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6/30/2019 Mandi Benedict

✅ Trip Verified | Shanghai to San Francisco. This was my worst flying experience. On our way to Thailand, our flight was delayed in San Francisco causing us to miss our connecting flight in Shanghai. No big deal we thought, until we got to the ticket counter and the guy working was trying to blame us for missing our flight. I tried explaining that our flight was delayed causing us to arrive late and miss the flight. Never did he say sorry or show any sympathy. I explained to him how we were missing a day in our already paid for resort, an excursion, and our pre paid car. He said 'so what, were getting you free tickets'. No, we already paid and missing this flight was their fault not ours. Whatever, we made it work, rerouted to Bangkok and then Phuket. Lost out on over $400. On our way home, leaving Shanghai our flight was once again delayed. They sent us an email two hours before in Chinese. This once again caused us to miss our connecting flight back home to Denver from San Francisco. I understand things happen, but they showed no sympathy and instead of offering us compensation for our lost time and money, they made us feel uncomfortable the whole time. The extra money to fly with another airline is worth it.

5/26/2019 B Mallon

✅ Trip Verified | Flew with China Eastern from Gatwick to Bali via Shanghai and back to Heathrow. Flight from Gatwick was poor compared to the flight back to Heathrow. On the return leg the food was good and flight attendants attentive. However, the flight from Gatwick could be much improved. We were served food within an hour of departure and then didn't see the flight attendants again until two hours before we landed; an almost 8 hour absence. No snacks. No water. 8 hours. Flight to Bali on old a330, no entertainment and again, limited FA presence. However, tickets were extremely cheap and so long as you stock up with water and snacks before the flight it is worth travelling with them for the cheap tickets.

5/24/2019 S Camaphon

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Bangkok via Shanghai. I am a physician, normally fly at least 1-2 times/year, for volunteer medical/surgical mission work. I used China Eastern airline for the first time, flying out Jan 30. I had problem at the airport when checking in, which never before in my traveling experience. My passport has printed out my first and middle name in short and not spelled out in full as in ticket. I showed 3 different government issued IDs to identify myself. The counter agent would not issue me a boarding pass and insisted that my traveling agent change my ticket name. When I called the traveling agent, they would take 2 days, and advised me to ask the airline agent at the airport to do that for me. However, the airport agent and her supervisor refused to help me at all. They were extremely rude to me, literally man-handled me to step aside so they can help other customer. I stood there for over 1 hr. Finally, I asked my traveling agent to book me with the different airline at the same day or tomorrow flight. When I asked the supervisor to do in writing that they refused to issue me my boarding pass and the reason, she came out later and told me that she can now help me correct the name on ticket to be exactly same as the passport. The aircraft was quite old, not a lot of comforting equipment. WiFi was not working, and when asked the flight attendant, she said will let me know when function return, but she never told me for the rest of 14 hr flight. Flight attendant never once ask what I need during the entire flight, I had to press call button and wait for 30 min each time I need something. In conclusion, the service was worst than economy class, despite being business class. On the way returning from Bangkok, I did not have any problem at the counter at all, although took extra 15 min to check in due to my name on passport again. The food was also just tasted like coming from a vending machine. Even though the ticket in business class is $1,000 cheaper than other airline, I will never fly with China Eastern again. Furthermore, my brand new luggage was completely destroyed

5/24/2019 J Meers

✅ Trip Verified | This is a generic review for China Eastern. As usual, I need to add 30-49 minutes on each keg at both each airport because Chiba Eastern is too cheap to pay for an actual gate. 85% of the time when flying on MU you will need to take a bus to and from the aircraft which causes so many additional delays.

5/22/2019 L Marsh

✅ Trip Verified | Cebu to Chicago via Shanghai. This was the worst flight I have ever flown. The staff was not very friendly. The food was terrible, and this has been the only airline that didn't have me verify your food choices before the flight. I was told that I needed to have done that before somehow (never has this happen before), this meant they didn't have anything vegetarian to eat unless ordered before. There was only one food option for the other people and again never had a flight with only one option. Staff did dig up a couple small things like a fruit cup, donut etc which was greatly appreciated for the 14 hour flight. Hugely dissatisfied with this flight experience and would never use again.

