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6/22/2013 Dino Rachiele, Boeing 717-200 seat 2F

This was an AirTran flight. Seat was quite comfortable. Upgrades to business class are not outrageous and are worth every cent. Service was quick and responsive.

10/30/2012 jeffersonthomas, Boeing 717-200 seat 2D

The seats are nice. The extra leg room is nice for me I'm 6'4". THe drinks that you get are basicly "unlimited" as you are close to the storage room and are in the best seats. THe snacks are also better than the coach. GO TRAN!!

12/21/2011 Rob G, Boeing 717-200 seat 21D

Seats were of average size and leg room was enough for me (I'm 6'1"). I was seated next to an overweight person, so I was a little bit squeezed but not uncomfortably. Although there was no inflight entertainment, AirTran does provide wifi service for a small fee so I used that to keep myself busy. Both flights were very smooth, ...

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3/28/2011 James S, Boeing 717-200 seat 19E

It was okay, i guess, I flew this airline both ways in the same seat on a school trip, they served drinks and a snack. I played cards with my friends. The seats were assigned so im glad i did not get stuck with row 20, even i noticed that the seat behind me had very little leg room. The people behind us had there knees into our ...

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3/16/2010 tinamariepotosky, Boeing 717-200 seat 15D

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