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8/16/2019 Muna Ibrahim

Not Verified | Dubai to London via Baku. The service was exceptional. We were pleasantly surprised at how nice it was, one of the friendliest airlines I have flown with. Everything was straight forward from the check in to the flight itself. I have never experienced such friendly and up beat staff for the whole flight.

5/16/2019 Alexander Mokretsov

✅ Trip Verified | Delightful flight from Moscow to Baku. The ground staff and cabin crew were all smiles and very professional. Excellent food onboard - wonderful selection of cheeses, great salad, superb meat and delicious desert. For the first time in months ate everything served on a plane. Entertainment was good for such a ...

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4/28/2019 S Qadil

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to London via Baku with Azerbaijan Airlines. I was very impressed with the service and the whole experience in general. I would rate the airline 10/10, but 5/10 for airport staff at Baku who took 20 minutes to verify the visa!

7/19/2018 Engin Topcuoglu

✅ Trip Verified | Baku to Istanbul. Although they are economy class tickets, the food they give, and service they offer is really good. Although somewhat narrow chairs

4/3/2018 Babak Hedayatifar

✅ Trip Verified | vBerlin to Tehran via Baku. The flight was great. Much more than what I expected. The food was delicious and served several times. Flight was on time. I was completely satisfied. The legroom was enough. Baku Heydar airport is very beautiful, modern, and comfortable. I had a 5 hour stop there, but was not tired...

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1/24/2018 Samira Borner

✅ Trip Verified | Baku to London. I was flying back home to London from Baku being 29-30 weeks pregnant. Read all airline policy about pregnant women restrictions in advance before buying tickets. When flew from London to Baku there was no issues and i signed a declaration on the way in. On the way back from Baku, was stopped b...

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12/28/2017 R Vafa

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Tehran via Baku. I arrived to check in desk at 7:30 am and explained what seat I desired but unfortunately the guy on front desk was in training and issued a boarding pass with uncomfortable seat which I didn’t expect at all. When I entered the plane and found out about my seat, I asked the crew to...

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12/26/2017 G Malisova

✅ Trip Verified | Baku to Dubai. This airline is one of the worst in the world. They ruined the New Year holiday for our family. Our daughter was supposed to fly as an unaccompanied minor, she flew like this in August, so we knew the procedure. In August we arranged everything through our travel agent. This time they changed th...

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11/4/2017 David Farrell

✅ Verified Review | This was my 2nd trip on Azerbaijan Airlines, had a previous trip in December of 2015, New York JFK - Baku - Tbilisi - Baku - New York JFK. On all 4 legs of my trip it was a fantastic experience as both the Cockpit and Cabin crews did an outstanding job and provided an outstanding comfort and relaxation. Baku...

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9/19/2017 A Andrews

✅ Verified Review | I had high expectations of Azerbaijan Airlines, after reading reviews on the internet. Unfortunately the overall experience was a little lackluster. The IFE did not work and the crew seemed to be moody and unwilling to do anything. When it came to food, although hot it did not taste very nice at all, I also p...

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9/17/2017 Paweł Laskowski

✅ Verified Review | Lviv to Baku. I bought ticket 5 months earlier and it was cheap price (84EUR return). When we arrived at Lviv airport we've realised that our flight is the last flight of a day, so airport wasn't busy at all. Boarding was quick and comfortable, cause there wasn't much passengers on this flight (more than hal...

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7/27/2017 E Irwin

✅ Verified Review | New York to Dubai via Baku. It's good in general. Crew works hard, but no smiles and not friendly. Seats were comfortable but the cabin was very hot. I was getting hot and sweating. I asked the crew to turn the aircon down and they did at a minimum level, which was OK. They gave lots of food.

7/24/2017 E Larnenko

✅ Verified Review | Kiev to New York via Baku. Worst airline I ever flew with. Flight attendants stressed, staff ran out of food twice during the same flight and the majority of ground staff is plainly rude. But the worse came when we picked up our luggage in JFK (it was a Monday at 9:30am): both suitcases had their zippers de...

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4/23/2017 N Turkka

✅ Verified Review | Flew with Azerbaijan Airlines from Moscow to Baku and continued to Tbilisi. I had high expectations based on previous reviews. They were all met and exceeded. I had to call to AZAL office in Moscow to sort out a problem, which was resolved quickly and friendly by AZAL. At Moscow Vnukovo airport check-in sta...

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3/20/2017 B Parker

✅ Verified Review | I have started to fly with Azerbaijan Airlines over the last 2 years from Heathrow direct to Baku. The flight is consistently good with its cabin service, food and flight entertainment and you can even upgrade to business as boarding. The plane (Dreamliner) is always in very clean condition including the toi...

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11/23/2016 John Bradley

✅ Verified Review | Baku to London Heathrow with Azerbaijan Airlines. Good VIP check-in service in Baku. Lounge is okay for a short stop - the decor is nice but it has little to offer over a longer period. Departure on-time - it was disappointing to have the older B767 on this flight rather than the better B787 which has flatbe...

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10/17/2016 P Makriakos

✅ Verified Review | I booked my flight Dubai to Baku return some days back. 8 days before the flight to Baku, someone from the call center of this company called me telling my that my flight was cancelled without explaining the reason. According to aviation rules thay have to compensate me for this. The only thing they propose ...

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9/18/2016 A Kazimov

✅ Verified Review | I was travelling from Heydar Aliyev Airport to Antalya. Was a able to book very cheap ticket in March for flight in July. Allowed cabin baggage was 10 kg - great for solo travelers. Comfortable flight, good service on-board, no delays and friendly staff. Recommend and will choose next time.

8/8/2016 Lena Bregatze

✅ Verified Review | Istanbul to Baku. I decided to fly Azerbaijan Airlines instead of another airline and I was very pleasantly surprised how good this airline was. I had 10kg cabin luggage allowance which was really plenty! The plane was new and clean. I also did not expect the free meal service, but it was excellent - hot mea...

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8/8/2016 Lena Bregatze

✅ Verified Review | Baku to Istanbul. The tickets were far cheaper and flight times were more convenient (daytime, not too early in the morning). I did mobile check-in but I also used the counter for luggage check-in. On way forward I checked-in my luggage for 30USD fee (my original ticket did not have luggage included). I had ...

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