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9/15/2015 N Schattkowsky

On this not exactly Blue1 cheap flight (where you don't expect much) the service was terrible. We had two very small children with us and we didn't get anything for them (no greeting, no good seats, no extra-treatment) like we got at other airlines of the same price range and although it was a lunchtime flight (12-15pm) there wa...

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9/8/2014 Frank B, Boeing 717-200 seat 2D

Great that there are still some 717's flying on European routes. The 2+3 is much more comfortable than the 3+3 in A319/A320/A321/737. And these aircraft are very silent, at least if your not seated behind the wings.

4/22/2014 Mikko, Boeing 717-200 seat 22A

A great flight: early departure (and even earlier arrival), a clean and comfortable 717 cabin and wonderful and smiling service throughout the flight! Pick seat 22A if you enjoy the sound of the engines, otherwise pick a seat upfront, when seated there the 717 is a very quiet aircraft.

8/6/2013 Olle, Boeing 717-200 seat 8C

Helpful attendents to 4 disable peoplethe boarding time was a little longer than it usuly are.Friendly staff and nice airplane but loud engine because of contruction

6/20/2013 Kim K., Boeing 717-200 seat 16A

Two trolleys starts drink and buy-on-board-cafe service from row 1 and from row 12. Exit rows 15 and 16: passenger seating at aisle seat do not need to stand up when passenger from window seat goes to the toilet. There is sufficient room between knees and seat in front. In case of emergency you have to open 20kg / 44 pound exit...

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10/30/2012 E Birman

HEL-OSL. Check-in was rude and dismissive but otherwise the flight had very nice crew and the plane was spotless clean as well. BOB meal is cheaper on Blue1 than on SAS due to the currency and I found the quality to be rather reasonable as well. On-time departure and arrival in Oslo. Ticket price was great as usual.

10/17/2012 Tony Lehto, Boeing 717-200 seat 12A

10/13/2012 M Zanasi

HEL-BLQ-HEL. Check-in in Helsinki was awful. We already had the boarding passes printed but before proceeding to baggage drop we had to queue at the self service check-in kiosk for the baggage tags. So why do they have check-in online in first place? The queue for the baggage drop starts right next to the check-in kiosks the dep...

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10/3/2012 E Birman

HEL-ARN a very full flight operated by Golden Air for Blue1 (frequent airplane substitution). Economy Extra is at the back at the plane upon boarding. Seat comfort and space is poor even for Economy. I enjoyed the cheerful service and the nice fresh meal. Flight departed and arrived with a slight delay. This is nevertheless abou...

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8/6/2012 E Birman

BLQ-HEL which they fly 2 weekly during the summer. A bit of a random route but the flight was full due to very cheap fares. I got in on an OW for $107 incl. all taxes. Flight departed about 35 minutes late and a little time was made up en route. Plane was spotless-clean with Blue1's new seats. Service was generally OK but everyt...

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6/10/2012 Frank Söderholm, Boeing 717-200 seat 14F

12/7/2011 Eric Bateman

Flew Stockholm to Helsinki. Booked a business class flight through Eurobonus miles to find that there is in fact no business class and was in fact in premium economy. The difference between this and economy on the 40 minute hop comprises a glass of wine or a beer. All pretty disappointing. The plane was on time I guess.

8/29/2011 R Vilander

ARN-HEL on the standard B717. Clean and airy cabin legroom fine for such a short hop. Coffee/tea served for free. Courteous FA's gave out a stuffed toy for the baby in our party and took extra care explaining how the infant's seatbelt worked. Bags were on the belt in minutes at HEL.

7/31/2011 KK, Boeing 717-200 seat 23A

The flight was nice and the staff gave excellent service during whole flight. Only problem with rows 21-24 is that engines are too near the cabin.

6/10/2011 Franz Koepernik

HEL-MUC on tired MD 87. Took the Internet upgrade opportunity for 4900€ to "Premium Economy". Worth it on ground service (Quick check-in Fast Track at Security) as Economy Pax had a long queue for both. The SAS Lounge in Helsinki very basic. Cabin crew friendly nice breakfast. However no English newspapers available and no comme...

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5/19/2011 H Kjellstrom

Short trip Arlanda to Helsinki. Very nice people working on board. Cold but nice meal nice experience.

11/26/2010 E Birman

HEL-CPH-HEL. HEL-CPH on Avro RJ85 on-time both ways. Clean aircraft crew and service are nothing special but seats comfortable and spacious in the 3x2 configuration. CPH-HEL on B71 food for purchase in both directions drinks free. In general this is competitive to SAS on the same sector but definitely a low-cost feel without a p...

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11/24/2010 P Rejchrt

Premium cabin on new 717s provides access to seating in the front of the aircraft and a meal service. Value for money is okay - the fare and upgrade charge were significantly lower than for other full service airlines. If you are a Star Gold customer this is simply not worth it as you already have access to the SAS lounges. LHR-...

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6/5/2010 Tim Dean

LHR-HEL-LHR on MD90. Good friendly service each way. Flight out I was expecting to pay for food but had free breakfast tea/coffee ham roll and some chocolates. Free top ups of tea and water offered later in the flight. Seats with good pitch and comfortable. On way back had to pay for food but expected.

6/1/2010 G Chew

Helsinki - London. Boarding in HEL very disorganised with our flight boarding and another arriving in the same tiny area at gate 11/12. With nearly 150 pax waiting to board at about 5 pax a minute being checked (there was just one very flustered woman checked boarding cards/visas etc) so boarding took a while. MD90 was old but o...

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