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1/20/2019 T Meahan

✅ Trip Verified | Jersey to Southampton. I bought duty free onboard using my debit card. They wrote down my card details and asked me to sign as they did not have a card machine. On checking my account, i had been charged twice. I know these things happen so i emailed, bearing in mind this was the 22nd december, and i did not receive a reply for 3 weeks. In this email i enclosed a picture of the receipt and a picture of my bank statement showing that it had been charged twice and the email described how this often happened when pending and that it should sort itself out, which was utter rubbish as it wasn't even pending at this point! Emailed twice more and nothing since. Advice for anyone else is to not use your cards onboard!

3/30/2017 John Hunt

❎ Unverified | An utter disgrace. Flight departed Jersey late as heavy fog over Southampton was making landing impossible. A break in the weather meant that the pilots decided to give it a try. As it transpired, by the time we reached Southampton, the fog had resettled and we weren't going to be able to land. The flight returned to Jersey. En route back to our point of origin, the cabin crew told passengers that we'd be 'looked after' by Blue Islands on our return to Jersey and that taxis and overnight accommodation would be provided by the airline. However, when we returned to Jersey Airport, there was not a single Blue Islands employee to be found. The Swissport employee who rebooked the passengers said that provision of taxis and hotels was (understandably) not a Swissport obligation, and this meant that Blue Islands had not only failed to provide the taxis and accommodation promised, but didn't even have the courtesy to send an employee to inform us of the same. We were abandoned at the airport and left to fend for ourselves. When I made a complaint, various Blue Islands' staff denied that we had been abandoned at the airport because Swissport had rebooked us and that Swissport were 'representing' Blue Islands. Being rebooked and then left in the airport without the taxis and accommodation promised, and then being left to fend for ourselves doesn't equal abandonment in the world of Blue Islands. I did wonder what I would have done if I didn't have the money for a hotel or the means to get there. I couldn't tell if anyone from Blue Islands could have cared less as they didn't even have the courage to find an employee to 'front up' to a very angry group of 20 passengers who had been lied to then abandoned. You can't actually rate this level of 'customer service' because there wasn't any. That Blue Islands couldn't land in Southampton due to fog is not their fault. To return the passengers to Jersey and then just leave us in the airport is absolutely unforgivable though. I can honestly say that in c.40 years of flying worldwide I've never experienced anything like this. As you can probably guess, some two months after the event I remain disgusted with the way the passengers on this flight were treated. Blue Islands told me that the cabin crew shouldn't have promised taxis and accommodation. Maybe so, but it didn't stop them from doing so - repeatedly - and when you make that commitment, you are obliged to follow it through if you want to be taken seriously as a company that has any interest in the concept of customer service. Blue Islands didn't follow through, they just ran away. This behaviour was shameless and exacerbated by Blue Islands showing absolutely no contrition whatsoever and claiming that being rebooked by Swissport somehow did not equal abandonment by BI - not only a nonsensical argument, but an offensive one. An absolute joke of an 'airline'. If they had any competition on the routes they fly then they'd be out of business in a fortnight if their behaviour on the night in question was the norm. Shocking. Offensive, uncaring and ignorant. Avoid.

2/25/2017 T Ronayne

❎ Unverified | I hate to say this, but my opinion of Blue Islands has really changed after my flight to Southampton. It started by the airport announcing that my 7am flight was delayed to 9.40am due to a late inbound aircraft. Once 9.40 came around, we were informed that the flight was delayed until 10.50am, due to 'bad weather' (there was light mist but lots of other aircraft were arriving in fine). Soon after that, we were informed that Blue Islands had no idea when our plane was going to arrive, and told to wait until 10.30 for new information. The 'new information' was infact just that the new information would be coming at 11.30am. And then 'next info at 12.30', and then 'next info at 13.00'. Absolutely no Blue Islands or Flybe staff around in the terminal. Then, our plane lands, but the delay still keeps on being pushed back. In total, we left about seven hours late. On the way back we were delayed about half an hour, which isn't too bad. The aircraft we were on were clearly very old and tired. There were some loose pieces of metal on the cabin walls, and the seats had small damage, and overall the cabin was fairly discoloured and dirty. Cabin Crew were very friendly however. I usually am fine with Blue Islands and have no problems with the Flybe franchise, however the service was awful. I would try and avoid Blue Islands in the future.

2/4/2017 C North

❎ Unverified | Guernsey to Southampton. Such a huge disappointment that what used to be a great little Channel Island based airline has now merged with FlyBe. A route that was already relatively expensive, for the air miles travelled, has now become excessive due to the unreasonable way that FlyBe charge for absolutely every aspect of your booking, including booking seats (how else do they propose we travel in an aeroplane?) and taking luggage. This has greatly increased the ticket prices (on a recent review of tickets for later in 2017, I found this to have worked out at approximately £100 increase, roughly a third increase!), which I think is disgraceful. What used to be a small, customer focused company appears to have sold its soul to the devil and been swallowed up by the greedy big boys and I will have to think twice about who we fly with in future: such a shame as I always chose Blue Islands previously, for so many positive reasons.

