Seat Map Boeing 747-400 (744) v2 British Airways



2/16/2014 SeatGuru User, seat 39J

Not a good seat at all. For someone over 6' tall the legroom is extremely limited and the proximity of the bulkhead makes it feel rather claustrophobic. The seat width is quite narrow which is exacerbated by the pivoting arm of the PTV digging into your leg. I would not choose this seat again.

2/15/2014 SeatGuru User, seat 17A

Seat is above an air conditioning unit causing very hot air to be emitted from vents beneath the seat - unbearable

2/12/2014 SeatGuru User, seat 4E

Personal locker in seats 4E and 4F cannot be accessed without leaving your seat

2/2/2014 Ray Anderson, seat 36A

This seat is down as "Beware" but in face it is one of the best in World Traveller.Full recline, about 1 inch of extra legroom vs other sin WT and the benefit of a gap behind to toss old newspapers etc, and no person behind moving your seat.In reality you don't get much noise from the toilet behind, and you are close to the gall...

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1/21/2014 SeatGuru User, seat 63K

travelled out on Jan 1 and back on 6 Jan. Fantastic seat on a quiet, upper deck. By far the best BA club seats. Great feature is the side locker at ground level providing more space. Perfect.

1/11/2014 SeatGuru User, seat 40F

If a larger build (like myself) I do not recommend this seat. The width of the seat is considerably narrower and the hinge of the TV will dig in to your leg. The plus is it does come with significant extra legroom and nobody will recline in to you... if slim, it is probably a great seat.

12/28/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 1K

Although, Row 1 does not have an overhead locker, there is a thin cupboard available to hang clothes/jacket etc... you also have the large closet in the front bulkhead which is close. I disagree that access to the cupboard could be bothersome. It is rare to find people going in and out of the closet during flight. Also, sin...

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12/15/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 61B

Sat in an aisle seat for the first time in a long time. Unlike the window seats in biz class on this aircraft, the aisle seats have extremely limited storage and no cubby holes for things like glasses or water bottles. Theres a small, inconveniently placed drawer on the floor but it is difficult to reach in lie flat mode. There'...

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12/5/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 19G

BA business class seats and lie flat beds are very comfortable. When they convert to beds, they are firm unlike some others which feel like the lower portion is floating and so could break if you put too much weight on it. The issue is TV's -BA TV is pretty bad. Small screens, poor selection, washed out LCD quality...

11/21/2013 SeatGuru User, seat ROWS62AND63

Great seats as these two rows are separated by the emergency exit aisle. Lots of storage space under windows for seat A and K. Having traveled this route several times (SEA to/from LHR) rows 62 and 63 are our preferred seats if first class booked. Upper cabin has two attendants serving 20 passengers similar to First that has ...

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11/10/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 62K

As others have said, one of the best seats in Club World (together with 62A, and 64A/K) Very private, direct aisle access and enough storage space. Overall experience on upper deck is a lot better than on main deck, feels like a different class.

10/28/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 17E

Like a review of seat 17A, I found this seat was very hot mid-back -- uncomfortably so -- when the seat was reclined flat. While otherwise a significant improvement over Premium Economy and Economy, this seat was difficult to get out of when the aisle seats were reclined. We had to step over bodies and their belongings in order...

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10/24/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 62A

One of the best seats on the plane. Exit row window seat that has additional storage and allows free access to the aisle and to move around

10/15/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 17A

This is the seat with the heat exchanger , it is behind the fridge which outputs very hot air. It was unbearable. The flight staff are fully aware of this problem. Thankfully the moved me.

10/12/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 28B

Best seat in the World Traveller Plus class. It was a overnight flight. Plenty of leg room and no one sitting beside you to disturb you. Worth the upgrade from Economy.

9/28/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 64K

The set up is almost like a private room - sitting there facing rear of plane is probably 8 feet to the bulkhead. Never felt this large and private even in first class. The side storage boxes were huge - my standard size carryon is flexible and fit in one deep compartment. the shallower compartment was perfect for my sweater,...

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9/13/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 30K

Although the world traveller plus cabin is smaller and offers more legroom and also in a wider seat, all the window seats have a considerable gap between the seat and the window which would prevent you leaning against the wall as you sleep

9/1/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 60B

Very good seat. Lowered into flat bed. Slight tilt. Very comfortable. Plenty of room to stretch out. Being next to aisle actually provided more room to move around. Being near restroom was not a problem. Area quiet. Cabin lights dimmed during most of flight. Excellent service by flight attendants. Food was excellent. Best airli...

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8/14/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 17A

Under this seat there is a a refrigeration heat exchanger - the result being that the seat is extremely hot for the first part of the flight. This is well known to the cabin crew who covered the offending area with blankets etc But you had to complain before anything was done.

7/16/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 60A

This seat has more privacy as opposed to the isle seat, however if you require to leave your seat you may approach difficulty as the person diagnol to you may be sleeping, therefore you would require to climb over them. Overall this seat is more for sleeping