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9/10/2019 Piero Pallavicini

✅ Trip Verified | Milan to Tirana. Same story as most other people on this page, 27th August we turned up at Milan Malpensa airport to fly to Tirana where we had arranged to meet up with out our elder daughter flying in from Budapest - so we could not back out of flying. At the check-in the airline agent told us me and my wife ...

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8/27/2019 E Lersyen

✅ Trip Verified | Milan Bergamo to Tirana. I was denied boarding and forced to buy new tickets on Blue Panorama flights, as my second name and third names were not on my ticket. This obligation wasn't clear, the airline's rules are ambiguous and for example, doesn't require the second name for a Blue Panorama ticket....

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7/22/2019 S Rose

Not Verified | Rome to Santorini. After lining up for over an hour to check our bags in we were told that we needed to go change my partners name on the booking as his middle name was not on it. So we had to pay an extra 50 euro to get this done even though it was not an option when we were booking the flight online. When we we...

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7/16/2019 Diego Agostini

✅ Trip Verified | Mykonos to Milan Bergamo. Middle name change is a total scam. Some had to pay €300 depending on the time they have booked it, some people chose not to pay and didn’t fly, the airline is super shady and is scamming thousands of people daily.

7/13/2019 C Danoulis

✅ Trip Verified | We recently flew from Santorini to Rome on Blue Panorama airlines. Upon arriving at checkin we were forced to pay an additional E300 to Blue Panorama due to the fact that my wife’s middle name was not shown on the actual booking. For clarity her name appeared as it does on her passport, the booking was in thei...

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7/12/2019 Alexander Guyard

✅ Trip Verified | I was incredibly surprised when I was denied boarding on my flight last week from Rome to Zante because I did not include my middle name on the booking. Upon finding this out, Blue Panorama's office to update the ticket with middle name claimed 'that their machines were down' (I must say, it was not a good lo...

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7/8/2019 D mealen

✅ Trip Verified | Santorini to Rome. Worst experience I’ve had, what a money grab, was early to the airport after checking in online and my flight was delayed and then I finally was ready to board and they made me go back through security just to change my name because you have to pay to put your middle name on your ticket so I...

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6/21/2019 Diego Minas

Not Verified | Santorini to Bergamo. The worst airline experience I've ever. With tickets booked from our travel company they were not accepted and sent us to another desk in another part of the airport to pay 600 Euros to put middle names onto my girlfriend and get our boarding passes - total scam. In the end, after paying the...

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4/23/2019 Mark Raven

✅ Trip Verified | Tirana to Milan. I will never use this airline again after being caught by the middle name change scam. You may have got 60 euros from us but you have lost our business forever. The flight was Tirana to Milan, had no choice but to pay as had a connecting flight in Milan.

4/10/2019 Tony Clarke

Not Verified | Milan to Tirana. Horrible experience. They scam you with a change of name fee as they don't provide middle name or additional name option on their website. The boarding process is complete chaos. The plane used in the flight was a very old 737 which a very poorly maintained interior.

1/2/2019 C Kearan

✅ Trip Verified | Tirana to Genoa. Upon checkin we were made to pay 120 EUR because when we booked we hadn't entered our middle names. The charge for this was 60 EUR each! Just because they had to print us another ticket. We had no choice but to pay or we could not fly. This cost almost as much as the original flight. This is t...

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11/19/2018 G Talder

✅ Trip Verified | Tirana to Milan. Friendly staff but aging aircraft. I had to pay 60 euros penalty because I did not enter my 2nd name when booking (which is not legal but good as I needed to go home, I do not have not had a choice). Personnel sympa mais avion vieillissant. J'ai du en plus m'acquitter de 60 euros de pénalité ...

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8/30/2018 Nick Bowyer

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Corfu. Literally the worst airline experience I've ever had bar none. Two hours to queue for check in with one inexperienced member of staff checking in the whole flight. Then sent to another desk in another part of the airport to pay 100 Euros to put middle names onto my childrens' boarding cards - to...

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7/25/2018 P Balette

✅ Trip Verified | Second experience with this airline. After being charged 50EUR last year to add my middle name on the ticket, I told myself I would never use them again. However, Blue Panorama was the only airline operating on the route I was interested in this time. Take off was scheduled at 6:30am. At 5:50am, there were sti...

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7/13/2018 N Kijana

✅ Trip Verified | Milan Bergamo to Tirana. How are these robbers allowed to operate? I was charged a total of Euro 330 at check in just to insert middle names to return tickets for 3 persons. Since when is a middle name legally mandatory? What about people with many middle names? They might as well have a policy of charging for...

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3/29/2018 Monica Dragomanni, Boeing 767-300ER seat 35E

Comoda seduta anche per dormire ma non se il passeggero davanti a te reclina il suo seggiolino. In questo caso occorre più spazio. Grave la mancanza del televisore su voli lunghi

11/13/2017 Lu Verticchio

✅ Verified Review | Santorini to Milan. There was no place to enter our middle names when we booked on line yet we were not allowed to board our flight because our boarding pass did not have our middle name as per our passports. To board, we were forced to pay an extra $50 euro/pp but our boarding passes were never updated with...

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11/1/2017 J Marler

✅ Verified Review | Mikonos to Rome. This airline is into defrauding passengers. I bought my ticket with Flight Network on line. When I got to the airline counter I was told that there was a difference between my name in my passport and on my e-ticket. But there wasn't! My name on my e-ticket was as in my passport. I was told ...

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10/22/2017 S Dorlet

✅ Verified Review | Tirana to Milan. This airline is running a scam and forces you to pay 60 euros to add middle name or second first name to your boarding pass. I strongly advise not using their awful services. Their extorsionist practices are unbelievable. The flight itself was late, no service.

10/15/2017 M Crimi

✅ Verified Review | Mykonos to Rome. If your name in your travel documents does not match your reservation name exactly, you must pay 50€ each on the spot, or they will not let you board the plane. The scam is that the airline doesn't have a place for middle names on their reservation system! Someone said it was because Italian...

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