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3/9/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-300 (A33H) seat 59A

One of the worst seats on the flight. No recline, extremely cramped, and the window rattled the entire flight. Avoid like the plague if you hope to get any sleep on the flight, or if you're taller than 5 feet and 5 inches.

3/9/2019 Peter Comeau

✅ Trip Verified | I've been flying Cathay Pacific London to Hong Kong and back for nearly ten years now. Here's why. I started off flying Virgin because I'd already accumulated air miles with them and the price was right. However I soon found out that their airline staff are overworked and tired, food was mediocre and, worst of all, I still couldn't acquire enough points to get into the Business Lounge despite frequent flying. A quick calculation showed that if I joined Marco Polo club I'd go Silver after a few flights and I would get to book extra legroom seats free of charge with the advantage of extra luggage allowance plus being able to check in and queue for the flight using Business Class. No brainer then! Over nearly a decade Cathay have kept up their good service on-board. It seems like the airline staff can't do enough for you, including serving snacks and noodles and drinks throughout the flight. Meals are good (and much better when they upgrade me to Premium Economy or Business which happens when the flight is full), the entertainment system is excellent and the extra legroom seat option is a bonus. Having said that, relatively recent changes to the seating has resulted in less padded seats with a recline method that is uncomfortable, making it difficult to sleep, so deduct a star for that. Overall I'll continue to fly Cathay simply because the staff make a 12hr journey so much more pleasant than many other airlines.

3/7/2019 Fred Rankin, Airbus A350-900 (35G) seat 73K

A great Aeroplane to ride in. I sat in the Back row on the right side Window. I had the whole row to myself. The Seat was Very comfortable and even in the Back row it had Full recline. Legroom was more than adequate and even with a cabin bag in there it would have been OK. Width-wise, I do not need to worry - I'm not obese. I acquainted myself with the entertainment suite Very quickly ... touch-screen - No remote, very easy to figure out and use. I watched our progress most of the way and what a Treat that is - So much variation. I watched one Pixar Movie. I have my own headset. As Always, Cathay Pacific cabin crew are a cut above other Airlines in their Attitude, Dress and Ability. Their Service is Always above and beyond the required standard. The Food is Airline food but it is Actually edible, in fact I'd go as far as saying Cuisine Standard. I never ever leave Anything behind on a Cathay flight. The white wine I took with my meal was enjoyable to the 'Having a Second' level. The Convenience of Only one flight is Absolutely Wonderful and I just wish that Cathay would give us this Service All year round. Flying in my waking hours is always more pleasurable that overnight flights and Then, having to take another flight from Auckland to Christchurch, by then I'm Aeroplaned Out.

3/7/2019 Kevin vo, Boeing 747-400 (74A) seat 92A

nice upper deck seat one of the best Business class seats ever

3/6/2019 Fred Rankin, Airbus A350-900 (35G) seat 73K

The Aircraft is quite new and had a feature I had not encountered before, the seat was actually comfortable - when Flying for over 10 hours that is a need I have never had met before. Although I was [by Choice] in the Last row before the bulkhead the seat had Full recline. The Screen was All touch with no remote to fumble with, it was easy to use. I only watched one movie and I read my book most of the flight. I have my own earphones. I had the In-flight progress programme on for most of the flight. The Best in-flight programme ever. The personal reading light shone where it was supposed to shine. The tray-table was adequate for purpose and the upper half-table accommodated my drink cups of beer, wine and coffee. Getting in and out [I was on the Window seat] was a hassle but I only needed to do that twice over the flight.

3/6/2019 Sai Hin Chung

✅ Trip Verified | Osaka to Hong Kong. Service was impeccable. Crew was friendly with nice food and beverage served. Ground service was smooth even the flight was almost full, in the economy cabin. Punctuality was great. The flight arrived ahead of schedule. However, the cabin was not look new and the cabin light was too moody.

3/5/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A350-900 (35G) seat 59C

a350-900: catering cart accidentally can hit you or your TV screen

3/1/2019 L Kai

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to San Francisco. I am typing this on the flight. Today's experience has not been great. Many disappointments from the check-in counter and now on the flight. We are flying with an infant. While I appreciate the airline is giving priority to passenger with infant or special needs there are still quite a few things lacking to the overall service. Instead of a long write up, below is a list of things we have encountered so far. Assistant at the check-in counter is impatient. Speak so low and unclear. She let off when she found out our stroller is one piece instead of two because she printed two baggage claim tickets for the stroller. Promised baby food before take-off never arrives. Flight attendant is not apologetic when closing the overhead baggage compartment loudly on top of our sleeping baby. Overhead compartment has two large green/flat bags belong to the airline. We are lucky to fit all our small bags there. Typical hand carry baggage definitely won't fit. A passenger sitting not far from us dropped his food tray and made a mess. The same flight attendant (a guy) walked by twice without even offering help. That is terrible. In general, all attendants seem to be very busy doing their "thing". I am not seeing customer service/care in my recent flights with CX anymore. I have been flying mostly with CX for years. It is sad to see their customer service going down.

