Seat Map Boeing 747-400 (744) v2 British Airways



5/25/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 31B

An excellent seat with no one immediately behind you. I prefer the aisle, which prevents having to climb over anyone on this long, overnight flight.

5/19/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 64K

you don't have to crawl over anyone to get in and out - and the window seats have more storage and more secluded and quiet - best 4 seats are 62A&K and 64 A&K

5/15/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 64K

I was a little bit nervous after researching and reading about the comments about the seat. Everyone was talking how 64A is the best seat ever. I think 64K is a great seat. It is very private, I never heard any noise from the bathrooms, I slept great and I was never woke up by noises. I think this is a good seat because you dont...

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4/26/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 4F

I cannot believe BA tries to pass this as First Class. It is tight, uncomfortable, one of the worst designs ever. There is zero room to store anything during the flight, not even a small pocket to put a pair of glasses. The seat is narrow, hard uncomfortable when flat. Same goes for all other First Class seats. It's a scam! Buye...

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4/20/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 64K

One of the best CW seats. Being a bulkhead you dont have to climb over anyone. Being starboard side on way to usa means you get darkness and can sleep. Stewards are closest so you get quick attendance.

2/13/2013 SeatGuru User, seat 64A

Seat 64A is surely one of the best upper deck seats on the BA 747-400, especially for a single traveller. It's best if you want to get some sleep, as it's almost like being in a "cocoon", hiding you from the rest of the cabin with no distractions. It's also generally very quiet, on the opposite side to any facilities.

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