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8/4/2013 Sylvia Goddard

AKL to Hong Kong [partial return of my July journey]. Airbus 340/300 with the coffin like seats I have commented on before. I struggle to see why Cathay are a 5* airline. Again I find the service to be OK but just OK. I missed out on a pre take off drink because no one noticed I had arrived and sat down. After that the service is functional but not pro active. You needed to get up and ask for anything and again I saw no cabin walk through. This was a 12 hour mid day flight so they served lunch and then after 6 hours [with 6 to go] they served dinner which very few wanted [most were asleep] and then after the main course that was it - nothing more. Strange. The next part of the journey home is later today this will be the new business class on the Boeing 777. Overall if the price was very good then I would use them again but other far east and middle east airlines are ahead of the game. Not overly impressed mainly because of the lack of service.

8/4/2013 S Goddard

The last leg of my 4 flights (LHR-AKL via Hong Kong return) for those of you that have been following me. Really just the same comments. The new business class seat on the 777 is brilliant and very much ahead of other airlines especially with the 1x2x1 seating. Great comfort storage and privacy also great to have two biz cabins one with only 2 rows in (always get that one if you can). However the service on the ground and in the air still seems just 'OK' and leaves me pondering on how they maintain their 5* rating. Food was very good but lack of service in the cabin makes me think that I will always only fly them again for a very good price and the seat so long as I can get the window one. Other Middle East and Far East airlines offer a better overall product for a premium passenger.

8/4/2013 S Venkat

Recently completed a round trip on SFO-HKG-MAA sector in Premium Economy. Outbound was on 777 and return on 747. Outbound we managed to get front row seats which were extremely comfortable roomy. Return we had two seats in the front and two in back but we swapped with fellow passengers so all four of us sat in the last row. The front row seats had much less room than 777. If you want front row seats make sure you get the side rows and not the center. In 777 it makes no difference as there is a ton of room in both center and side row seats. Food is not bad for Indian vegetarian. Toiletry bag is of inferior quality compared to Emirates Economy and SQ economy. CX offers the shortest connection to MAA from west coast. Flying time of roughly 13 hours to HKG and 12 hours return to SFO. HKG to MAA and return is roughly 5 hours. Service is pretty decent although SQ rates higher IMHO. Premium Economy is worth if you get front row seats otherwise not sure unless you are unable to fit comfortably in Economy seats.

8/4/2013 H Feather

BKK-HKG. Took the 1.20am Thursday July 26 CX706 red-eye from BKK-HKG. Plane took off about 2am. I took a chance and didn't bother to book the emergency exit seat and it paid off as there was plenty of room for me to lay out across the 3 seats in the centre section. Plane had the new economy seating and much more comfortable than the old shell seats. Leg room much better than the hopeless alternative on Thai Air. Staff as usual helpful and attentive. Silly little snack packs provided but at that time of the morning not too bothered. Overall pleasant flight.

6/28/2013 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-300ER (77H) v1 seat 11A

The superior business class section to book on this plane configuration is in the two forward rows (11 and 12) directly behind first class. This puts you in a separate, smaller, quieter and more intimate "enclave" than the main business class cabin. I have gotten in here regularly for flights between HK and JFK and the tranqulity in the forward cabin makes a big difference on those 16 hour long flights.

5/6/2013 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-300ER (77H) v1 seat 30DEFG

Problem with these seats are passengers in 31-34ACDE will keep crossing over to the lavatory, disturbing those in 30DEFG. Also, 30DEFG do not have a compartment to keep small objects like the rows behind.

4/6/2013 Thomas, Boeing 777-200 (772) New Regional seat 16D

Service was alright, leg room is good

4/6/2013 Thomas, Boeing 777-200 (772) New Regional seat 15A

Seating very old, need to upgrade, service was alright in business class food just alright with 5 hours flight

4/6/2013 Thomas, Boeing 747-400 (74A) seat 30A

Short flight with a lot of passenger

4/6/2013 Thomas, Boeing 777-300ER (77G) v3 seat 12K

seat is roomy but food need to improve, I am trying again in the near future

3/30/2013 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-300ER (77H) v1 seat 32HAND32K

These seats also have less legroom than the average Premium Economy Seat. They should NOT be marked in yellow. Instead they should be marked in red. I'm 6'4" tall, and I had to switch seats with the passenger in 32 G because I had no where to place my legs. In 32G, the legroom is technically the same, but is actually enhanced because there's room under the seat to extend one's legs comfortably without obstruction. On the other hand, there's a wall in front of the 32H and 32K seats that really constrains leg room. These two seats have the LEAST legroom in Premium Economy and should be not be sold to anyone over 5'10".

2/23/2012 anonymus, Boeing 747-400 (74A) seat 50K

Great flight with good entertainment. The legroom wasn't bad for economy and the service was great. I recommend this airline.

2/25/2011 Michael McAdam, Boeing 777-200 (772) New Regional seat 15C

I always enjoy CX's wonderful onboard service. Even on a relatively short leg such as Taipei-Hong Kong, there is a full meal service with wine and just enough time to watch an episode of CSI! Wish there was just a touch more pitch in the short haul business product.

2/24/2011 Michael McAdam, Airbus A330-300 (33E) Two Class v1 seat 15A

CX is giving SQ a good run for their money in my books. TPE is almost a second hub for CX and offer a comfortable lounge at Chiang Kai-Shek airport. Service on board CX is always attentive and I had a wonderful chat with the f/a about a new Chinese wine that was being piloted on CX (although we both agreed that Chinese viniculture needed another 20 years to catch up to world standards.) I do wish the medium haul seats in J were a bit more spaciously appointed, but for short hops of less than three hours they are quite adequate.

3/27/2008 Tomás González de Rosenzweig, Boeing 777-200 (772) New Regional seat 15D

Home-made video for the Cathay's Pacific new first class suites. They seem pretty much as SIA's Business Class...

11/27/2007 Francisco Gonzalez, Airbus A330-300 (33E) Two Class v1 seat 36D

Not my kind of seat at all. You get bothered by people next to you who want to get out. Also, the food cart will kick you on your shoulder/knee/head if you are not careful. They are passing by all the time.

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