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8/29/2018 S Fiorentino

Not Verified | Flight from Rome to FK, June 2018. Payed over $4,000 for two premium economy tickets on Alitalia. One seat was broken/didn't recline at all. An almost 10 hour flight! TV did not work, and food tray was broken as well. Flight attendant took down my info, promising me a call from Alitalia. That call never came! This airline claims they do not have a phone number to call about issues. Must email or write them! I continously did so, and received nothing for weeks! Finally got an email stating a $100 voucher would be given to me to use within a year! I spent over $4,000 for 2 premium seats! I tried to fight this through emails and letters mailed to their New York PO box, and got nowhere! We will never fly Alitalia again for business or personal travels, nor will our large family. They are a rip off for charging as much as they did, and not refunding at least some of our money to us due to us not receiving practically anything of what everyone else paid for and received. Empty seats were observed and never offered to us. I hope this helps others from being ripped off as I was. This airline is good at taking your money, yet not doing right by their customers when you don't get what you pay for from them. This was an almost 10 hour flight with no TV, no seat that reclined, and not even a food tray that came down correctly (not even to lay your head on). So much for paying thousands for extra comfort in premium seating! Please do yourselves a favor and choose another airline.

8/29/2018 P Lagone

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Rome. Boarding was on time and quite fast. The plane was very old, it can't even illuminate properly the "fasten seatbelt" sign. Service on short European flight consist in a drink and a little snack, I think Alitalia is one of the few European airlines to serve free food nowadays. Our flight was delayed for 1 hour in Madrid due to airport congestion, so we arrived late in Rome.

8/25/2018 Janna Hallock

Not Verified | Chicago to Rome. My husband and I landed in Rome for our honeymoon three days ago and were informed our luggage was lost. We filled out the proper paperwork and left with our driver for our hotel. By the end of the night we were informed the luggage had been located at the airport and would arrive at our hotel by the following morning. Morning came and went with no luggage. We called the airline and the process of calling, being told to wait, and calling again began. For 72 hours this continued until our last day in Rome, today. We have spent hundreds in euro on clothes and hours trying to locate what we needed to enjoy our stay. Our options now are to take a taxi to and from the airport (40 minute drive) without receiving any reimbursement, or continue to wait for our luggage to magically reappear before we must leave for our final destination. We cannot afford the taxi since we have already spent so much on things we packed and have no access too, so we are left to wait. With no service on either of our american phones, the only option we have to get updates is to stay at the hotel where we can receive calls. Alitalia and their treatment of our case has ruined our stay in Rome. We only pray that our 3 days in Vienna might treat us with slightly more decency so that we may enjoy the honeymoon we have both worked so hard to experience.

8/22/2018 F Varedo

✅ Trip Verified | Seoul to Milan via Rome. The flight has been a nice surprise: Korean and Italian staff was very nice and kind, food is the best I had on airplane. The wine that comes from a real glass bottle, leg space is better then standard.

