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6/28/2019 JT Taylor

✅ Trip Verified | Victoria to Houston. This is absolutely the worst airline I have ever used. They left my bag behind then refused to get it later. They have been rude to me, they have lied to me. Save yourself the trouble and make your trip cheaper by just driving to a different airport. Their aeroplane didn't even have air conditioning.

2/8/2018 Kibbe Conti

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Chadron. Boutique cancelled my flight 0704 at 1:40 pm due to mechanical issues. Rebooked me on their 6:00 pm flight 0713, Cancelled that flight. Booked me on a 9:30 flight 0704 and it’s now 1:46 am not even boarding yet. Boutique Air is unbelievably unreliable. 12 hours after my original flight departure time and we are still sitting at the A66 gate of DIA with no word as to when we will fly! Make other travel plans!

12/29/2017 G Hanner

✅ Trip Verified | Alamosa to Albuquerque. Landing safely was the only positive event of our entire experience with Boutique Air. Both flights were +2hrs late, almost missed the connecting flight in ABQ. When enquiring about the flight status, their personnel claimed to be unable or unwilling to track incoming flights or estimate how long the delay would be. The airline personnel are incompetent, arrogant, uncaring and absolutely terrible with customer service. They act as if you are doing the customer a favor by providing the flight. Makes one wonder what kind of maintenance program is implemented if the public face of the company is so terrible. They have the market cornered and are the only game in town for a lot of regional airports. That is the ONLY way they can possibly stay in business. This airline is worse that Spirit. I can't see how this airline can possibly stay in business if there is even the slightest competition. Every passenger I spoke to said they would fly another airline if there was another choice.

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