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9/5/2016 S Machen

✅ Verified Review | Milan Bergamo to Tirana. Flight delayed 3 times, waiting 3.5 hrs with no information from airline or airport staff. Even one announcement to confirm that our flight will actually happen would be better than sitting in a tiny terminal with one bathroom and a small food kiosk for hours. We're not able to leave the terminal. We're basically stranded with no plan. Horrendous experience. Will never fly with this airline.

9/1/2016 G Toppazze

✅ Verified Review | Heraklion to Milan Bergamo. Flight almost 4hrs late, no assistance, no information. Horrendous experience and no one from Blu-express is showing up! Stuck in the airport and no clue what we'll be doing when arrived at destination since all transports will be over by that time.

2/12/2016 Alessandra Godi

Milano to Havana with blu-express, part of Blue Panorama Airlines. Very old aircraft with little leg room and bad service. We asked for a place closest to the front and they put us in exactly in the last seat (we were among the first to check in) with a very bad smell of toilet since the very beginning of the flight. Other side effects : no storage for hand luggage as it is all occupied for the safety equipment. The staff were unfriendly and unpleasant.

9/13/2012 M Honorati

Flight from Rome to Turin the plane was old but very clean the hostesses were all very friendly. It's better than other low cost airlines because they let you bring both a trolley and a small handbag in the cabin while on other low cost such as Ryanair that isn't allowed.

8/30/2012 Ben McDonald

On 30 August 2012 my flight from Catania to Rome was scheduled for 9 am but delayed initially till 10.00am then two more times until 10.30 and again until 11am. Ground Staff provided no explanation and were totally unhelpful. Boarding the plane was a frustrating experience with only two buses provided to take the passengers out to the plane requiring four trips to move the passengers to the tarmac causing further delay when the flight finally opened. Once on board it took an inordinate amount of time to seat passengers due to the airline's unallocated seating policy as passengers were moved removed and moved again for o apparent reason. We eventually took off at 11.25 arriving in Rome too late to catch connecting flights to England. All in all a very negative frustrating and unsatisfactory experience and one which will ensure I never fly Blu express ever again. Whatever value for money offered by low cost fares is more than offset in inconvenience and not getting to your destination on time.

6/12/2012 P Grantham

I flew them twice in May between Rome and Catania Sicily. Flights were "nearly" on time and the cost was reasonable. Seats are standard for this class of aircraft (737) and acceptable for these short flights. I don't appreciate the "cattle car" boarding with no seats assigned. It makes for a longer and more difficult boarding than usual. I had a big problem on my last return flight CAT to ROM. This flight was the first of the 3 that would take me to SFO. The Blu-Express agent refused to check my bags through to my other flights. I had to claim bags in ROM and recheck them. Because Blu-Express was late arriving ROM I missed my flights to SFO.

8/27/2011 M Edwards

My Dad and I had a flight booked from Rome to Istanbul. It was supposed to be a 10.30am flight however at check-in the girl said there was a schedule change and was now a 3.30pm flight. This made our connection tight but still ok. In the afternoon at check-in we were told the flight was delayed a further 1.5 hrs. We had a 7.5 hr delay with no apologies. This also guaranteed we would miss our flights back to Australia. We booked another flight at our own expense to get us to Istanbul on time and Blu Air couldn't get our baggage off their flight in time. 2 hrs and no sign of the luggage so in the end we checked in to our other flight and fly home without our bags. Blu Air Express offered no help it was Turkish Airlines who explained we could claim the luggage back in Sydney.

8/17/2011 Bruno Fischel

Last minute round from Nice to Rome. My departure flight was delayed 2.5 hrs with no information or an estimated departure time. On my return from Rome again we were over 2 hrs delayed with no information whatsoever standing in line at the empty boarding gate. Since the airline never updated we had no idea whether we could leave the gate to get refreshments. To add insult to injury the only company representative kept telling lies we were told several times that the plane was on the ground but since as the airport was busy there was no bus to pick us up. The price was only marginally lower than easyjet. I only took that flight because I could get to Rome earlier (supposedly).

12/27/2010 Kathy Redlich

Nice to Rome was only $89 CAD total compared to other airlines charging close to $400 per person for the same route. We did expect to be a baggage fee as they charge you $7 Euros per kg over 15kg but pleasantly surprised to only be charged an additional $49 Euros total. Plane clean staff were very nice. The reason everyone lines up 1 hour before the flight (we didn't figure this out until too late) is because seating is not assigned. That being said our seats were fine and flight was great. Only complaint was that the flight was 3 hours late in arriving. In their defence they had emailed our home email address a day or so before to notify us but we didn't have access to our home email so didn't find out until we arrived at the airport.

8/11/2010 O Vuigner

MXP-SAW on an extremely old and very badly kept 737-400. Seats in terrible condition. Toilet too. Cabin crew were very friendly and accommodating.

6/8/2010 P Lanza

Rome to Lamezia return. Web check in very easy flight operated with B737-400 on time. The aircraft was clean and crew were friendly . The price is very good only 1500€ one way with one baggage included.

5/3/2010 G Iacono

FCO-GOA-FCO B737-300 and B737-400 - old aircraft but refurbished. Web check-in very useful. Flights on-time kind crew especially outbound and pilots allowed us in the cockpit. Price very competitive.

9/8/2008 Stuart Walker

Rome to Nice return. Check in very quick. Odd that despite the same checked baggage weight there and back was charged for the excess 2kg on the outbound flight. Be aware that you are only allowed 15Kg. Flights departed and arrived on time. Seats are not allocated but as both flights were less than half full not a problem. Overall - for such a short flight rated very well.

2/16/2006 Steve Fenton

Rome to Vienna. Only found them by chance. Went to PIsa airport to try and ge ta flight to Vienna and they could only offer flights around 600 euro and knew nothing of any cheap airlines flying from that part of the world. Got back to our hotel and one of the teams riders had found Blu Express for 44 euro to fly the next day. This was from Rome which was only 90 minutes drive from where we were staying. Super fast check in and friendly staff. Very clean planes but noticed the seats forward of the emergency exit are different from the rear section. What I did like in the rear section was the armrest will push outwards to make your seat wider. The crew told me this was an ex USA 737 and this is for fat passengers. Really nice crew and very professional. You pay on board for what you want and they are cheaper than most LCC airlines. Overall reall good airline and a god send to the monopoly that exists in Italy.

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