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2/12/2018 S Hankira

✅ Trip Verified | Garoua to Douala in Cameroon. Didn't really have a choice as Camair-Co is the only airline that flies this route. Scheduled for 6:15pm local, the flight was delayed by 10 hours, pax were not notified. Only came to know about this when I went to the airport - which was full of confused passengers and no staff. ...

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12/10/2016 Michael Powell

✅ Verified Review | Douala to Maroua. The most unpleasant flying experience of my life. The first question you have to ask with this alrline - the national airline of Cameroon, is "will the flight actually happen"? Outwards things were not too bad. The return was another matter. The flight from Maroua to Douala was cancelled as...

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