2/27/2019 George Lush

✅ Trip Verified | This was the return leg of BA reward flight to Kuala Lumpur. As is possible BA route you on difficult legs from time to time and so I accepted the KUL-HKG-LHR routing very reluctantly. I am reviewing Hong Kong to London here. The plane took off 15 minutes late from HKG with a further 30 minutes on the apron for some reason. Cabin crew asked what we wanted for dinner and I made a choice and also made a request for a cocktail and although they had the ingredients for Negroni the attendant said she couldn't make one. I said I'd make it but she also told me they do not offer drinks in miniature bottles. I changed the order to a large Bloody Mary. In very short order they started laying the dinner table and I reminded her that I wanted a drink. This took some 25 minutes to arrive with 4 cabin crew talking in a group (perhaps working out how to make it). It was clear that I was not getting a second. No nuts were offered although my partner opposite was given some. My meal arrived - some very nice stir fried fish. There was no starter no salt or pepper. I was told starters were optional and I should have asked for one. This was the salad I didn't get. I asked for a glass of wine. The male attendant said he would get the wine list. I mean they only offer 4. I said the first bottle you come to. I got a glass of white. He said it's sauvignon blanc by the way. I didn't hear him and asked him what he had said (I'm 75 - I'm a little deaf - it happens). He told me how sorry he was that his accent was difficult to understand. Odd comment. No pudding was offered but I asked for one and got an ice cream. The staff was borderline polite but everyone was going to sleep and quickly. I got up for a lavatory break. They were in use. "The clue, said one of the young ladies ,is that if the sign says they're in use, they are". The point of the detail is to illustrate that they didn't care. I will not use them again. 2 stars and reflects the thousands of GBP I had to spend to obtain the necessary avios to purchase this flight.

2/26/2019 Christopher Saccoccia

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Manila via Hong Kong. Worst flying experience ever. 6 hour delay on the ground with an absolutely miserable, unfriendly, unhelpful crew. Followed up by the "surprise" that we cant go Toronto to Hong Kong to Manila. After 6 hours stuck on the plane before being able to even take off, now I get to travel to Tokyo for no reason. Then Hong Kong, and if I'm lucky enough not to have any more surprises I will eventually land in manila after over 30 hours of air travel. After 6 hours of being stuck the crew tried to prevent me from using the bathroom! When I went, I was confronted in my seat by the head flight attendant who refused to give her name and tried to intimidate and threaten me into "apologizing in front of everybody" or she suggested they would declare me unruly and take further action! I refused and told them they should apologize to their customers! I never want to experience anything like this again. This is not a "top tier airline".

2/26/2019 H Reade

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to San Francisco via Hong Kong. I am normally impressed with the service and family-friendliness of airlines in Asia (compared with US airlines), however, we had a terrible experience traveling with a child on Cathay Pacific. When I booked my flight, I confirmed on the phone with Cathay that we could use our car seat in the aircraft (we purchased a separate seat/ticket for our almost 2-yr-old). On our first flight, they would not let us bring the car seat onto the plane, even just to try and see if it would fit. The new B777 configuration has narrow seats in a 3-4-3 layout. On our long haul flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco, I had to really persuade the staff to even let us bring the car seat on. They argued and kept saying that it probably would not fit. Of course, it fit just fine on the A350 and with our active toddler was essential in enabling him to sleep on the 12-hour flight. Ground staff members were remarkably rude and unhelpful (again, very non-typical for Asia-based airlines, which generally have friendly service). Our first flight was delayed two hours, so we called the airline and switched to an earlier flight. We rushed to airport to make it on time, only to sit on the plane in the engineering bay for almost three hours as they worked on an engine issue. The crew did very little to make this experience more enjoyable (water, snacks, perhaps?). Our carry-ons were well under the maximum allowable, and yet since our toddler can't carry his own, it was a struggle to haul things into the plane. We asked if the staff could help and they snipped back at us - you have to be able to manage all of your luggage. (Yes, I understand that, but our two-year-old, who has his own seat/ticket and luggage, cannot carry his own. Also, we have to carry him, so that limits what we can carry). Can we make exceptions for families with young children and help them out a little? I cannot recommend Cathay to any families with young children. Thai Airways, Korean Air and ANA are all excellent and I will continue to recommend them.

