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8/30/2015 S Peijnenburg

Horror flight: Delayed - Seats were double booked, people who paid for more expensive spots had to take a seat in economy, families were split up over the entire airplane. Zero leg space, most of the seats could not lean backwards (if there was a person of +1.8 meters behind you, leaning back would literally crush his/her knees)...

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5/29/2015 J van Rijn

I was traveling for work to and from Amsterdam to Samos. I was seated on the first row with (even for the B737-8) a lot of space for my legs. Slept almost the whole time so for me this was a perfect flight. Cabin crew were very professional!

1/19/2015 Maarten de Vries

AMS-AUA-AMS. I regularly fly ArkeFly between Europe and the Antilles and what a huge difference between the old and worn 767-300 with barely enough space to breathe and the new 787-800 with more spacious seats PTV and a so much better experience. Furthermore the crew seems to enjoy the Dreamliner much more and even smiles are be...

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10/12/2014 Andre Remmers

Flight Cancun-Amsterdam October 2014. Aircraft was changed and passengers like us who had bought comfort class were downgraded to economy. Flight was a nightmare with screaming kids and non-existent flight attendants. Crew blocked some comfort class seats for themselves while passengers who had paid for them flew economy. Do not...

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9/17/2014 S Rossi

I flew from Schiphol to Jamaica with ArkeFly. The aircraft was old dirty and noisy. There was minimal legroom which can make a long haul flight very uncomfortable. But the worst part was the flight attendants never have I ever met so many rude flight attendants during one flight. As a passenger you are expected to feel very sorr...

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9/6/2014 J de Graaff

Flew Amsterdam - Aruba - Amsterdam (OR363 and OR 364) in July 2014. The outbound flight was on one of the old 767-300's a noticeably old and used aircraft (approx. 25 y/o). The seats in economy provide just enough legroom and you indeed have to pay for everything. Since the flight was only around €50 cheaper than the KLM alterna...

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8/26/2014 F Mohammed

Flight # 396/395: We flew from Toronto to Amsterdam in August. The flight was terrible. We requested 3 vegetarian meals. We did not get our vegan meal until our return to Toronto and to add insult to injury they provided only two meals. Then the steward decided to inform me it was my fault I did not order for 3 passengers. I hav...

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3/24/2014 C Reid

OR365 27/2/14. OR366 13/3/14. We flew from Amsterdam to Bonaire in March 2014. The flight itself was ok but for the price we paid we expected better food and drink than we received. For the 10 hour overnight return flight we waited 2 hours for a small dinner (without drinks service in between) including one tea/coffee/juice. Tha...

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1/7/2014 Conrad Kickert

Flew Amsterdam - Orlando - Miami. There are many signs that Arkefly is simply not a proper airline but just a charter operator. It goes beyond the nickle and diming that other airlines do although Arkefly takes it to a new level. The fun started a day before flying: a text message that the plane would be departing two hours late...

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11/4/2013 Scott Sumo

It is a terrible airline. I flew from Amsterdam to Sanford Orlando. The seats were just terrible. You have to pay for everything. I flew comfort and I expected to have more extras then economy but it was just the same. You only get one meal and water. If you would like a snack or just a coke you will pay for it. I couldn't sit p...

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10/28/2013 L Berg

Orlando Sanford - Amsterdam September 27 2013. We flew back to Amsterdam with a 767-300 with winglets. The service on board of the personnel is professional. Legroom in Economy too. We reserved seats in the middle row they have the same leg room as economy comfort the latter is more expensive and has nothing more to offer than e...

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7/8/2013 T Welten

Flight Amsterdam - Kos. I booked premium comfort class. Because of technical problems they changed planes. I didn't get the premium comfort extra's I had paid for. They had no solutions with a bad service.

6/11/2013 J Murphy

Definitely the worst option. No frills works for flights less than 2 hours only. Transatlantic on an older smaller plane with very limited entertainment and food options is not worth the savings. By the time you pay for all the luggage fees seat fees and food/entertainment your savings go from $200 to $100 (approx). Also you won...

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2/18/2013 B Sandy

This airline is the worst for transatlantic flights in my opinion. I took a flight to Natal Brazil this February. The airline charges for everything €10 for a personal entertainment kit (otherwise no TV for 9.5 hours!) €25 to be able to get an assigned seat €350 for a Coca Cola only water coffee and tea is free of charge. No bla...

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12/12/2012 M Feldman

Went to Miami with Arkefly. Premium Comfort was good for the price back home comfort class was also good and no delays. I read all the reviews and was nervous but everything was fine. It's not very expensive so don't expect too much.

11/25/2012 T Salesman

Flight to Hurghada with a stop in Sharm el Sheikh. With a 737-800 in sardine configuration the flight was terrible no space for your legs and seats recline no more than about 2 cms. If you are over 1.70m this is extremely tight and for a flight of 5 hours that is just not acceptable. On the return flight from Hurghada (which was...

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11/14/2012 Marcel Karsten

Amsterdam to Mombasa. Paid extra for comfort class and was given the row in front of the emergency exit where the seats could not recline at all. Therefore even worse comfort than sitting in economy class.

10/25/2012 T Bos

Since the Star class was changed into Premium Comfort the level went down dramatically less space between the chairs much smaller seats. Especially on long haul it is two steps back but price is almost the same level. Staff friendly and helpful.On European flights the additional money between comfort class and premium comfort is...

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9/23/2012 A Verrall

Flew from AMS to Aruba still have to make the return flight Monday not looking forward to this at all - although at least we have comfort class for the return flight-Row 27. Arrived at Schipol early to avoid traffic delays etc could not check bags in despite already having checked in online once at boarding gate no system no con...

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9/4/2012 W Pechler

Used ArkeFly for two holidays this year: Las Palmas Gran Canaria in May and Mombasa Kenya in August/September. To Gran Canaria was a very pleasant flight we unexpectedly all had an own personal entertainment screen in the headrest and on our return journey too. Therefore we expected to have them on our 11 hour long intercontinen...

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