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4/10/2019 S Warstin

✅ Trip Verified | Perth to Hong Kong. Very disappointed with the overall experience on this return trip. The service was very slow and there we several of us who missed out on meal options. There was also a lack of water in the cabin, staff were not very attentive. The seats are some of the most uncomfortable I have experienced, almost zero padding in the lower back, so if someone fills up the magazine space in the seat behind you, you certainly feel every little bump of it. Very disappointed.

4/6/2019 N Jung

✅ Trip Verified | London to Taipei via Hong Kong. This was my first time flying Cathay Pacific after many years. Cathay used to be a very reliable and consistent airlines but it has gone downhill even in the business class. The booking process was very smooth and the CX website was well designed (although they were doing system maintenance/upgrade before my trip and I was given confusing info). Airport check in for business class was smooth in both London and Taipei. The Pier Lounge in Hong Kong is first class. Service was lacking but the facilities were one of the best. The CX lounge in Taipei is also very good. I like the A350 plane it was extremely quiet and comfortable; the business class seat offers great privacy and was very spacious unlike most other airlines in this configuration. onboard amenities (amenity kits and duvet) offered were really good quality. Unfortunately that's where the pros end. There are a lot of areas that Cathay will need to improve to make their business class passengers happy: First of all the cost cutting has gone too far. They have removed all the fresh flowers from the cabin and keep the toiletries in the lavatory to minimum. They also don't provide pajama and slippers to the passenger. I am not too bother about PJ but slippers should be the basic essential - most other airlines even offer that in economy. Secondly, I like the design of the new menu as it's more interesting and casual but the execution is badly done. Presentation of food was not great and food didn't taste nice at all. It feels like a economy class food placed on a better plate. Wine menu is also not impressive as they serve simply the cheapest supermarket wine. Service in the long haul flights was definitely short of expectation. Very minimal interaction with the passengers even in the day flight, and the service was very robotic with smile. For the night flight the service was non existing. Choice of movies is always very limited unless if you fancy Hong Kong movies. It is very strange as the service in short haul flight was slightly better. Overall if you can get a good price with CX and/or access to one of their flagship lounges then it's not a bad option; otherwise there are so many better Asian/European airlines that provide better service and software for the business class.

4/4/2019 D Webb

✅ Trip Verified | Denpasar to Gatwick via Hong Kong With Emerald status check- in was speedy and efficient. The lounge Cathay use in DPS was abysmal, felt more like a foot massage salon, very poor.The seats on the A330 are far inferior to those on the the A350, I was lucky enough to change the seats to an exit. Crew on my side of the aisle were courteous, once again acknowledging my Emerald status, however on my friends side the attendant basically barked at her, and at Cathay they have a trend of screaming ‘mind your knees’ as they pull the cart up the aisle seemed very unprofessional. The Pier lounge at Hong Kong was outstanding. No Emerald recognition on the LGW sector, crew seemed very new and unsure of their role, I think Cathay’s more ‘Senior crew’ work in the premium cabins. I really don’t understand after 4 long sectors how this airline has reached 5 star status, it really is let down by poor inflight service. I would only recommend for the price paid for the ticket and the lounges in HKG.

4/4/2019 D Webb

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Denpasar via Hong Kong. Check- in staff at LGW were very efficient and friendly and as an Emerald one world card holder they managed to keep the middle seat empty between my friend and I. Onboard the A350 has to be my favourite aircraft, air feels fresher and Cathay has a light and airy economy cabin. Seat was great, comfortable with food legroom. The main meal was one of the best I’ve had in an economy cabin and maybe in business. Where Cathay is let down is by the crew, while the senior crew member acknowledged my Emerald status, we did not see one pass of drinks (other than the first bar service) the entire 11 hours, really poor. Crew really lacked in any personality and were truly robotic and unengaging, except for one female attendant on the DPS leg. Flight price was fantastic and for only this reason I would fly again, but Cathay is nowhere near the standard of Singapore Airlines in any respect.

4/2/2019 Jenny, Airbus A350-1000 (351) seat 21G

I flew from Hong Kong to Osaka, although it was less than 4 hours flight time, we chose to fly Business class. the seat was very comfortable and could lie down completely, it was a midnight flight but i had very good quality of sleep for around 3 hours.