8/21/2018 E Drew

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Paris. We go to the ticketing area & they have someone standing at the entrances to confirm you are in the right area, so the man checked our paper & said go right here. We stand in a long line, only to be told that we were in the wrong line!! The lady told us to go 2 rows down. (be aware that even though it says Alitalia in really huge writing on the walls behind the desks, that there are different flight names displayed on the TV's above them in small writing up in the corner of the TV). I told the lady that the guy standing right there directed me here, and that it says Alitalia right there, then she pointed out that its what's on the TV. So we go in this long line & wait. We get to the counter, & the guy starts talking to another man (which seemed to be a supervisor). We thought that maybe he was being trained so they were talking him through it, but they kept talking and laughing. We waited for awhile before I asked if there was an issue w/ our tickets. Then, he calmly says, I can't find your tickets, you'll have to go to the help desk over there. I told him we didn't have a lot of time because we had already been directed to the wrong line & that our info was right there. He said I can't help you. So we go over there & there is about 8 people in front of us & only 1 person working at that desk. I'm starting to panic at this point because I didn't want to miss our flight, we had even came really early! I tell my bf to wait inline while I go back & see if someone else could help us because it seemed like this guy didn't know what he was doing at all. I ask a man standing up front to help because we are running out of time, he directs me to the same guy that we just dealt with - I tell him we are going to miss our flight, he says you have plenty of time. I couldn't believe how he was treating me. I was so frustrated, I had to walk away. I went back to my bf & told him, he went to the kiosk to see if he could print them while I waited inline. I get up to the lady tell her he couldn't find them, she calls over to him, writes something on the paper & says go back over there & they will take you right away. (Her attitude was not any better she was rude as well!!) So I turn & rush to get my bf from the kiosk & she starts yelling at me to go back to that desk & I told her that I have to get my bf, then she says ma'am you don't have time!!! (I know we don't have time!!) So we go back to the man to get our tickets & we cut the line like she said to. He refused to help us right away, so my bf says are you guaranteeing that we will not miss our flight? He says yes & then I think he worried so he stopped helping the other people & got us our tickets. We had to run to get to our gate. we barely made it. Then the boarding lady was taking bags because there was no room & gets into it with this elderly couple because they refused to give her their bags, because they lost their bags last time. She was not understanding at all, they ended up not letting them board, instead of letting them keep their bags. The whole experience was awful, customer service was very poor!

8/16/2018 N Sanatova

✅ Trip Verified | Palermo to Moscow via Rome and I was so unlucky that I left my laptop on board of the aircraft on our way to Moscow. When I realized that the laptop was left, I called to the support service in Russia and asked what should I do. I was told to send a request to the Alitalia lost and found office. The only e-mail address on the website was Italian , and after sending the request I was answered, that this Office has only responsibility for the things left on board of the airplanes going to Rome and was advised to contact Sheremetyevo airport. Sheremetyevo airport explained that they do not collect things from other Airlines, except Aeroflot. Things that are left on board of Alitalia Airlines are brought to the small Alitalia Office located at Sheremetyevo. After asking Alitalia main Office for the contact, I got the answer that they dont have it. So the only way to find something you left on board going to Moscow is to come every day to Sheremetyevo Alitalia Office and ask them personally. No e mail address, No telephone number, No permanent working hours. Basically you have to live in Sheremetyevo and wait if the lady in a green Alitalia T shirt will get returned your laptop. How come that the national airline company of Italy do not have the local number of their own representative in Russia and cannot answer the simple question who gets the forgotten on board luggage if it is found? I can surely say that it a clear sign of unrespectful attitude to the customers and was really choked of the unwilling of the Alitalia employees to help, they were just redirecting every time from call centre in Russia back to lost and found Office in Rome. Really poor quality service!

8/12/2018 C Mariatti

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Rome. On the return flight from Los Angeles we traveled in Premium Economy having requested and obtained a flight upgrade. Having had the upgrade we thought we would enjoy all the privileges of this class of flight including the possibility of embarking 2 bags of 23 kg, but at the airport of LAX we learned that this was not included in the upgrade. Now, if the company offers me an upgrade (through participation in an auction) it should also specify which services the customer has access to and which are not. Needless to say, at the airport to our grievances they shrugged and the conclusion was that we were able to take two extra bags as members of the Ulisse Club. Frankly it was so many years that I did not travel Alitalia and in this circumstance I remembered why. Another flaw that I found is the bad grace of the stewardess and the bad conditions in which the toilets are left, which after so many hours and so many people who frequent them become unrealistic. Finally my seat, but it was bad luck, did not remain reclined but moved continuously upright. IT: Sul volo di ritorno da Los Angeles abbiamo viaggiato in Premium Economy avendo chiesto ed ottenuto un upgrade della classe di volo. Avendo avuto l'upgrade noi pensavamo di godere di tutti i privilegi di questa classe di volo tra cui la possibilità di imbarcare 2 bagagli da 23 Kg, invece all'aeroporto di LA abbiamo appreso che questo non era compreso nell'upgrade. Ora, se la compagnia mi offre un upgrade ( attraverso la partecipazione ad un'asta) dovrebbe anche specificare quali sono i servizi a cui il cliente ha accesso e quali no. Inutile dire che in aeroporto alle nostre rimostranze hanno fatto spallucce e la conclusione è stata che siamo riuscite ad imbarcare due bagagli in più in quanto membri del Club Ulisse. Francamente erano tanti anni che non viaggiavo Alitalia ed in questa circostanza mi sono ricordata del perchè. Un'altra pecca che ho riscontrato è la malagrazia delle hostess e le cattive condizioni in cui vengono lasciate le toilette, che dopo tante ore e tanta gente che le frequenta diventano improponibili. Da ultimo il mio sedile, ma sarà stata la sfortuna, non rimaneva reclinato ma si spostava continuamente nella posizione eretta.

