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6/21/2019 Diego Minas

Not Verified | Santorini to Bergamo. The worst airline experience I've ever. With tickets booked from our travel company they were not accepted and sent us to another desk in another part of the airport to pay 600 Euros to put middle names onto my girlfriend and get our boarding passes - total scam. In the end, after paying the 600eur for the "name changes" I got the boarding passes with first and last name as I had previously! Nobody could explain why we paid that value, nobody even cared if we miss or not the flight, the counter girl was almost making fun of us. Never ever again I will fly with this company.

4/23/2019 Mark Raven

✅ Trip Verified | Tirana to Milan. I will never use this airline again after being caught by the middle name change scam. You may have got 60 euros from us but you have lost our business forever. The flight was Tirana to Milan, had no choice but to pay as had a connecting flight in Milan.

4/10/2019 Tony Clarke

Not Verified | Milan to Tirana. Horrible experience. They scam you with a change of name fee as they don't provide middle name or additional name option on their website. The boarding process is complete chaos. The plane used in the flight was a very old 737 which a very poorly maintained interior.

1/2/2019 C Kearan

✅ Trip Verified | Tirana to Genoa. Upon checkin we were made to pay 120 EUR because when we booked we hadn't entered our middle names. The charge for this was 60 EUR each! Just because they had to print us another ticket. We had no choice but to pay or we could not fly. This cost almost as much as the original flight. This is the only airline I have ever heard of doing this. It is 100% a total and utter scam and I am disgusted. So "if" you book with Blue Panorama make sure you enter your middle name. Furthermore the plane diverted after one of the most scary "almost landing's" due to wind, which is understandable, but I've never encountered such a terrifying flight experience. Just coming into land in Milano was scary despite perfect weather. I was so relieved to finally get off the plane. There was no direction to get to the bus which was then supposed to take us to Genoa. We ended up staying in Milan and paying even more for accomodation and further travel expenses. Needless to say I would not recommend flying with Blue Panorama and never will again.

11/19/2018 G Talder

✅ Trip Verified | Tirana to Milan. Friendly staff but aging aircraft. I had to pay 60 euros penalty because I did not enter my 2nd name when booking (which is not legal but good as I needed to go home, I do not have not had a choice). Personnel sympa mais avion vieillissant. J'ai du en plus m'acquitter de 60 euros de pénalité car je n'avais pas saisi mon 2ème prénom lors de la réservation (ce qui n'est pas légale mais bon comme j'avais besoin de rentrer chez moi, je n'ai pas eu le choix).

8/30/2018 Nick Bowyer

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Corfu. Literally the worst airline experience I've ever had bar none. Two hours to queue for check in with one inexperienced member of staff checking in the whole flight. Then sent to another desk in another part of the airport to pay 100 Euros to put middle names onto my childrens' boarding cards - total scam - no other airline does this. So two and a half hours to get to passport control where they didn't know whether the plane had left or not so further delay. Had to then run to the gate for a plane that was leaving an hour and a half late. Literally nobody cared whether their appalling customer service and bullying tactics was going to make us miss the flight or not. The flight was the worst ever in terms of safety. Passengers still eating/drinking and trays down when landing. Very bumpy landing. This lot are going to cause a serious accident at some stage. Total cowboys. But the fun wasn't over. Luggage was lost and didn't appear in Corfu for 5 days with no communication from the airline at all to the Lost Luggage team at Corfu Airport. During this time they were impossible to contact from either our hotel or by our tour operator both of whom were shocked by the lack of care/service. It's difficult to believe how bad this lot are.

7/25/2018 P Balette

✅ Trip Verified | Second experience with this airline. After being charged 50EUR last year to add my middle name on the ticket, I told myself I would never use them again. However, Blue Panorama was the only airline operating on the route I was interested in this time. Take off was scheduled at 6:30am. At 5:50am, there were still about 10 groups queuing for check-in. After checking in our luggage, we had to pay for a "fast track service" to skip the queue at security in order not to miss our flight. This would not have happened if the airline had planned correctly and opened more than one check-in desk. After passing through security, we found out that our flight was delayed. We were told that the tires of the aircraft needed to be changed. The airport staff said (stupidly repeating the information from Blue Panorama) that the plane would be flown to another airport to have the tires changed. However, the aircraft stayed on Bergamo airport's tarmac the whole morning. We didn't see any technician working on the wheels. We eventually took off at 11:30 (five hours delay). The crew did not even bother apologising for the delay. Is it a common situation for them. I am now trying to claim my compensation (250EUR per passenger). Blue Panorama does not have an online form to fill to ask for such compensation like most airlines. You need to send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to their office Rome. I am a frequent flyer and have never seen such low level of service on a European airline.

7/13/2018 N Kijana

✅ Trip Verified | Milan Bergamo to Tirana. How are these robbers allowed to operate? I was charged a total of Euro 330 at check in just to insert middle names to return tickets for 3 persons. Since when is a middle name legally mandatory? What about people with many middle names? They might as well have a policy of charging for the way you walk and talk. Sure, why not? Call it company policy and happy days.

11/13/2017 Lu Verticchio

✅ Verified Review | Santorini to Milan. There was no place to enter our middle names when we booked on line yet we were not allowed to board our flight because our boarding pass did not have our middle name as per our passports. To board, we were forced to pay an extra $50 euro/pp but our boarding passes were never updated with our middle names - a pure scam. We were told that this is the only airline with this charge. They now ask for your middle name. Customer service is non-existent as they really do not want to hear from you. Do not support this airline if you have choices. It's the only way to put a stop to such unethical businesses and practices.