5/22/2019 G Marsten

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Cebu via Shanghai. I stayed up the night before my flight, petrified of of the terrible reviews I was reading. It wasn't a bad experience, well worth the price of my roundtrip from Canada to the Philippines with a quick stopover in Shanghai. You can't expect premium service for bargain prices, but I'd say nothing was bad about this airline, just average quality (minus the wi-fi, which was non-existent). I found the food perfectly fine- no vegetarian options, but it was served hot and was serviceable, though definitely nothing to write home about. The staff were pleasant enough and had decent English, the in-flight entertainment had an average selection of movies with Chinese subs, and the plane itself was very clean and comfortable enough, if a bit cramped. What matters was every flight left on time and got me to my destination in one piece. Overall I'd recommend it for the price.

5/18/2019 C Garlan

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Toronto via Shanghai. Absolute worst. Booked a flight with China Eastern for May 16th (Kuala Lumpur 2a.m. To Shanghai arr 7:30a.m./Shanghai midday to Toronto 2:25pm. That same day). I then booked a independent ticket to my final destination Montreal couple hours after my planned arrival in Toronto. After couple weeks, get an email that the airline has modified my itinerary. My flight from Shanghai to Toronto remained the same, but my flight from Kuala Lumpur departs at 4p.m. And land in shanghai at 10:30pm. How am I suppose to then leave from Shanghai at midday if I only arrive hours later. Obviously I can’t. Trying to contact the airline is the worst, no email address, totally useless on Messenger, several phone number for HotLine. Unfortunately, they keep you on hold for ever and if you luckily Finally get to talk to someone, they just hang up on you. It is a rather stressing process, and costly as having to pay for all these minutes of International calls while oversea. Luckily for me, I booked through an agency which finally managed to get me on a flight a day earlier which would get me to destination. I tried still to contact the airline has they usually would have to accommodate me for the now 27 wait I have in Toronto, but they refused to do so. Even worst, they did not even apologize for the inconvenience and extra cost this is causing me. They were also denying they changed the flight at first, trying to blame the agency, telling me I should had ask for support while on layover in shanghai, etc. She finally admitted the first flight I was booked on had been cancelled,etc. Still no kind of compensation, no apologies. i had tried contacting the airline for more than 6 weeks by now, which I had proof of. For the flight experience it is not terrible but pretty average. The flight attendant were not helping people store their luggage in the overhead compartment, so boarding was a bit chaotic. Also many customer were too short to access these compartments. Seat area is spacious, thank God on a 14 hrs flight. Flight entertainment offers an average and limited selection. Flight attendant were not rude, but not really friendly or helpful. They did not respond to the service button request. We got served two meals and a snack on a 14 hrs flight. The snack was a tuna sandwich (quite hard and dry), since I don’t like fish, I asked if there was another option. The flight attendant told me next meal is at midnight. Next meal was awful, plane food is not usually that exciting, but this I could literally not keep in my mouth. Sides are really light too so can’t rely on that to fill up. Luckily they serve butter and bread so I just asked for extra. They ran out of many drinks option. On a 14 hrs flight, not being able to get any other juice than orange, or no wine available from mid flight is pretty lame. This is my first time ever writing a review for an airline, and I fly quite frequently. I have use low cost airline which offer better customer service than this. I live on undeveloped islands in Cambodia, I am not a princess nor fussy. But this was a truly frustrating experience. So much stress for weeks not knowing if I would have to buy a different flight myself and loose money. I had confirmation from agency that my flight was changed, but on airline website, no departure info was available after the modification. It only showed my return details. So until I checked in and got my boarding pass, I still wasn’t sure I was truly booked in.

5/16/2019 Guangya Xu

✅ Trip Verified | Beijing to Dongying. It's a short domestic flight in the evening. Shouldn't expect a lot for 1 hour flight in single aisle aircraft. It's good that they still offer desserts and drink in business class. But the cabin was outdated, entertainment screen are smaller than most economy screen in intercontinental flights. Limited choices for movies and everything, hard to operate and hard to switch off.

5/14/2019 S Gatiris

✅ Trip Verified | Shanghai to Rome. For economy this is was a very pleasant journey. Had a seat by the exit which allowed for plenty of leg room. Hostesses were all friendly. The IF system could do with a refinement as the volume wasnt good and the choice limited. Also the food was not great but ok overall.

