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6/2/2019 L Gill

✅ Trip Verified | London to Delhi. A truly first class experience from check in to landing. I am a frequent flyer with BA and have not always had an amazing experience, this one was. Check in was easy and swift and the Concorde Room was excellent. The flight itself was wonderful, while I accept it isn’t the best first class cab...

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6/1/2019 Helen Julian

✅ Trip Verified | London Heathrow to Dubai. Last Sunday we unfortunately missed our BA flight to Dubai due to unforeseen circumstances, so we booked the next available flight for the morning which was with Emirates. Today we arrived at Dubai airport expecting to board the flight home that we had already paid for months in advan...

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5/30/2019 Susan Holder

Not Verified | London to Seattle. My husband and I have used this service for a number of years as our son lives in America. We have always been very satisfied with the service. Unfortunately I was taken ill on this flight and the service went from good to superb! I’d like to thank the cabin crew and Captain for the care I rece...

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5/29/2019 Berneen Field

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to London. I booked a seat without luggage. Firstly one cannot make one booking for two passengers if only one has luggage. This caused an issue when trying to seat together. When the passenger without luggage tried to move seats (normally a free option for standard seats), you get advised that yo...

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5/28/2019 Mark Simons

✅ Trip Verified | London to Milan. Evening outbound flight with some on board space so middle seat was empty. Boarding by group number worked effectively and I was able to store my laptop in the overhead. Free newspapers were available in the jet way. Passengers were warmly greeted. I was one row behind emergency exit and despi...

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5/28/2019 Ken Howie

✅ Trip Verified | The connecting flight to Johannesburg was on an older 737-400 with proper business class seats and lots of legroom. Pre-take off drinks offered and a decent meal for a short flight. Everything went smoothly and service was good. Boarding for the main flight was on time and proceeded smoothly, we were seated on...

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5/27/2019 Dan Winkowski

✅ Trip Verified | London Heathrow to Los Angeles. Very nice experience. I read other reviews slamming BA but that was not the experience we had. From the check in to the lounge and on board the flight our experience was fantastic. Crew on the flight was outstanding and very attentive. Food was good, not great, but very good. Sea...

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5/27/2019 David Ellis

✅ Trip Verified | CPT is definitely getting its act together: BA's Galleries Lounge is spacious with a good selection of food and staff actually managed to make the group boarding work for once. The upper deck is still one of the better bets when flying in Club World. That's despite the ancient yin/yang seats and the tiny IFE sc...

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5/27/2019 C Perton

✅ Trip Verified | Sofia to Belfast via London. The legroom on the Sofia to Heathrow flight was terrible. I am not tall, but my knees were pushing against the seat in front. Service was non existent unless you want to pay inflated prices. Where did the service go? There was a bad delay on the Belfast flight. We were not allowe...

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5/26/2019 Thomas v, Boeing 777-200 (772) Three Class v1 seat 39A

I booked a flight from Bangkok to London with British Airways and could only select a very few seats including seat 39A, which was ok in terms of comfort and recline like a normal seat with no one in the back kicking your seat and only one person besides you, however the toilet odour could become obnoxious if it is not cleaned f...

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5/26/2019 Michael Hunt

✅ Trip Verified | Lima to Gatwick. Helpful and courteous cabin crew. The seat was uncomfortable and the in flight entertainment system derisory. The screen was small and in poor condition. Movies shown in the in flight magazine were unavailable and the selection of movies was poor. The touch screen failed to respond correctly ...

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5/25/2019 Dan W, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 6F

Isle seats lack privacy due to being so close to the walking traffic. Good Seat, but not great. The window and isle seats give good privacy but than you have to crawl over another passenger to exit the seat if they have the seat in the lay flat position.

5/23/2019 Alison Wescott

✅ Trip Verified | Inverness to Auckland via Singapore with British Airways. Service was very good but comfort was very bad, for a 14 hour I had no more leg room than I did for an hour flight. I was uncomfortable and as a regular flyer I have used other airlines that provide much more space for long haul flights.

5/23/2019 C Lewis

✅ Trip Verified | I was seated right next to the galley and lavatory in the aisle. During the safety talk the cabin crew were only metres away talking loudly which was irritating, so my initial impression was disappointed for business class. However, into the flight I found one female crew very personable and was offered a seat ...

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5/23/2019 Michael van Eimeren

✅ Trip Verified | Flight was OK, minor delay didn't both me. What was astonishing is that we had to wait an hour or so to drop off our luggage because at Lyon Airport they were training new ground staff at the same time? They continued doing this even though the cue became pretty huge and time started to run out to make it to t...

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5/22/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 43B

Nice new plane but very uncomfortable seat. No recline at all. Sorry I paid extra for it.

5/22/2019 Ian Robinson

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Barbados return. I normally travel on BA with low expectations with the result that I am not too disappointed and sometimes pleasantly surprised. The outbound flight was about par for the course with a reasonably comfortable seat and an OK cabin crew that did just about enough to look after us and ...

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5/21/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A380-800 (388) seat 14F

This was return trip on 747 in a WT+ seat, after flying out on the A380 WT+ this was a different animal. No AC until engine start. Foot room bad due to Feet fitting around the IFE boxes. Tiny Video screen 5 inch at most that had lines in it. And most annoying was the remote control in armrest when you even get close to it with y...

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5/20/2019 R Vangino

✅ Trip Verified | Marseille to London. I am generally annoyed with the quality of the service. I believe that we should not have to pay for a glass of water with slice of lemon in a BA flight. I realised that I forgot a big duty free bag in the plane after the passport control. I went to the BA Helpdesk, the staff sent me to te...

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5/20/2019 V Chandren

✅ Trip Verified | The cabin crew on flight BA035 London to Chennai were very efficient and did their best to take care of their clients. I did tell them I would write a review and here it is. Keep up the good service and, thanks!