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7/21/2019 Lorelei Bari

✅ Trip Verified | Bucharest to Tel Aviv. If you’re not Israeli don’t ever fly with this company! They have a separate security area in the airport and they are searching only the passengers who are not Israeli. I’m flying 17 years to Israel, I’m married with an Israeli citizen and I have never had such an unpleasant experience ...

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7/16/2019 S Daramenko

✅ Trip Verified | Chisinau to Tel Aviv. Today, 15.07,2019 (flight IZ310), my 21 year old sister was supposed to fly to Israel. She had an invitation, a return ticket, a stay of one week and cash - 700 euros. The security service of this airline mocked her: a lot of questions of a personal and intimate nature. They demanded her...

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6/15/2019 Sean Ingel

✅ Trip Verified | Recently I experienced flying with Arkia from Ramon Airport to Sde Dov. Check-in in Ramon Airport was quick, and ground staff were really nice and friendly, I don't recommend coming to the airport more than 1 hour before departure. Flight length was 35 minutes, cabin crew were friendly and gave water and cookie...

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5/7/2019 E Barlen

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Tel Aviv. They had us waiting 2 hours just to check in, because they lacked staff to conduct interviews for all the passengers. They never communicated with us why this check in process was so long (keep in mind, this is before going through security for the airport). Our flight was delayed two hours b...

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8/16/2018 A Maninsky

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Stansted. Old plane, uncomfortable seats, disgusting food. Now have to fly back with them and can't get anyone from customer service to answer me a simple request for a change of date. Also in Israel they are known to have very bad customer service.

4/5/2018 L Meir

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Tel Aviv to Stansted. Arkia Israeli Airlines is just an awful airline. Website can offer no more than booking. Check-in is only available at a counter in the airport, so no seats can be chosen before. If baggage has not arrived you may find your baggage in another country (no info on the website regarding ...

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9/5/2017 N Tagenher

✅ Verified Review | Tel Aviv to Paris. I took 3 vacation days to travel to a wedding in Paris. This airline cancelled my outgoing flight, so instead of 5AM, I left at 3PM, thus missing one entire day in Paris. For the return, they changed the departure time from 1:30 in the morning Friday, to 10:30 Thursday evening, thus causin...

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6/20/2017 L Johnson

✅ Verified Review | Absolutely awful experience with Arkia Israeli Airlines flying from Larnaca to Tbilisi via Tel Aviv. Arrived in the airport and told that my onward flight (Tel Aviv-Tbilisi) leg was cancelled, but I had the choice to fly to Tel Aviv anyway. Flew to Tel Aviv but my luggage got lost. Spent 2 hours filing a rep...

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9/26/2015 Fagan Yusifli

I decided to fly Arkia Israeli Airlines, on Eilat - Tel Aviv route which just less that an hour flight distance, unlike 6 hours bus trip. Arkia Airlines had daily flights mostly operated by ATR 72 and Boeing757. Flights which are operated by B757 is considered "low cost" and one-way trip costs as few as 40$. Everything went smoo...

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8/18/2015 S Rose

TLV-ETH-TLV. Going over on Embraer 95, full flight, seats are ok, crew friendly, only water served as 30 min flight. Return Eilat to TLV in an ATR72, also full flight. 30 minutes delay in Eilat due to poor management of gates, they got passengers going to Sde Dov on our flight and had to get them off. This stupidity could have b...

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7/29/2015 T Reid

Short flight from TLV-AMM. Check-in agents friendly and courteous. Flight boarded from a bus driven from a ground-level gate that was very warm. Seats were small, overhead lockers dirty with scratches and seat covers had seen better days. Flight attendants passed out crackers after we boarded then gave out water inflight. We arr...

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4/12/2015 M Richards

Flight 2822 26 Mar 2015. Does a fine job getting people on board giving them a drink and landing safely. As Israel's traditional 'inland' airline the best you can hope for is comfortable seat (its comfortable enough at least on the 757 that I rode) reasonable timliness and a glass of water on a 35 minute flight. All provided.

2/24/2015 Gräber Danny

Flew from Tel Aviv SDV to Eilat ETH and back in February 2015. SDV-ETH with ATR-72 a 40 minute flight. Service was a cold drink and crackers. ETH-SDV with Embraer-195 30 minutes. Opted for business class for 40 shekels extra and it was worth it: Got a sandwich salad and a cereal bar. There was an open bar like on international f...

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5/11/2014 Paul Canessa

TLV-CDG. The plane was supposed to leave at 1.20 pm but a combination of security delays and plane problems (the plane's electricity supply shut off suddenly during the safety video showing) had us leave the terminal at around 1.45. That was deemed to be too late for a take off as Ben Gurion airport shuts off every night. We wer...

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4/21/2014 Mike Dulberg

We paid over $600 from Tel Aviv to Barcelona and got nothing but a drink. They also didn't accommodate our requests regarding travelling with a child. The crew were not nice the hostess was bitter and not helpful. We will never fly with them again. It is preposterous to pay such high fare for a charter and not even get a bag of ...

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8/18/2013 S Rose

TLV-KOS Island Greece-TLV. Full B757-300 each way. 1 hour 20 minutes ride. Crew very efficient in distributing a chocolate muffin and a glass of water to all 270 passengers. Then they sat down in their crew rest seats which where in row 3 smack between passengers and enjoyed a full hot breakfast. You would expect them to eat dis...

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5/26/2013 Denis Margolis

We flew from Tel Aviv to the island of Crete. Flight delayed by 8 hours. On the plane got a glass of water and small cookies. Will never fly this terrible airline.

4/24/2013 Nigel Stacey

We flew Arkia from Ben Gurion to Eilat then back to Sde Dov on a day trip from Tel Aviv I was impressed by the quality of the service and cleanliness of the plane. Out was a B757-300 and return an ATR72-500. Both flights were short less than 45 minutes but a drinks service was still managed on the flight with complimentary soft ...

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4/3/2007 Tom Bluefield

TLV-GVA-TLV All economy cabin - 757 both ways - a rather inexpensive fare and a rather interesting airline. most notably while landing at TLV a pillow fight raged throughout the cabin for 15 minutes. Now Ive done some travelling and I have never seen that before. The food is decent. Planes are a little worn - from the early 90's...

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8/28/2005 Andrew Levine

Flew a short flight on Arkia from Tel Aviv (Sde Dov) to Eilat (ETH) and was very surprised by the high quality of service. The flight attendents actually served drinks and munchies on a flight of less then an hour. Flight was on an older B737 and the legroom was very very tight but the attitude of the crew more then made up for ...

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