2/25/2019 SeatGuru User, Airbus A350-900 (35G) seat 39D

It killed my back. The seatback is too soft you feel every move of the person behind when using the seat pocket What a nightmare for 12 hours flight

2/18/2019 Francis Wong

✅ Trip Verified | I haven't been flying with Cathay Pacific for over 8 years, so I thought I'd give them a try again, this time on the brand new A350 premium economy. CX uses Changi T4, which is a very modern and chic terminal, in comparison to T1 and T2. It was very impressive from check in counters, the super modern immigration and interior design. Boarding was orderly and departure on time. The A350 is truly a modern aircraft, it's noticeably quieter and up to date technologies available throughout the aircraft such as wifi, touch screen TV etc. The PE sets are laid out in 2x4x2, and is relatively more spacious with ample leg room and good seat pitch. In terms of hardware, CX did very well this time. Software wise (food and service), it was rather mediocre. Crew did not look welcoming, nor happy to be there. It was streets behind their competitor on this same route Singapore airlines. For PE, we are served economy class meal, portion are noticeably smaller than many years ago, plastic cutlery, no salt, pepper sachet and toothpicks provided, it's by request only, all scream to me big cost-cutting. Presentation, portion and taste of food was rather bland, at least we were offered a cup of Hagen Diaz ice cream to finish off the meal. The load was very full, crew were efficient to go through their duties, but there's no charm or smile at all. The good old days when flying with CX was an amazing experience was truly long gone. I bought this one way ticket last minute at a much cheaper rate than SQ. Had I prepared more ahead of time, it's back to Singapore airlines for me.

2/17/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-300ER (77K) v5 seat 46K

On both legs of my trip from LAX to HK my Cathay flight had the 3:4:3 configuration of seats. I will never fly an airline longhaul like this again. I have never had a worse flight, it was beyond cramped with no legroom, the most narrow seat and the curve of the aircraft impeding my space. A really terrible seat on a really terrible flight. I used love Cathay, but since they've changed the number of seats in economy, I won't fly anymore.

2/16/2019 Richard B.Nest

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Newark. Almost everything was wrong with my business class flight. Hard product, seat and IFE were excellent. Ground staff were disinterested. Flight crew were robotic, unsmiling and inefficient. The flight left at 6:30 pm ,yet there was no cocktail/drink service. 10 minutes after seatbelt sign went off a tray of lettuce and unappealing prociutto was put in front of me cafeteria style (supposedly this flight had new CX meal service but it did not). I asked for a drink which elicited "then you are not joining us for dinner?", the drink was served, no napkin, no coaster. Nothing was pro-active at any time. I had to asked for second drink, I had to ask to get entree altho I should not have bothered) which was not even up to coach standards- and no salt or pepper which requires a special request now on CX as it is not served with any of their meals. Dinner service was over 1 hr after flight departed - crew disappeared,no water, drinks, snacks left out in galley - I was told that they do not do that because turbulence could cause it to fall. I have never heard of this. I had to get up several times to ask for water. Bathrooms were shockingly not kept clean and were already barely equipped with amenities. At no time was debris cleared from my seat area - I actually had to bring it to galley. The flight was only 40% full and yet everything was a huge burden on the business class FA's who made no attempt to address me by name. Cathay has rolled over and given up. I would never waste miles or money on this service again, 100% disappointed, disillusioned and truly shocked at what they passed off as tranPacific Business class.

2/16/2019 R Sanyal

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to New York JFK. I boarded the second leg of the flight that had originated in Hong Kong. Despite inclement weather across much of the northern part of the continent, the aircraft arrived on time in Vancouver and pushed back on schedule. However, because of the need to de-ice the aircraft, take off was delayed and we reached New York nearly 45 minutes late. This was an overnight flight. Basic in-flight service was provided. A supper with three options was served at about at midnight, soon after take off. I had no appetite and passed on the meal. Before landing early in the morning, nothing was served, no water, juice or coffee. It would seem that given the timings of the flight, most people would have boarded having had dinner and even continuing passengers from Hong Kong could have been fed before landing in Vancouver. Best if they offered light, late night snacks and served a very light breakfast instead. The seat was okay, the flight attendants attentive, the airplane reasonably tidy. A flight attendant briskly walked down the aisle once holding the duty free catalog but with no expectation of sales and neither did they occur! I should also point out that passengers on this flight to the U.S. are not pre-cleared by US immigration and customs unlike other flights. The Cathay Pacific flight departs from D concourse and because of the lateness of the hour, the convenience of pre-clearance is not available for this flight. I printed out my boarding pass from a machine in the main departure hall. In short, I was glad it was a non-stop flight but in-flight service offered nothing memorable.

