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5/16/2019 Alexander Mokretsov

✅ Trip Verified | Delightful flight from Moscow to Baku. The ground staff and cabin crew were all smiles and very professional. Excellent food onboard - wonderful selection of cheeses, great salad, superb meat and delicious desert. For the first time in months ate everything served on a plane. Entertainment was good for such a short flight - enjoyed a funny movie and several music channels. The flight was on time, seats comfortable, plane quite new and very clean. All expectations exceeded, hope to fly Azal again.

4/28/2019 S Qadil

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to London via Baku with Azerbaijan Airlines. I was very impressed with the service and the whole experience in general. I would rate the airline 10/10, but 5/10 for airport staff at Baku who took 20 minutes to verify the visa!

7/19/2018 Engin Topcuoglu

✅ Trip Verified | Baku to Istanbul. Although they are economy class tickets, the food they give, and service they offer is really good. Although somewhat narrow chairs

4/3/2018 Babak Hedayatifar

✅ Trip Verified | vBerlin to Tehran via Baku. The flight was great. Much more than what I expected. The food was delicious and served several times. Flight was on time. I was completely satisfied. The legroom was enough. Baku Heydar airport is very beautiful, modern, and comfortable. I had a 5 hour stop there, but was not tired and bored.

1/24/2018 Samira Borner

✅ Trip Verified | Baku to London. I was flying back home to London from Baku being 29-30 weeks pregnant. Read all airline policy about pregnant women restrictions in advance before buying tickets. When flew from London to Baku there was no issues and i signed a declaration on the way in. On the way back from Baku, was stopped by Airline representative dressed smartly and talking very politely without knowing the policy trying to tell me that my letter from midwife expired and i cannot use it anymore. He suggested to go to local hospital, do the scan and come back with fresh letter. I asked if that can be justified, he couldn't find it and obviously after more than an hour wait and stress (being pregnant), airline representative embarrassingly accepted he was wrong and let me fly. Unprofessional representative without any experience - poor service.

12/28/2017 R Vafa

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Tehran via Baku. I arrived to check in desk at 7:30 am and explained what seat I desired but unfortunately the guy on front desk was in training and issued a boarding pass with uncomfortable seat which I didn’t expect at all. When I entered the plane and found out about my seat, I asked the crew to change! They said the flight is full and couldn’t change the seat - however a crew changed my seat and made everything comfortable and pleasant to destination. During the flight the crew worked hard and made a wonderful flight for all passengers.

12/26/2017 G Malisova

✅ Trip Verified | Baku to Dubai. This airline is one of the worst in the world. They ruined the New Year holiday for our family. Our daughter was supposed to fly as an unaccompanied minor, she flew like this in August, so we knew the procedure. In August we arranged everything through our travel agent. This time they changed their rules, and didn't allow our agent to do everything, saying that her parents needed to be in Baku in person. A question, if her parents are in Baku in person why would we want to arrange the unaccompanied minor service? A very incompetent staff, I was on the phone with them since 10 o'clock in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, and not one could list me all the documents required. I've spoken to 6 different representatives and all 6 gave me different information. At the end of the day, we had to cancel her trip, because it seems impossible to obtain whatsoever information from the staff. Very rude, incompetent, not caring staff. Absolutely useless, only thinking about the company, and not caring about their clients at all. Before we also had very bad service from the air stewards, but this time they outperformed themselves. No rules, no clear procedures, nothing. Be careful, and do not fly with them! Also be careful when you do the online booking, or book the premium seats, because you will not have those, and there will not even be a booking of those! You will never be able to prove anything to them, they do not care about anything.

11/4/2017 David Farrell

✅ Verified Review | This was my 2nd trip on Azerbaijan Airlines, had a previous trip in December of 2015, New York JFK - Baku - Tbilisi - Baku - New York JFK. On all 4 legs of my trip it was a fantastic experience as both the Cockpit and Cabin crews did an outstanding job and provided an outstanding comfort and relaxation. Baku and Hayden Airport are world class with very friendly people, my family and I will always travel to Tbilisi via Baku all the time as we always get a fantastic flight with a very professional crew all around hands down. Thank You for a great experience again as we traveled on September 25 2017 and returned on October 28 2017. I encourage other family and friends to fly Azerbaijan Airlines whenever they travel towards Georgia and other points in the region.

