and water. We had to pay anything on top of that. Among the people in the group some had their luggage lost and sent two days later on departure. Avoid cabin food they offer. Onboard entertainment is linked to your ipad or smarphone after installing their app. All that without any power plug for recharging. In summary, don't get fooled by the low price. It's not worth it.

5/31/2016 K Robins

✅ Verified Review | Tel Aviv to Moscow via Belgrade with Air Serbia. Service was good and crew attentive and polite. The food is nice and some things were quite surprisingly tasty. We flew 4 flights and every flight departed late. The call center is nice and helpful. We has an issue with change of flight dates and times and the girl in the call center helped very much. The fare was very cheap.

5/11/2016 S Richards

✅ Verified Review | Amsterdam to Belgrade with Air Serbia. This was the most unprofessional handling of a delay ever. I accept that delays are possible but due to some technical issue we had to wait for 2 hours in the plane and afterwards for another 3 in the airport. Information about the status was not given at all. The flight even disappeared from the screens. We eventually had a new departure time 15.30 (9.55 origin). We were put on to busses for boarding and then had to disembark again as there in no personal available from Air Serbia. We are not even in the air yet, and it is easily a most horrible flight.

4/19/2016 K Vanura

✅ Verified Review | I've flown Air Serbia more than ten times on shorter flights Belgrade to Prague or Belgrade to Tel Aviv or Paris. The seats are comfortable and reasonably spacious. Food ranges from amazing to okay. Drinks are served on every flight. The cabin crew are professional and polite. No TV or other entertainment is provided onboard, but you can purchase the internet access or make calls (on some flights). I haven't really experienced any delays. They run specials to different destinations every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the fares can be really good. The value for money is excellent.

3/31/2016 G Searles

✅ Verified Review | This was my second flight with Air Serbia within two days and pleased with their Business Class service from Belgrade to Paris CDG. Flawless check-in and a stunning premium lounge. We departed with a slight delay from BEG caused by atrocious weather at CDG and landed with just a 30 mins delay. Very nice, courteous and helpful cabin crew, clean cabin and tasty omelette. They offer onboard WiFi service and GSM phone service so you can use your mobile phone. I am looking forward to try their transatlantic BEG-JFK service when launched.

3/31/2016 G Searles

✅ Verified Review | This was my first flight on Air Serbia, a very short route serviced by ATR-72 but it was flawless from check-in to an on-time arrival. Fast, efficient and with a smile. Economy class and surprised to see a tasty sandwich and mineral water offered free of charge on a flight which would be considered a shuttle service in the US.

3/18/2016 Vojko Gorjanc

Short flights from Ljubljana to Sarajevo via Belgrade and back. ATR aircraft look old and tired, extremely loud, nothing like modern turboprop aircrafts. I actually like turboprops for such short flights, nevertheless not at all an old and loud ones like Air Serbia. Catering a small bottle of water and even smaller sandwich. I do not expect much on intra-European flights, would be better to have the option to by something of a good quality than a sandwich of substandard quality. Most passengers just returned it unpacked, so pure waste of food. All flights on time, flight attendants nice and professional. Belgrade airport is not the best transfer airport, crowded at peak time and with extremely unpleasant and even rude staff, especially on the security controls.

3/2/2016 H Gustafsson

Air Serbia in general have great business class sections and very nice staff and the flight to Stockholm from Belgrade on 18 February was no exception. The staff were wonderful and friendly. However, they seem to have gone a bit cheap on food and drinks. The food was average, at best, and the white wine is now of a brand (although not bad) that is not in the high class segment. Champagne before take off still offered. The total product is still very good for being a intra Europe flight but considering the higher standard on food and drinks before its sad to see the quality go down. Return flight from Copenhagen to Belgrade 21 February gave the same impression. Nice staff, bland food and drinks.

1/28/2016 Bram Van Hecke

For the four times I have flown with Air Serbia from Belgrade to Brussels, the flight has been delayed 3 times (usually 30 minutes). I can't say too much about the ground service since I haven't had any special problems. The cabin crew was pretty nice and professional and the seats were reasonably comfortable. The announced 3-course meal appeared extremely poor and not even enough to be considered a snack. Except for the interesting departure hours and reachable airports, this airline is actually no better than low-cost companies like Wizzair.

1/20/2016 N Milovanovic

Belgrade to Brussels with Air Serbia. Having short distance flights, early in the morning with no crowd at all and they are always late! Of course, when you reach your destination or transfer, you are on your own to solve problems that they caused with their inefficiency. Good luck to new travelers that don't know foreign languages, because when you depend on Air Serbia you really need some good people out there. I have nothing bad to say for cabin crew.

