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2/5/2019 Andrea Lino

✅ Trip Verified | My husband and I had the best experience with customer service at Dallas International airport and the Alaska Airlines staff. They were able to accommodate our flight and even went a step further and accommodate our seats so we could sit together without any cost. I was not able to get the woman's name who help...

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2/3/2019 Aaron Passmore

Not Verified | Baltimore to Los Angeles. I chose them because a search online had them rated by customers as the best airline. After one flight yesterday, I disagree! First, I paid extra to be able to choose my seat, but at no time during the booking or pre-flight did I get to do that. Secondly, there was less room per passenge...

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1/29/2019 Brittany Paxson

Not Verified | Denver to Seattle. A huge thank you to the woman in reservations who worked with me to get on a last minute flight. You are what customer service should be and deserve recognition. The woman at the gate however, barely looked up at me, told me “nothing i can do” and continued to count down to closing the doors

1/27/2019 Hannah Boyd

✅ Trip Verified | Spokane to Seattle. Horrible airline. Every single time I’ve had an issue with my flight, bags or anything they basically say “nothing we can do”, I was recently severely injured and couldn’t fly due to my injuries. Alaska would not refund my flight, would not do anything to understand my situation. They ended...

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1/25/2019 J Neale

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to San Francisco. The flight was 4 hours late. The cabin was freezing and uncomfortably so (this is despite socks, sweater and coat. No blankets available. For a 6 hour flight they could have provided more than 2 cookies. Horrible. First time flying with them. Last time I will be flying with them.

1/24/2019 W Herman

✅ Trip Verified | Seattle to Phoenix. Such a nice flight as usual, very professional flight attendants and the meals has improved a lot. Entertainment systems were very nice as usual and I think the connection is more stabilized than before.

1/24/2019 R Thane

✅ Trip Verified | Seattle to Philadelphia. Everyone is aware that TSA lines are long during the government shutdown. But Alaska Airlines still closes their boarding doors 10 - 15 minutes early. I got through the long security line and made it to the gate on time for my flight. The ticket agent proudly told me that she already c...

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1/18/2019 Arthur Chu

✅ Trip Verified | Seattle to Oakland, Checking weather reports before our Alaska Horizon Flight 2258 departed SeaTac, we knew we would be arriving into Oakland the same time as a rainstorm with high winds. Heartfelt thanks to the pilot and copilot for landing the plane as winds buffetted the approach. Good job pilots.

1/18/2019 N Deane

✅ Trip Verified | Maui to Seattle. In the three seats directly behind me, there were 3 children and their mom. One child was young enough to ride on his mom's lap instead of being belted into a seat. When we are all cautioned to stay buckled up because of turbulence, a child is sitting on his mom's lap and the attendants tell h...

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1/15/2019 Laura Hewat

Not Verified | I am disappointed and frustrated with Alaska Airlines. Their "saver" fares are an absolute joke. I booked my flight less that 48 hours ago and found out the wrong day had been booked for a flight in mid-February. I called right away about changing the flight only to find out that there was absolutely nothing tha...

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1/14/2019 Evette Eubanks

✅ Trip Verified | My Emotional Support dogs and I were put off of our flight home this evening because I warned the flight attendant that my dog would cry once I zipped the carrier. Neither of my dogs made a peep during the whole fiasco. The flight attendant called the supervisor to come "tell me the rules". I have 100% legal ...

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1/14/2019 Asaf Snear

✅ Trip Verified | New York to San Francisco. Very nice and same business class - 8 seat total. Seat layout is 2X2 with elective seat with massage and full functions and personal TV screen. service was very good and professional, food was ok, free Wifi works well and overall very good flight!

1/2/2019 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320 v1 seat 1C

Although the Airbus seems a bit narrower than the Boeing 737's, I have to admit I loved the fancy leather recliner seats in 1C. Also, the bulkheads are see through so the first row appears more open. There is massive legroom. The tradeoff is a little narrower center armrest than the Boeing aircraft in first class but still plent...

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1/1/2019 SeatGuru User, Bombardier Q400 seat 20E

I love this plane and I love Row 20. Like others have said. Its super quiet back there. You get a quick serve from the flight attendants before they head up to the front and then get a refill once they make their way back to you. Once you go to deplane, you are one of the first off. I love this flight from SEA to Bend.

12/28/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320 v1 seat 1F

Positive: the seat is the old Virgin America white leather recliner - extremely comfortable. Negative: Be warned that Alaska provides a very thin "blanket" (more like a bed sheet doubled up) and NO pillow. They really can't find storage for 8 real blankets and pillows for its first class passengers?

12/23/2018 T Reyoune

✅ Trip Verified | I recently retired and began my 5 year voyage around the world by starting off on flight 895 from San Diego to Honolulu. However, my travels are, and will be very complicated, because my small companion dog will be accompanying me. Three locations on my trip have strict quarantine requirements beginning with H...

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12/23/2018 J Smith

Not Verified | Denver to Seattle. I find it to be absurd that in 2018, you pay for First Class seating and still have to pay a fee for internet usage. Really? First class on Alaska Air, where drinks are free, but there's still an additional fee for the internet. So incredibly lame.

12/22/2018 W Deane

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to New York. Even though I’m an Alaska elite member, these past few weeks I experienced the worst customer service ever. It made me miss Southwest (and that’s saying something). Two weeks ago my flight was delayed 3 hours, which Alaska didn’t inform us about until after we arrived at the airport....

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12/15/2018 D Cooper

✅ Trip Verified | This was my first time flying with Alaska Airlines and I must say that it was an outstanding service. From checkin to inflight, it was amazing. The star though goes to the check in agent in Vegas. She was super friendly and extremely professional. I would fly Alaska Airlines again. The only downfall was that W...

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12/15/2018 Kenneth Salyer

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to San Francisco. The plane did not have head sets for sale or for handout. This is not the first time that an Alaska flight has not had the appropriate supplies for my flight experience. I get the feeling that there is a disconnect between the supply teams and the flights. Someone is not taking the ...

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