9/19/2017 A Andrews

✅ Verified Review | I had high expectations of Azerbaijan Airlines, after reading reviews on the internet. Unfortunately the overall experience was a little lackluster. The IFE did not work and the crew seemed to be moody and unwilling to do anything. When it came to food, although hot it did not taste very nice at all, I also put a 'wake me up' sticker on my seat which involved a member of the crew shoving my bag a few times in order to wake me up, then quite literally be rude and ask chicken or beef (limited food choice). Towards the rear of the aircraft all the arm rest seats were broken, this was annoying as the flight was not full and being a solo passenger I had a row to myself which I could not use. The return leg was marginally better, a full flight due to a cancellation the previous delay. The IFE was awfully outdated and very slow to load. I did manage to watch something which was good. The crew here were more attentive and actually seemed to enjoy bring on the flight. I would only recommend this airline if you prefer to flight direct to Azerbaijan.

9/17/2017 Paweł Laskowski

✅ Verified Review | Lviv to Baku. I bought ticket 5 months earlier and it was cheap price (84EUR return). When we arrived at Lviv airport we've realised that our flight is the last flight of a day, so airport wasn't busy at all. Boarding was quick and comfortable, cause there wasn't much passengers on this flight (more than half of seats was unoccupied). Flight took about 4 hours, and because of low occupancy I can lied on 3 seats in row, so I slept about 2,5h-3h of flight. Stewardesses were the most polite and friendly airplane stuff I've ever met. There were absolutly no problems with getting additional blankets or something to drink (free of curse). In flight entertainment system was headphones with sort of a MP3 player in armrest and TV screen for every 6 seats. It was surprising, because I've never seen on such short flights IFE in economy. The only one problem was that wifi didn't worked at all. We landed on time at Baku airport (about 4am). It not took much time to get out of terminal and enter bus that took us direcktly to city center. Interesting thing about this airline is that on wide body jets AZAL have strange numeration - on the left seats are ABC (like normally), but on the right they have letters JKL (where normally is DEF) - this made me a little bit confused (first time seen something like that). Ending, I honestly can say that I will recommend the airline to enybody - it is great quality for cheap price.

7/27/2017 E Irwin

✅ Verified Review | New York to Dubai via Baku. It's good in general. Crew works hard, but no smiles and not friendly. Seats were comfortable but the cabin was very hot. I was getting hot and sweating. I asked the crew to turn the aircon down and they did at a minimum level, which was OK. They gave lots of food.

7/24/2017 E Larnenko

✅ Verified Review | Kiev to New York via Baku. Worst airline I ever flew with. Flight attendants stressed, staff ran out of food twice during the same flight and the majority of ground staff is plainly rude. But the worse came when we picked up our luggage in JFK (it was a Monday at 9:30am): both suitcases had their zippers destroyed, which meant we couldn't use them any more. When we approached their ground staff at their check-in counter, they threw a fit. One lady yelled at us saying it was useless for us to complain, that it was the Baku airport security's fault. Really not the outcome we expected when we paid for our tickets. The manager gave us an email address for us to direct out claim. We sent pictures of the suitcases and our boarding passes, plus a detailed explanation of what occurred. It has been a week and no response whatsoever. Maybe it was just a way for him to get us to leave the check-in counter as soon as possible?

4/23/2017 N Turkka

✅ Verified Review | Flew with Azerbaijan Airlines from Moscow to Baku and continued to Tbilisi. I had high expectations based on previous reviews. They were all met and exceeded. I had to call to AZAL office in Moscow to sort out a problem, which was resolved quickly and friendly by AZAL. At Moscow Vnukovo airport check-in staff gave tips how to pack luggage to minimize the excess baggage fee by using "two/three items become one"-method in packing service. Ticket desk lady of AZAL taking the excess fee was also friendly. The cabin crew was great, well groomed and cheerful. All spoke Azeri, Russian and English. Seats in economy class were wide and comfortable, seat pitch great (I am 195 cm). Punctual departure. Inflight entertainment had common TV-screens and additional selection of music channels. Earphones were provided. I liked their service concept. Free delicious Azeri-style hot meals with spices, salad and dessert, and beverages. Cabin crew was generous, proactive and were present in the cabin. Because the flight was operated as "low-cost" brand (AZAL has not experienced real low-cost) passengers had opportunity to buy Azeri wines, spirits and snacks for low prices 1-2€. Luggage was on the belt when we came to arrival hall. Baku Heydar Aliev Airport is superb - facilities are great. I have never seen an airline having so many staff at the airport as AZAL. Again check-in lady advised how to make excess baggage fee less. Nice and cheap Azeri tea ceremony at airport café. Boarding 45 minutes before departure, aircraft again comfortable. In-flight service same - free meals and beverages.