1/17/2016 R Soerensen

Belgrade to Copenhagen with Air Serbia. We boarded on time, but then with no explanation we have been waiting, as the late passangers started arriving and this went on for 25 minutes after the scheduled flight time. All in all 40 minutes delay, with no excuse or explanation. This made me miss my train, and I had to wait 2.5 hours for new one, plus had to buy new ticket. Cabin staff were kind, but they were all the time in the aisles with carts, what made it difficult to pass through to toilets and return to the seat.

1/3/2016 Ivan Nikitin

Moscow to Belgrade with Air Serbia. The flight attendants were polite, seating was quite comfortable. The meal service was a highlight with printed menus as well as complimentary wines and spirits. They provide metal cutlery which is a nice touch. Planes were in good condition, and flights were on-time. Belgrade airport left a positive impression as well, no real problems.

12/30/2015 H Gustafsson

The only passenger in Business class from Tel Aviv to Belgrade, and served by a wonderful purser and her colleague. Served champagne before take off and more with hot nuts after departure. A good lunch and excellent wines were offered. Staff couldn't have been friendlier and more service minded. A delightful flight with cheerful staff.

12/12/2015 R Arab

I took a flight from IST to WAW via Belgrade with Air Serbia. The Business class section was separated with a curtain. The seats were comfortable. The staff on both flights were extremely warm and helpful. They had me try different Serbian food and drinks. I couldn't believe that I'd bought a business class ticket with that amount of money. Really pleasant experience.

12/2/2015 J Hanssen

Air Serbia from Amsterdam to Belgrade. Polite crew, comfortable seats though the fake leather covers are not the most sensible and get sticky after some time. Complimentary meal was adequate though smaller since the last time I flew them a year ago. Crew friendly, no real faults to point out except the fares tend to be quite steep for a 2 hour flight - but they have a monopoly on this route from Amsterdam. A double daily flight week-round would make the product more appealing. Currently, it simply is not very convenient on most days with a single daily flight.

10/26/2015 P Petrovic

Air Serbia ticket prices have been hiked recently to the point 1.5 hour flights (Milan) now costs the same as a 3 hour flight last year (London). At the same time some, but not all, of the shine has worn off. While the cabin staff remains impeccable, meals had been reduced to a bun with some cucumber. Aircraft are nice and there is Wi-Fi across most of the Airbus fleet but there is no IFE. Wi-Fi however offers only a limited access of 20mb per voucher. Seats are comfortable and there is plenty of leg room for an average person. Overall I would recommend this airline but keep in mind that the high level of service that was advertised when they started flying is no longer at the same level.

10/15/2015 D Mutadich

Visited the newly opened Air Serbia Premium lounge at Belgrade airport, had a freshly squeezed orange juice and very good macchiato. The seats in business class were extremely comfortable with a footrest. Pillow and blanket on the seat. Champagne boarding drink, nuts and hot towels. Tasty breakfast was served with real cutlery, champagne on demand. I was given a tablet which had a large selection of movies, music and games. Impeccable service from cabin crew, flight on time.

10/14/2015 Bojan Vasic

Air Serbia cancelled my prebooked flight with no other explanation except "we are sorry but the flight got cancelled" email. After 2 months in the booking that is what happened and after I asked them what do they offer to people that have business meeting on that flight (that they have already paid for in full as airline asked) their response was we can give refund in full (which on a return ticket is 45% of a one way ticket) or book you another flight later. When contacted the airline asking them if they can arrange something with some other airline so I can reach my connection flight I was told they don't do that. Only due to a call center agent who managed to book me another flight day before (I had to wait for the connection flight for 17 hours). On top of that when the flight I was booked was delayed for one hour and a half due changing the planes. When they realized that they can squeeze us like sardines in this A319 a very dingy plane. Flight attendants were profesional and pleasant. Terrible experiance and will not come back to this airline unless forced by circumstances.

10/12/2015 Nick Lester-Davis

Boarding at Heathrow was simple with the gate just opposite the lounge. Moreover, despite an almost full plane, we pushed back 15 minutes early. Business class seats are comfortable with wide seats, a foot rest and three levels of recline - a far cry from simply an economy seat with an empty seat beside, seen on so many short haul business class sections. I was offered a glass of champagne and a menu after boarding, and after take off my lunch order was taken. I was also offered use of an iPad for entertainment. Lunch was of good quality with three good courses. Overall the service from the cabin crew was both smart and friendly.