8/28/2016 Ali Wills

✅ Verified Review | Southampton to Guernsey. Really disappointing now that they are incorporated to Flybe. Previously flew this route often with Blue Islands, always good service and on time. Now, impossible to book with free baggage, prices increased, less staff at Southampton and bundled in with other rest of Flybe flights so long check in queues. I understand that airlines need to adapt and move with the times, but why Blue Islands have had to drop to Flybe standards I don't know. Onboard service ok, but expensive/ poor selection food and drink. Would rather have the old lounges and tiny planes back! Would recommend flying Aurigny from London or Bristol instead!

5/27/2016 S Storoni

✅ Verified Review | I booked flights for my boss and 2 colleagues with Blue Islands to fly to Jersey on Tuesday 23/5/16 on a flight due to depart at 14.40. I booked the flights online on 27/4/16 and checked them in online on 22/5/16. When they arrived at London City on Tuesday they were told by airport staff that Blue Islands have changed to their summer schedule and that the 14.40 flight does not operate any longer. Not only was I able to book the flights less than a month ago, I was also able to check them in online and print boarding passes for a flight that was not operating. We received no message whatsoever that the schedule had changed and in fact they are still selling this flight on their website. I've had no response to date to any of my emails or voicemail messages left with their 'Customer Care' department. My colleagues also informed me that there is no Blue Islands desk in London City Airport.

5/26/2016 Kelly Wg

Absolutely appalling. Blue Islands changed my booking less than 24 hours before the flight from Bristol to Jersey by 3 hours on the way out 4 hours on my return journey. They didn't have the courtesy to call me to ensure that I received this important message, and did not apologise in their email and neither have they apologised subsequently, despite writing a complaint. The actual flight was very loud, but apart from that is adequate. But with such high prices you would expect much better customer service and it appears as this is completely lacking.

5/21/2016 M Valla

Saturday afternoon phone call to say Monday's Blue Islands flight (23rd May) from London City to Jersey was cancelled. No emails, no messages, lucky I picked up the phone call. Very unhelpful offers of other flights far too early or far too late. Shambolic, trip ruined, what a rubbish airline.

3/29/2016 David Ezekiel

Blue Islands Airline has a poor Website and I could not check in online. No problem with British Airways, EasyJet or Flybe. Phoned up Blue Island Customer services. Dreadful customer service, just left waiting on hold. Only one carrier between Jersey and Guernsey, so much for competition. The customer services representative told me to queue up at the airport for a boarding pass.

12/31/2015 Tom Ronayne

Jersey to Guernsey. When I was looking for flights to Guernsey, I originally chose Flybe, but the return trip was cancelled so I was forced to go Blue Islands. The staff at check in were very friendly and efficient and the lounge was fantastic with free coffee and biscuits. ATR42-320 cabin was lovely with comfortable seats and flight was on time. The only thing I didn't like was the price. It was a 10-15 minute flight, but the fare was £60 per person per way! And they charge £29 per person per way to get from Jersey to London! I would fly with them again.

11/4/2015 J Pritchard

My Blue Islands Southampton to Guernsey flight was cancelled due to fog last Sunday which was bad weather luck. I emailed Blue Island that evening to cancel my Monday return flight and to ask for a refund. I also tried phoning but gave up after 20 minutes in the queue. Today is Wednesday and I am in Guernsey Airport. They have not yet replied to my email. When I go to their website they state that I am unable to 'manage my booking' for that cancelled flight, and there is no refund option on the page. I have tried phoning Blue Island again today several times, and after a 10 minute wait I left my phone number for a call back. None so far. It makes no difference which dialling menu option I choose, I get the same braying idiot recorded message telling me I'm in a queue. Actually I think the recorded message would be more truthful if it told me that there's no one there to answer my call. Now, I would have thought I could find a Blue Islands employee at Guernsey airport but there isn't one. Their customer service desk is manned by Aurigny who are able only to give me the same phone number and email address for Blue Islands. There is a courtesy phone, but this only reaches the same braying idiot. My experience has many of the characteristics of finding a company in grave and terminal distress.

10/16/2015 Daniel Weston

Blue Islands provide Ryanair quality for British Airways prices. They didn't load our checked bag onto the plane because they'd sold too many seats. Absolutely no information until we arrived in Jersey to our surprise. Very poor service getting our bags back - if we did not chase, we would not have heard anything. I would never voluntarily fly with them again.