3/20/2017 B Parker

✅ Verified Review | I have started to fly with Azerbaijan Airlines over the last 2 years from Heathrow direct to Baku. The flight is consistently good with its cabin service, food and flight entertainment and you can even upgrade to business as boarding. The plane (Dreamliner) is always in very clean condition including the toilets. The only minor drawback for me is the the flight times to Baku (night flight) and 20 hour online check in prior to flight, otherwise I can highly recommend.

11/23/2016 John Bradley

✅ Verified Review | Baku to London Heathrow with Azerbaijan Airlines. Good VIP check-in service in Baku. Lounge is okay for a short stop - the decor is nice but it has little to offer over a longer period. Departure on-time - it was disappointing to have the older B767 on this flight rather than the better B787 which has flatbeds. However, the angled seat is more than adequate for an early evening flight and in any case I did not need to sleep. Good boarding service and service begins promptly after take-off. Food quality is very good and there is plenty of it - they even offer a plate of snacks before landing which I declined. Believe me you will not go hungry over the 6-hours. Staff seemed a bit inexperienced and some of the service is a little clumsy but they are friendly and enthusiastic. AVOD available and content is okay - certainly not the best I have seen but enough to keep most entertained for this short-ish flight. A few minutes late into Heathrow and a long taxi to Terminal 4 but overall a fine experience and would use again.

10/17/2016 P Makriakos

✅ Verified Review | I booked my flight Dubai to Baku return some days back. 8 days before the flight to Baku, someone from the call center of this company called me telling my that my flight was cancelled without explaining the reason. According to aviation rules thay have to compensate me for this. The only thing they propose is to have a full refund. So I asked for a full refund requesting an official letter / mail for this cancelation. The only thing I received was an email stating that the refund is in process and I will get my money in 33 working days. Imagine this. I did several follow up calls and e-mails with no result. This is the worst experience.

9/18/2016 A Kazimov

✅ Verified Review | I was travelling from Heydar Aliyev Airport to Antalya. Was a able to book very cheap ticket in March for flight in July. Allowed cabin baggage was 10 kg - great for solo travelers. Comfortable flight, good service on-board, no delays and friendly staff. Recommend and will choose next time.

8/8/2016 Lena Bregatze

✅ Verified Review | Baku to Istanbul. The tickets were far cheaper and flight times were more convenient (daytime, not too early in the morning). I did mobile check-in but I also used the counter for luggage check-in. On way forward I checked-in my luggage for 30USD fee (my original ticket did not have luggage included). I had an allowance of 10kg cabin luggage, so I chose not to check-in my luggage on the way back - 10kg is really plenty (especially for business trips). The plane was new, clean and comfortable. The crew is polite and professional. I did not expect to receive free meal, but this airline provides catering and for IST-baku leg I got a very tasty hot meal plus selection of alcoholic drinks. On the way back breakfast were provided. Coffee and tea service is also provided (only downside - there is no milk/cream for coffee). I would not hesitate to fly this airline again.

8/8/2016 Lena Bregatze

✅ Verified Review | Istanbul to Baku. I decided to fly Azerbaijan Airlines instead of another airline and I was very pleasantly surprised how good this airline was. I had 10kg cabin luggage allowance which was really plenty! The plane was new and clean. I also did not expect the free meal service, but it was excellent - hot meal with alcoholic drinks. Food was really fantastic. I would not hesitate to fly this airline again.

8/2/2016 Andrew Wirner

✅ Verified Review | New York to Tel Aviv via Baku. A very pleasant experience. I originally selected Azerbaijan Airlines for its low price alone. I was not expecting a great experience and that was OK for the money saved. However, the flight was very pleasant overall. There were no delays, the planes were clean and well kept, the food was good and the air crews were friendly. Heydar Aliyev airport in Baku is beautiful. Clean and looks new. If you are willing to put up with a longer overall flight to Tel Aviv from NYC in exchange for a lower fare, Azerbaijan Airlines is a very good choice. The only downsides are no in-flight wifi and the entertainment selection could be more current. On the plus side, the 787 that they fly for the long haul to Baku does have individual USB ports to keep a phone charged so you could download a movie you want beforehand and watch it without your phone dying. The B757 that you transfer to to go from Baku to Tel Aviv is pretty basic but they do feed you and that leg of the trip is short.