4/2/2019 B Han

✅ Trip Verified | Cebu to Hong Kong. This airline downgraded our redemption ticket for the second time from premium economy to economy. This is how they reward their loyal customers. They don’t even care how to make it up to you. Customer service is poor. Would not fly this airline again.

3/31/2019 P Huang

✅ Trip Verified | Seoul To Hong Kong. This flight is 1 of 3 for my journey home to Sydney. The Ground team during check in were very helpful, checking my bag through to Australia as I had a separate ticket from Qantas. Security and Passport control was fast and efficient at Incheon leaving me a good amount of time to explore, eat and drink before my flight. The Cabin Crew were professional and polite, again adding Cathay's personal touch by greeting me personally as I was a One World Emerald. Catering on board was great, really delicious hot meals and dessert. IFE was decent, touch screen was hard to use but plenty of options to keep you entertained. Overall, a great experience from Cathay Pacific.

3/29/2019 Brian lewis, Boeing 777-300ER (77G) v3 seat 31C

Flight 458 HKG to HND Was after PE from PER to HKG overnight on A350 pretty much the same as this review This was “Premium Economy “ Not very Premium at all Boarding you wait till probably 100 various Marco Polo people get on board..then board with the lowest Marco Polos..same on all their flights very irritating This Was an exit sea so had lots of legroom Seat itself comfy that is until you deploy the footrest..I am not tall but just doesn’t work Food really very ordinary economy nothing Premium here Service excellent Flight on time And no option to even pay for lounge use as we are not high members of MP club Would look at other options to get from PER to HND next time Cathay need to lift their game

3/29/2019 Pragha Kanthakumar

✅ Trip Verified | Seat comfort: The new 3-4-3 seating installed in the B777 flying between Colombo and Hong Kong, and Hong Kong and San Francisco was quite uncomfortable for long haul flights. The leg room was very limited, and shoulders were constantly touching the person seated next to me. Economy class had very narrow aisles so that flight attendants had to move all the way back to allow people if they had to cross a service trolley. Meals: Meal service was quite OK, and they served me a Hindu meal as requested. Entertainment: The refurbished aircrafts have large LED screens which are quite bright, and the collection was reasonably big.

3/28/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77H) v1 seat 32C

Left side seats in Premium Economy may be bothersome when you must reach lavatory located on right side only. You may go over row 45 to pass to the other aisle twice or someway disturb people in row 30 passing in front of them when no bassinet is open.

3/26/2019 S Kahavin

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Bangkok. An 8pm flight is reschedule to 8.20pm notification via email. Queue opened at 7.50pm but boarding has not started until 8.17pm. When asked of announcement at 8.10pm, the staffs indifferently replied they have not received any confirmation by the pilot. After advising they should do something to manage to the expectation of the queues full of passengers, they declined and repeated the same thing, and challenged to write a complaint. So this corresponds to their request. Entering the cabin, the inflight manager could not answer the approximate arrival time - needed to repeat the same question and insisted the answer before take-off for communication reasons. Otherwise, I wouldn't think the Cathay staffs are care enough of their on-time performance. A couple of apologies only follows after all the repeated requests and questions. Cabin service ok but it is off-set with the inefficient, lack - communication and reckless ground staff.

3/25/2019 Kevin vo, Boeing 747-400 (74A) seat 92A

Nice service and in flight entertainment ok food but still nice and cool upper deck

3/25/2019 P Huang

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Seoul. Though the flight departed at an inconvenient time (in my opinion), it was a decent offering from Cathay. As I was in transiting in Hong Kong for 7 hours, it was a relief once we were on our way to Seoul. The Cabin Crew were polite and professional, looking out to assist customers wherever possible. Being a One World Emerald, The Customer Service Manager came and greeted herself and then I was offered some amenities for the flight, socks and eyes masks, a very nice touch. As I was very tired by now, I decided to sleep as much as possible rather than eat or use the IFE. The flight arrived early into Seoul, another bonus. Overall, looking forward to my next Cathay Pacific experience.

3/21/2019 Avelino Estrella

✅ Trip Verified | Manila to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific Airways. The flight attendants were very friendly and attentive to all our needs. Although the food is not as great as this is a short haul flight, the entire flight was enjoyable.