9/15/2015 Rosaleen Kirby

A truly horrible experience. I was visiting from Australia in August 2015 and spent one night on Guernsey visiting an old friend. My outward journey had been with Flybe and was pleasant and uneventful; sadly, my return journey was with Blue Islands. Both flights had been booked online through Opodo on 20 April 2015 - 4 months before the trip. On the afternoon of my departure, my friend took me to the airport in plenty of time for my 16.15 flight back to Southampton. I checked in and was given my Boarding Pass. A little later than scheduled, we were called to board our flight and all left the Departure Lounge. We stood for half an hour with no information about why we weren't boarding the plane. Eventually somebody came and told us that "the technical fault is much worse than we thought". As this was the first we had heard about a technical fault, we were somewhat surprised. Another 40 minutes later, three of the passengers were called to the desk, myself being one of them. We were informed that the plane couldn’t fly, that the replacement plane was smaller and therefore three of us were being thrown off the flight with no promise of when we would be put on another flight. We all had boarding passes in our hands. I asked how they had chosen which passengers to evict and was told that we had been the last three to check in. I asked whether we had all checked in within the required time period and the staff confirmed that yes, we had indeed checked in within that time. When I asked to speak to a Duty Manager I was told that all Blue Islands staff in Guernsey had been made redundant and so there was no staff member available to speak to. I finally boarded a flight at 9.15 that night, got back to Southampton at 10. The person who had been going to meet me at 5.00 could not come at that time so I then paid 30 pounds for a taxi to Portsmouth as it was late and I was a 60 year old woman alone and did not want to start looking for trains. And in the 5 hours than I spent hanging around after my scheduled departure, they did not supply me with so much as a bottle of water. That night I had been going to have dinner with my niece who was leaving the UK early the next morning. Obviously I didn’t see her. I hadn’t seen her for two years and have no idea when I next will. Avoid at all costs.

6/4/2015 M Bunce

SI257 2 June 2015. Dreadful. Now that they have a near monopoly on the Southampton - Guernsey route they are putting fares higher and higher and cancelling where pax levels are low. The mid afternoon flight from Southampton to Guernsey seems to suffer a high degree of last minute "operational reason" problems. Today told cancelled due to fog. Rubbish. Guernsey has poor weather but above legal limits for flying. I phoned customer services who were not bothered and said the aircraft were running late and hence combined the flights. Funny how a company takes advantage as soon as they have a controlling market share!

10/28/2014 D Hutt

The flight to Jersey was on time and the flight crew were lovely (went out on the 8.30am flight). It was a unique experience to be on a 19 seater plane and to be able to watch the crew in the cockpit (my 2 rating is for the flight crew). The plane was noisy and a bit dated but we could put up with it for the 40 mins flight. On arrival we were met by a Blue islands representative who told us they couldn't put 7 lots of luggage onto the plane as the plane would have been overloaded! We were given assurances that our luggage would be with us on the next flight. It got to 7.30 pm and our luggage still hadn't arrived and after many many unhelpful phone calls to Blue islands we were told the luggage was with a courier but they couldn't get hold of him and had no idea where he was. The luggage eventually arrived at 7.50pm. We were some of the lucky ones as others had to wait until the next day. Luggage being left behind seems to be a regular occurrence.

8/28/2014 Nigel Stacey

Have just flown Blue Islands from Southampton to Guernsey and return on an ATR 72 the flight was find slight delay leaving Southampton but no worries there at Guernsey the is a lounge dedicated to all Blue Islands passengers with free drinks and snacks which is a nice touch. I enjoyed the flight and the experience with them.

8/6/2014 Richard Fowler

Jersey to Southampton was OK but the return non trip five days later was a nightmare. Arrived at airport to find flight cancelled having received no prior warning. Spent an hour waiting to be transferred to Fly BE' s flight on the following morning. No Blue Islands representative at Southampton airport to advise what the problem was but heard from several people that this happens quite often with their Jetstream aircraft. Will never fly Blue Islands again.

6/2/2014 Jenny Holding

Blue Islands flights from Cambridge to St Helier Jersey. These flights operate on Saturdays only during the summer months and are so convenient for East Anglian holiday makers. The flight of 50 minutes was comfortable and efficient in the ATR 42. The ease of travel made us feel we had slipped back 3 decades to a time when air travel was much more pleasurable. On board there were complimentary non alcoholic drinks. There was a modest and welcoming lounge with complimentary drinks and biscuits on our departure from Jersey airport.

5/6/2014 A Ford

Guernsey to Paris return via Jersey last weekend. Outbound flights and connections went well with great cabin service including champagne lager tea coffee and good quality rolls and snacks. Return flight was disappointing. An elderly aircraft really showing its age. In fact the seats in the row in front of us were a completely different style to the rest! The air conditioning didn't work which was unfortunate on such a hot day particularly as we had to sit in the plane on the tarmac at Paris for around 25 mins. Some of the no-smoking signs didn't illuminate - not a problem but reinforced the impression of a rather shabby plane. Very cheerful cabin crew. Arrived in Jersey for our connecting flight to Guernsey only to be told it had been cancelled - it was a bank holiday Monday and apparently they never operate that flight on bank holidays and we should never have been able to book it through their website! So what should have been a one hour connection at Jersey turned into 2.5 hours. Again not a huge problem but for an airline that pitches itself as something above the norm it was a bit disappointing. Fares were good value and flight times to and from Paris were convenient (aside from the delay on the return).

2/12/2014 S Cookson

BRS-JER-BRS. On time out and a delay of 45 minutes on the way back due to bad weather earlier in the day making the in-bound aircraft late. We were kept informed of progress with the delayed flight. Lounge at Jersey is a welcome change with free soft drinks coffee/tea and biscuits. The service on-board was good too. This was efficient and professional.