11/1/2017 J Marler

✅ Verified Review | Mikonos to Rome. This airline is into defrauding passengers. I bought my ticket with Flight Network on line. When I got to the airline counter I was told that there was a difference between my name in my passport and on my e-ticket. But there wasn't! My name on my e-ticket was as in my passport. I was told that I had to pay additional 50 Euros and sign a document that I agreed with the charge to take the flight, otherwise I would not be able to get on the airplane! I have tried to get the money be refunded to me, but wasn't able to.

10/22/2017 S Dorlet

✅ Verified Review | Tirana to Milan. This airline is running a scam and forces you to pay 60 euros to add middle name or second first name to your boarding pass. I strongly advise not using their awful services. Their extorsionist practices are unbelievable. The flight itself was late, no service.

10/15/2017 M Crimi

✅ Verified Review | Mykonos to Rome. If your name in your travel documents does not match your reservation name exactly, you must pay 50€ each on the spot, or they will not let you board the plane. The scam is that the airline doesn't have a place for middle names on their reservation system! Someone said it was because Italians don't have middle names. As such, every American aboard the plane I asked had to pay the 50€ penalty. Also, this airline does not carry vodka on board!

9/11/2017 E Bardhi

✅ Verified Review | Tirana to Bologna. The worst experience flight I ever had. First they charged €60x2 = € 120 missing middle name and the box for it wasn't available when booking. Customer service to Albania very poor, didn't have any info, and the most ridiculous thing they lost my luggage never came to Bologna (not found yet today September 2017). Called for a long time not customer service answered beside once a call center representative who didn't even know what to say. E-mailed three weeks in the row and couple answers "we are trying to track it. To all passengers who still fly with Blue Panorama, be careful and carry your luggage in the plane with you. Be careful when you book too otherwise the tickets will cost double with scam fees or if you don't have any money to pay it you will loose the flight.

8/26/2017 D Mckenzie

✅ Verified Review | Such a scam. No field to enter middle name yet they charge you €50pp for not doing so. First name and Family name asked for. So many other reviews of this on here, TripAdvisor and Facebook so cant believe they are not aware of the issue. More likely they are milking it for profit. Pay it or lose it. Other airlines don't make booking this misleading. We won't fly them again, there are much better reasonably priced airlines in Europe.

8/14/2017 Rhodri Cusack

✅ Verified Review | Bergamo to Tirana. As with other users I was the victim of what is basically an extortion scam. The website at the time I booked had no place to enter middle names. But they will not let you fly without them and then charge you 80 euros to change them. The website has been fixed, but who knows what other scam this airline is dreaming up.

7/27/2017 Carlo Volpi

✅ Verified Review | Milan Bergamo to Pantelleria. The check-in lady told us that due to a new airline rule introduced on the 17th May 2017 all passenger information has to match exactly the travel documents. Rule that turned out to be a problem for my wife: her second name was not in the booking information. For the simple reasons that: there was not such rule at the time of booking. (And no such rule on many other airlines by the way).The booking form on the airline's website does not have a field for second names. Result: 50€ to pay on the spot. With no choice really: lose the flight or pay up. Called the airline the same day and pointed out all the issues. According to Blue Panorama the new policy is a tremendous improvement, allowing the valued customer to take the flight with a little bit of extortion. I learned that the booking form still has no field for the second name but the customer is expected to input any additional names in the name field after the first one, without spaces. This is priceless. Not surprisingly, I also learnt that the only way to request a reimbursement is to send an insured letter. I'm Italian so I know how this works: you spend the 6 Euros for the letter then wait for the usual many years for a "no", then get the lawyers involved.

7/18/2017 Madison Lee

✅ Verified Review | Rome to Santorini. When we arrived at the Rome apart, we went to collect our borading passes and were informed that we had booked the flight "incorrectly" as we didn't put the middle names into the online booking. However, there was no space provided to do so and when we put First and middle names into the "Given Names" box, it simply declined our request. The lady at the desk was rude and abrupt, throwing our passports back at us informing us that we had to pay a fee because our middles names were not added. We then had to pay $50 euros each! I suggest that you do not fly with this airline, they just want money and will find anyway to get it from you. The staff are rude and do not put the needs of a customer first.

7/17/2017 S Rawlins

✅ Verified Review | Rome to Thira. Be aware an additional 50euros per person is charged if you have not included your middle name on the booking. There were at least 50 people we saw for our flight alone having to change their ticket to include their middle name at a cost of 50euros. Not to mention having to queue 3 times to then check in. An appalling start to our honeymoon and clearly the website is designed to catch out as many people as possible. When we spoke to the supervisor he admitted this happens all the time! Please include your middle name / names when booking in the box that asks for first name! Or even better choose a different airline!

5/26/2017 K Gandy

✅ Verified Review | Pisa to Tirana. The airline charged me 50 Euros at the gate when I was boarding my flight from Pisa to Tirana because my middle name was not on the ticket. Even though the website only says "First Name" and "Last Name," they claimed I couldn't fly without my full name on the ticket. As such, they charged me 50 Euros to fix the problem and to board the plane. They fly the oldest planes I've ever traveled on. Their customer service agents are not friendly and do not help you. I called to complain about the fees at the gate and they said "it's the rules, sorry." Yet, there is nowhere in the travel terms and conditions that says you must enter your middle name in the first name field when booking the ticket. Their flight attendants are among the rudest I've ever met. They argued with another passenger on the flight when she asked for a drink, telling her that she should have asked early.

8/2/2016 M Trabatini

✅ Verified Review | Mykonos to Rome. Three hours delay with no assistance, no crew, no screen at the gate. The call center is clueless, claiming that the plane is on time when it is in fact already delayed. Don't fly with this company, and if you do, take into account at least 90' dead every trip.