3/18/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A350-900 (35G) seat 40D

I think this model's Economy Seats are good than A330-300 . Because they were new.

3/18/2019 C Han

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Hong Kong. This is the airline with the worst customer service that we have ever experienced. We were travelling to attend a wedding. We drove 3 hours to the airport with no indication of the airline being delayed or diverted. After parking and arrived at the departure hall, we were approached by the crew members that our flight has been diverted to Toronto due to weather. We were asked to wait for further information. We arrived around 10:00 pm with departure time at 1:30 am. After 1.5 hour wait, we were told the flight has been canceled and we were to call the numbers on the sheet of paper that we were handed out. We were appalled! There are around 10 CX uniformed employees there and were not doing any re-booking or issuing any vouchers or do anything but to tell us to call and keep calling. Of course we couldn't get through. After trying for a while with no success, we decided to drive back as there was no point waiting at the airport since no one could help us there. Couldn't get through until 3 am in the morning and they said there are no flights available for us to reach our destination on time. We had to cancel and still waiting to see if we can get refunded. Called my family to convey the bad news to them. Our kids were extremely disappointed as they were supposed to be the flower girl and boy. We had a luggage of kids favor to hand out at the wedding as well. Our family had to seek alternatives last minute. I cannot believe it with my own eyes that this is happening. We were left stranded and had to seek our own solutions. The cost of the ticket is not even a budget airline and the service is beyond unimaginable. We will never ever take Cathay again. This is such an unforgettable painful experience.

3/18/2019 Rish Datta

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to London. First time trying out the new style dining with a newspaper style menu. I like the way in which the menu is specific to the route. There were more food options which is always nice. The food presentation was excellent and far better than the old style food brought on the trolley. I liked the idea you could choose one of the mid flight snacks as lighter meal instead of the main meal. The only thing I didn't like was that the cheese course was now an alternative to the dessert rather than before it being a course in itself. So you could only have one or the other rather than both. The IFE software has been upgraded to the new style system seen on the A350, which I love. However the hardware is still old and found the screen resolution not great and unable to cope at times with the higher resolution films with blocky pictures. One other thing that needs to change is the awful fragrance (or lack of) on the hot towels - please, please Cathay address this! I also noted that dispite being a Gold tier Marco Polo member i didnt get the customary hello from the inflight service manager. This has happened a few times with Cathay. Apart from that a great flight.

3/17/2019 C Saleros

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Hong Kong. Booked flight in October 2018. Arrived to airport with plenty of time, after verifying flight status. After a half hour wait ground staff went around distributing a flier with phone numbers in Hong Kong and Vancouver. It was 11:30 at night (CX 899 scheduled departure was 1:30 am).. We were informed the flight was cancelled because of operational reasons, we were requested to go home and contact the phone numbers after 9 in the morning. Ground staff would not do rebooking nor issue hotel vouchers or airline vouchers to switch carriers. I have never in 30 years of travel seen an airline drop their customers and ask them to fend for themselves. Our repeated calls to their service centers have led to long wait times and no answers. We ended cancelling our travel plans (hotels,cars and flights) and are trying to recover our costs.

3/10/2019 R Meesen

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Zurich via Hong Kong. The crews on both flights were fantastic. They went our of their way to make the flights a pleasure. I ordered a special meal and it was delicious. The seat was comfortable and the duvets warm. I cannot say much about the entertainment system because I was listening only to classical and jazz music. I flew Cathay before and had high expectations. They were met.

3/10/2019 P Gawalna

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Mumbai. I was not allowed to carry my guitar in cabin by Cathay Pacific crew during check in. I was told to check-in guitar, which I did not want to as guitar would be broken or have scratch. I had previously flew with guitar in more than 6 aircraft companies, they were really friendly and never stopped in from carrying guitar. I had a really bad experience in Hong Kong airport. Crew in airport were not friendly and were laughing speaking in there language after telling that they can not allow me to take guitar, as if it was fun for them. I did not feel good and did not want to pay to this people so left my guitar which had been my best friend from past 6 year. I would suggest not to take this airline if carrying guitar. And especially from Hong Kong.