Seat Map Embraer 175 Alitalia

1A1C1D1F10A10C10D10F11A11C11D11F12A12C12D12F14A14C14D14F15A15C15D15F16A16C16D16F18A18C18D18F19A19C19D19F2A2C2D2F20A20C20D20F21A21C21D21F22A22C22D22F23A23C23D23F24A24C24D24F3A3C3D3F4A4C4D4F5A5C5D5F6A6C6D6F7A7C7D7F8A8C8D8F9A9C9D9FSeat Map Embraer 175 Alitalia
Seat Map Embraer 175 Alitalia
Seat Map Embraer 175 Alitalia

Airplane Embraer 175 Alitalia with 2 classes and 88 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


3/23/2019 Rodrigo L, seat 7D

Good space for the legs, friendly staff.

2/22/2014 SeatGuru User, seat 1A

I travelled business class and I used seat 1A. To other customers intending to travel Business class with Alitalia - there is absolutely no value in traveling Business class on a short haul flight. I travelled together with my husband who used seat 1C. Below are my reasons: - we went through the exact same security and border c...

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