8/4/2018 M Craciun

✅ Trip Verified | Bucharest to Chicago via Rome. I do not recommend Alitalia and will never fly with this airline again. First, our luggage didn’t make our connecting flight on our departing trip and we had to wait over 24 hours to get our baggage. We had to go buy clothes meanwhile, which was very inconvenient. Then, the return trip was a disaster. We flew from Bucarest to Rome, where we had a 2 hour layover. We were at the gate early and got in line with everyone else, when my husbands ticket was scanned it was refused by there system. They told us to go stand in another line and wait for the one guy helping with all the issues. After 10 minutes he said we were fine and to go back in the boarding line. They scanned his ticket again and it refused it. They said to go back to the other guy again. We proceeded to have to stand there for 20 minutes while everyone else was boarded and our plane was scheduled to leave and they couldn’t figure out why the error was occurring. Have in mind we have a 1 year old child with us and she was getting very antsy. Finally they told us just to board because we were last. Our seats were not what we requested. We were told we had bulk head seats to accommodate our little girl but our seats were all the way in the back with NO leg room. We asked to be moved if possible and the stewarts refused to even try to help us. They said we need to sit and nothing is guaranteed. Next, when the plane went to take off it was coming off the ground and then slammed to a halt scaring the heck out of everyone. There was an instrumental problem with the plane and we had to end up sitting for 1.5 hours while it was fixed. Making it a crazy long 12 hour flight. The food is worse than other airlines and they expect you to get up and get your own beverages and crackers throughout the flight while they sit and sleep in their curtained area once they are done serving the dinner. I can’t believe they are paid to sleep instead of help paying customers. Go around with drinks. Pick up trash throughout the flight. Anything. We were so disappointed with our experience with Alitalia. For a couple more hundred bucks, it is well worth flying with another airline. Especially if flying with children. Other airlines go out of their way to make everyone comfortable and content, especially on such a long flight. Alitalia employees could care less and many of their employees are super rude. If you choose to fly with them, I have tried warning you.

7/28/2018 Lara Petković

✅ Trip Verified | Some staff are rude and not kind to their customers and nice. Airplane is really old, you can’t even charge your phone. In 8 hours you eat only once full meal and you get some disgusting sweet after. I am angry and disappointed at this company. Worst experience ever!.

7/20/2018 Orapeleng Lebethe

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Amsterdam via Milan. How this airline can continue to operate is a mystery. Firstly, we had to pay 45€ per bag for our luggage without being notified when we booked. There are no meals on board. Even the quality of the snacks they serve is very poor. The most uncomfortable experience of flying Alitalia is that the seats are so small and there is no legroom at all. It is actually impossible to seat throughout the journey. I will never ever fly with Alitalia and I feel I didn't get value for my money.

