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8/3/2019 A Garmet

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Diyarbakir. Anadolujet canceled my flight with no reason. It took more than 5 months to get my money back. There were 3 passengers in a PNR which I paid all of them by myself. They gave 3 different return codes and told me that each passenger has to go to the ticket office individually to be able t...

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4/19/2019 K Marekitis

✅ Trip Verified | Ankara to Antalya. The plane was relatively new with a nice interior. Coffee/tea and a sandwich/cake were coplimentary on a 50m domestic flight. I was really impressed. The seat was very comfortable and the cabin crew friendly. All these for less than 20 euros with a 15kg luggage included in the price. Definit...

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3/7/2019 S Aksoy

✅ Trip Verified | It was a connecting flight from İzmir to Ankara and Ankara to Ordu-Giresun with AnadoluJet. There was absolutely no delay. Flight was smooth like there was no transfer. Nice staff, Good coffee.

8/13/2017 Özgün Gündoğdu

✅ Verified Review | I have flown from Diyarbakır to Çanakkale via Ankara with one day delay because Ankara flight delayed one hour. Ground service staff was bad in giving correct information, really slow in handling passengers with transfer flights. No guidance at the airport. Accomodation was acceptable but really short (10 hou...

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10/12/2015 Matthias Rubner

We booked Turkish Airlines but this leg of our journey went with AnadoluJet. Worst plane I have r been in. Very little space. Everything was dirty. The passenger next to me found a used napkin in his fold up table. Flight was on time. Staff was okay, but i will try to avoid AnadoluJet.

9/18/2015 K Ozkoc

I fly by AnadoluJet 8-10 times in a year. There is always at least 1 hour delay. Also don't trust their website, because on their website it shows as no delay, but at the airport there are delays. The seabus from Yenikapi/Istanbul to Bandirma will be much quicker, comfortable and cheaper than AnadoluJet.

8/20/2014 gunerend, Boeing 737-700 seat 7B

It was a good flight and enough space for your legs

5/30/2014 Slavil Dimitrov, Boeing 737-700 seat 12F

This was a seat right to the emergency exit. And this scheme is not exsactlly correct. The two chears was on the left board in 11 row. Rows 12 are with 3-3 configuration

5/30/2014 Slavil Dimitrov, Boeing 737-800 seat 5F

Cheap and good airline. With good connections all over the Turkey. Sandwich and cofee on board.

4/21/2014 Feza Korkusuz

Antalya-Ankara direct flights of Turkish Airlines are operated by Anadolu Jet that is a trademark of Turkish Airlines. Anadolu Jet has no Business Class Service and you are obligated to a low profile service as long as you don't transfer through Istanbul. For the CIP Lounge you have to pay an additional fee that doesn't fit with...

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3/6/2014 M Bertram

TK7087 16th Feb. Flew VAN to Ankara on 737. Flight delayed due to bad weather in VAN and because 2 passengers wanted to disembark after the final door was closed (which then meant everyone had to grab their hand luggage and the overhead bins had to be checked). The flight itself was pleasant with a small snack on the short fligh...

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7/21/2013 John Krzyzanowski

Flight Antalya to Ankara flight on time pleasant air crew passenger given snacks and drinks unfortunately wanted tea but the crew did not have any milk which was disappointing as I have used Pegasus and they always have milk for tea.

11/24/2010 L Nelson

Istanbul-Stansted return by Anadolu Jet- low cost carrier of Turkish Airlines. Both flights were on time. Plane was a tired 738 but for the money I paid for ( 250 Euros) during Eid it really didn't matter. Leg space is narrow but if you get front seats you could get a few extra inches. Complimentary food and snacks were served d...

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