2/14/2019 Willem van den Broek

✅ Trip Verified | Adelaide to Chiang Mai via Hong Kong. When arriving at the airport the boarding pass ticketing machine would not give me a pass so a supervisor tried to help me, but couldn't get it to work either. After a fifteen minute delay I was informed that I could not fly seeing I did not have a visa to Thailand. I told her that flying on a European passport, you don't need a visa. She went to check this and , after around another fifteen minutes, told me that I was right but still could not fly seeing I did not have a return ticket. I showed her my travel agents confirmation letter of my booking and she went away to check this only to return twenty minutes later to tell me that they had found it. Then off to the check in counter to pay for my extra baggage, twelve kg in all. I was told that this would be AUS$646. I pointed out that the website states: twelve dollars per kg. They told me that this was only if you pre booked it but myself had tried to do this, my travel agent tried even the Cathay Pacific rep tried but we simply could not do this over the internet. It also states on the CP website: Take more with you for a modest fee and Pre- paid extra lugage enjoy a 20% discount. Now I thought $12 per kg is modest but USD 40 over the top. I was told they could help me, I asked how?, and was told leave some baggage here. Of course this was not possible I needed my lugage. After a long discussion I simply gave up and paid. On my arrival in Chiang Mai I found the carousel littered with my goods, the suitcase had been torn. The airport staff helped me gathering my belongings and I went to report this. I was assured they would try to fix it and yes, after a seven week wait, it was fixed. I contacted Cathay Pacific and they offered me a one hundred dollar voucher as a gesture of their goodwill - I am not happy and want a partial refund.

2/12/2019 G Warren

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Sydney. Disgraceful service attitude and total lack of quality customer focus. Website and App had several broken links. Logins required several attempts to register and even then required re-logins midway. Was only able to select seat 48 hours before takeoff unless willing to pay unrealistic markups on specially reserved seats. Overtly complex categorisation of seats which really seemed like unfocused experimental marketing than of real benefit. Ground service equally over categorised into not checked, checked but no boarding pass and then bag drop. At the gate there was no phone charge socket nor seating so again I had to sit at another gate further up. Onboard I had to put my bag into a compartment several rows ahead of my designated slot due to bad design. There was only a single usb for phone charging and it had a loose connection. My seat also felt like it was not screwed on right. I found plastic wrapper and used chocolates tucked into my seat pocket. The crew was most unwelcome not a single smile and very poor communication skills and quite pushy. Very little information provided in the moving map. Food quality and quantity was poor and was wrapped in excessive amounts of wasteful plastic which even then was not enough to stop it from leaking. Boring magazine offered and no good music. Food and beverages were tightly rationed and service stopped some 2 hours before landing. It took 10 minutes on one occasion before the fasten seat belt sign went on for turbulence. Once landing it took them 10 minutes to turn the lights on so people could see. Flight arrived late. Bags even later and were covered in scratches. The only time the cabin crew were seen to be quick was when they were collecting their bags from the carousel.

2/11/2019 SeatGuru User, Airbus A350-900 (35G) seat 59B

While I was glad to have more legroom, i have mixed feelings on this seat. First, i recommend an eyemask; as you're trying to sleep, the light from the ever-opening bathroom door will bother you. Second, you have no window, just the massive exit door you cannot lean on. Also, as others have said, the person in row 60 seat A will think they can get past you on you left, as its their own personal aisle. I tried putting my bag there after take off but they still climbed over me very awkwardly and rudely as i tried to sleep. Not sure this is worth the money for the upgrade....

2/11/2019 R Sanyal

✅ Trip Verified | Cathay Pacific operates this once a day flight between Hong Kong and JFK New York with a stopover in Vancouver. This is the only non-stop service on this route. This being a true long-haul flight, the plane is designed to travel all the way to HKG. Twin aisles. 3-3-3 seating, lots of in-cabin baggage space, very large collection of films and other entrainment on the personal TV screens, sufficient leg space, pillows and blankets, and complimentary food and alcoholic beverages with a menu card. And there was duty free shopping! No North American carrier matches this level of offering on this route. The fares are very competitive. On my flight, there were lots of empty seats and attendants encouraged us to move to empty rows to stretch out for some winks. A dinner was served with three entree choices including a vegetarian dish. The food was basic - unmemorable. Cabin lights were turned off for this late night flight. Cabin was kept clean. Flight attendants efficient. English announcements by lead in-flight crew was difficult to understand because of accent. The departure was delayed because of late arrival of inbound aircraft. Initial gate assigned was changed from one concourse to another. Public information displays did not reflect changed times and gates causing customers to scramble from one end to another. New departure time was also not updated. These indifferent ground services indicated a callous disregard for the satisfaction of the customers. I ended up visiting three different gates.