7/17/2018 P Gordon

✅ Trip Verified | I am not surprised that the company is failing: this is consistently, and without surprises, the worst airline I've flown with. First, I tried to upgrade. There were no seats left, but I still spent over 20 dollars to try and do so, because they're the only flagship airline I know that has a paid (and ridiculously expensive: 1 eur/min) customer service phone line. And it's obviously the only way you can upgrade, no option to do so from their website. The check-in was horrible, with a never ending line because it took them forever to check people in. In the end they had to ask help from the desks of another airline to cope with that. The flight experience was also horrible: the plane was old and filthy, the food was little and disgusting (I very rarely leave food on my plate, but some of that was inedible), the in-flight entertainment consisted of a screen just slightly bigger than my phone with a handful of movies that kept breaking for no apparent reason. The service on the plane was, guess what, horrible. Their stewards were borderline rude, throwing things on my tray when serving them, constantly hitting my head or shoulder because they didn't look where going. They were also arrogant and incompetent: when I asked for an immigration card, they told me I didn't need it anymore, and got annoyed as I insisted. In the end I didn't get one, and once I reached the immigration officer I had to go to the back of the queue because obviously I was right and they were wrong, and I did need an immigration card with my visa. I vowed in the past I wouldn't travel with Alitalia anymore. This time I couldn't avoid it, but they confirmed, once again if there was any need, that I made the right choice back then. I do hope they finally go out of business, as they absolutely deserve that.

7/16/2018 Filia Fayard

✅ Trip Verified | We flew from Johannesburg to Athens with a stop over in Rome and back again for the first time with Alitalia in July 2018. This is the worst airline I have traveled with. Going to Europe, we waited 2 hours after take-off for food to be served. The evening meal was meager, the drinks were served after the meal with NO chance of getting a second glass of wine. I felt as though I was in prison! 10 minutes after dinner the lights were switched off and like good children we were put to sleep. No sight of air stewards/stewardesses anywhere - they must have a special hole that they disappear into at night. In the morning a croissant was provided with no chance of a second cup of coffee. The staff were unfriendly in the extreme and I felt that this was the last place they wanted to be. On our return, I noticed that my seat could not recline (this is an overnight flight) and asked one of the staff for help. When he saw that the seat was faulty, he waved me to the back of the plane and told me to sit in the one empty seat next to someone else. He did not escort me there and explain to this stranger why I was going to sit next to them or of my predicament, which I would have thought would be the right way to do this. In the end, I "slept" upright. The same type of sub-standard meal was presented as dinner - again no chance to ask for another glass of wine to put myself out of my misery as the air staff bolted away and switched off the lights as soon as they could. One burnt croissant for breakfast later we were back in South Africa and I have never been happier to step off a plane. Awful, awful, awful service.

7/14/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-200 (332) Three Class seat 14J

Flew this JFK-MXP. This seat is the second row from the bulkhead of regular coach. Found legroom to be very lacking. Pitch here is 31 inches, not an inch more. Large entertainment box under seat in front of me drastically reduced foot room. On this plus side, the sets of two seats by the windows have individual air vents overhead. Those poor souls sitting in the row of 4 seats in the middle of the plane have no individual air vents. Sounds like a small thing, but it makes a huge difference in comfort. Seat itself was reasonably comfortable with good padding and nice adjustable headrest. Good enough in seat entertainment, though selection could be more extensive. Pretty good food served, but flight attendants made themselves scarce except for times of meal service. An extra inch of seat pitch would have made a huge difference for me.

7/14/2018 R Sanyal

✅ Trip Verified | This was my fifth flight on Alitalia in the past 12 months and I have been fifth time lucky in experiencing on time departure and arrival! Ground crew at Malpensa's Terminal 2 were helpful - I had an easy check in at a counter. Immigration and security checks were smooth and quick despite the large number of flyers. At the gate, the boarding appeared to have been started too close to the departure time as a result of which everyone was standing and crowding the entrance. The seating was in a 2-4-2 configuration and I had an aisle seat. The leg space was sufficient and the seat reclined more than I had expected. There was personal IFE with a large collection of Italian movies and also films in languages other than English. I particularly appreciated the live BBC and NBC news that was available. The IFE was turned on after 30 minutes into the flight and free head phones were provided. Being an afternoon flight, a lunch was offered. There were only two choices - no menu cards. One was a vegetarian lasagna, the other a turkey sandwich. I chose the former. The overall portion of the meal was on the smaller side. Alcoholic drinks were complimentary. After the lunch, I asked the flight attendant if limoncello, the Italian after meal drink was available. She smiled and brought me some from, I assume, business class. Flight attendants spoke English and were very approachable. Before landing, a snack was served. Drink carts ran up and down the aisles quite regularly. The bathrooms stayed relatively clean. Customs cards were distributed prior to landing. You don't need these any more if you are using the passport machines to process your entry into the U.S. There was a duty free catalog in the pocket behind the seat in front of you. But there were few, if any, items in it that you could not get in any major city. I would have liked a cold towel on boarding, given the heat and sweat that accompanied the trip to Malpensa and a similar towel just before arriving could be refreshing. All in all, Alitalia delivered.

