Seat Map Bombardier CRJ900 (CR9) Layout 3 American Airlines


Airplane Bombardier CRJ900 (CR9) Layout 3 American Airlines with 3 classes and 76 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


6/18/2019 Abdallah E, seat 8A

The worst flight I've been on so far. The seats are a bit narrow. Legroom probably would have been all right had the FAs not insisted that we take off all satchels and purses and stow them under the seats as well. I have never had to do this on any other flight and on the flight I took -after- this we did not have to do it. Doi...

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2/19/2019 SeatGuru User, seat 14C

For basic price American will not assign a seat & they will not allow any modifications later! I had to guess on the seat assignment to be able to add this comment

6/30/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 15A

This seat is garbage the wall jets out into seating can't even lean to the side no elbow room whatsoever most uncomfortable two hours I've ever experienced on an airplane JAX-DFW traveled 30 June 2018

10/7/2017 Grant W, seat 6D

Good seat with plenty of legroom...I paid extra for MCE. I am 6'4" and 260# and was comfortable in the seat for the hour or so flight from SGF to DFW.

9/25/2017 LJ F, seat 13A

Narrow seat. Armrest immovable

6/26/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 6A

Horrible seat. My knees were on the back of the seat in front of me the entire time. I am used to these small regional jets but this one was smaller than the others I had flown. Absolutely horrible. I could not get away from the woman next to me overflowing into my seat area

11/17/2016 SeatGuru User, seat 5B

I agree with most comments about this plane being sub-par, American has to do something to put them to their standard, poor condition overall, bathroom not operative, worst is that you never know what version the actual plane will be, when I choose this seat it was not supposed to have a seat in front, but it did and the seat wa...

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2/27/2016 SeatGuru User, seat 11A

Current comment states that it may have limited recline. There is NO RECLINE and the seatback is close to vertical. It is the worst seat I have ever sat in on a flight and this was a very new plane.

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