7/13/2018 G Parin

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Tirana. The worst airline I have traveled with. Traveled with Alitalia twice and both times I had major problems. To begin, we were a large family traveling to Albania with a connection in Rome. On our way back to Toronto, my grand-parents needed assistance and therefore had to remain seated in the plane until assistance came and took them to the connecting flight. Long story short, when we got to our connecting flight and asked if my grand-parents boarded, the Alitalia representatives had no idea where my grand-parents were. After a long argument they finally found them and brought them to the flight. When my Grandparents sat in their seats, my grandpa began to vomit and the flight attendants did not help or offer assistance at all, they just rolled their eyes. In general it was a very bad service, no warmth.

7/3/2018 S Beneil

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Tel Aviv via Rome. Overall, I found the service provided by Alitalia be extremely poor. First, my seat back was broken, that it would just recline, even without me pressing against it. Next, while I had requested a specific dietary meal a few days before boarding, the airline had no record of. Instead of trying to be accommodating and helpful, the steward's attitude was "we don't have it." There was no one offering drinks throughout the flight. While deplaning with my children (as we were last), I thanked the steward. His hostile reply was, "well, the cleaning crew is waiting for you." I was shocked, and in the scurry, I forgot my cell phone on the plane. There was no one at the gate to welcome us, and report the lost phone. I had to go to a central service desk, wait a half hour for service to file a report, which didn't get me anywhere. I tried calling customer service, I was told that there is no line to customer service, you can only file a claim via email. This turned out to be nothing but a headache and much aggravation. It is certainly not worth your time or money to fly with such an amateurish airline.

7/1/2018 Emmanouil Koumiotis

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Athens. On initial boarding time (15:35) an announcement issued for delay of the flight until the airplane arrives. No timely announcement to passengers though late aircraft arrival was known. Delay, again. Usual Alitalia food (crisps, biscoti or saltie) compared to other airlines regular food supply. No entertainment unless if you consider entertainment the airline shopping guide.

6/28/2018 S Devanter

✅ Trip Verified | Alitalia had some great deals lately so booked 2 round trips in Business class. AMS-FCO-ATH AND AMS-FCO-FLR. All flights more or less on time. Lounges in Amsterdam and Athens good. Lounge in Rome new lounge in E concourse prefect the old Schengen lounge at D1 a dump. Check in staff generally outsourced but perfect. Alitalia staff is a mixed bag. Some staff really doing their best some really need a training or unmotivated. Onboard in general spacious for euro business, middle seat free and extra legroom. On all flights (except domestic) there was a hot pasta meal served which was surprisingly good, along with hot bread a sweet dessert but a lousy salad. A selection of wines , incl sparkling and limoncello and chocolates where also offered inmost cases. All in all especially considered the low price a great steal. Also Alitalia offers lots of miles compared to other Skyteam partners. Alitalia is getting its act together hopefully its saved by the bell. Will book again

6/27/2018 Maureen L, Airbus A330-200 (332) Three Class seat 3E

These seats in the middle have NO AC vents above them, so there is very little AC cool air to breathe. I spent most of the 10 hour flight with a headache. Window seats had the ONLY AC vents and controls! Also, there aren’t any overhead bins for middle seats. Seats are narrow, uncomfortable.

6/19/2018 C Rennagi

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Rome. Flight was delayed 40 min. without explanation. As usual with Alitalia there was no order in calling rows to board the plane and a huge crowd of passengers were standing there waiting for the rows to be called. Very confusing without structure. My seat was completely abused and it was the worst seat I’ve had on over 200 flights in my life. Crew looked great but poor service. Arrogant and unlike other airlines they were sitting talking among themselves in the back of the plane. Last time for me flying Alitalia! That’s for sure!