5/10/2019 Zeke, seat 6L

Point of clarification: Shanghai Air (FM) is owned by China Eastern and we were on a Shanghai Air flight with an identical seat layout however there is no listing here for them. We were on a DL codeshare and could not set a seat selection from FM directly but had to go through DL and only within 90 days of the flight. My wife and I were assigned 6 J & L, bulkhead seats, as that was all that FM would allow DL to see for availability. These bulkhead seats have slightly less legroom than the other seats in business but we were by no means cramped. Seat width is 21-22" and would give them score of 8 out of 10 for comfort but very clean. The IFE English selection is surprisingly good, much better than our flights on KE but the screens small (10" diagonal). Of the 12 business seats only 5 were occupied and once airborne the other occupants chose to sleep (daytime flight), leaving the FA to tend to just 2 of us. The food was slightly better than average and although the FA spoke little English, she kept our wine glasses full. Service was A+. Was not expecting much from this Asian carrier so it was nice to be pleasantly surprised.

5/7/2019 W Robert Kmen

✅ Trip Verified | Beijing to Hong Kong via Shanghai. I had modest expectations for these flights with China Eastern, but I was pleasantly surprised. There are still vestiges of the airline's struggle with the smoking culture of China. - they seem to have managed to quash the habit of the flight crew to surreptitiously smoke, but in some other places, the smell has lingered. The van used to transport business class passengers to the parked aircraft smelled like we were traveling inside an over-used ashtray. Other aspects of the experience were more positive. The aircraft was clean and neat. The flight attendants were cheerful and attentive and did their best to communicate in English - I was impressed considering that the first segment was a domestic flight from Beijing to Shanghai. The meal options were well presented. Beer and wine generously offered, but no harder options were available. We departed and arrived on-time, and my suitcase was on the belt when I cleared immigration. The lounge experience was acceptable, but I will address that in another review.

5/4/2019 G Tang

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Toronto via Shanghai. The worst airline ever. KUL to PVG May2 and PVG to YYZ May 3. They lost my check bag on the first flight, and on the second flight they have cancelled my pre-booked seat. When I talked to them, the attitude is, I will simply give you a seat, take it or leave it.

5/2/2019 Jan Brice

Not Verified | New York JFK to Beijing via Shangai. My experience was very good for the flight itself. Boarding was easy, crew was friendly, the plane looked new and very clean and the food was surprisingly good! We were 2 hours late leaving JFK with no announcements as to why (turned out the weather in Shanghai was bad where we had a connecting flight.) So, I missed my flight to Beijing and no one could speak English to help us. The only next flight was 2:45 the next day which meant we missed a day with our tour group. We also had problems finding our luggage. The airline did provide us with a hotel that night which was comfortable. My only real complaint was that none of the airline employees at the airport seemed concerned about anything or wanting to help.

4/30/2019 PK Mishra

✅ Trip Verified | Our ticket was from Beijing to Delhi, flt no MU563 dated 28 April 19. We checked in at Beijing, counter staff couldn't tell us whether flt to Delhi via Shanghai was on the same aircraft or a change at Shanghai was needed. Single Boarding pass was given from Beijing to Delhi with seat nos. My seat no was 38H. Aircraft at Beijing itself was delayed by 2 hours, however, no proper intimation given to passengers. Language was another problem at Beijing airport. On boarding, none of the cabin crew could clarify whether we remain in the same aircraft on landing at Shanghai or deboard and change the aircraft. At Shanghai when aircraft was almost empty, we were asked to deboard without further directions. On arrival at Shanghai terminal, we were at loss for some time as no airline staff were available to direct Delhi passengers. Wheelchair passengers and senior citizens faced special problem. After 30 minutes, seeing large number of people asking about Delhi flight, one airline staff appeared, probably on pressure from airport security. The staff herded us to various counters of immigration and full security checks (again). We had to run at every counter to catch the flight. Things could have been well handled airline by making proper announcements at Beijing airport, in aircraft and at Shanghai airport. China Eastern Airlines should take corrective measures in future.

4/23/2019 T Polson

✅ Trip Verified | Shanghai to Sydney. Absolutely rude staff at the check in. We were travelling as a couple and were given two seperate seats 30 rows apart. We asked staff to see if they could reunite us given that my wife was pregnant and I couldn't leave her alone for the duration of the flight. Staff were very reluctant to help and had a very aggressive and rude attitude towards us. It looked like staff were not expecting such a simple request and were looking at us as if we were criminals for making such a request! Very bad experience with this airline. In-flight service was mediocre and very basic.

4/22/2019 Rory Moore

✅ Trip Verified | SYD-PVG then AMS-PVG and PVG-SYD (three long-haul flights) over Feb and March. Each flight left and arrived as scheduled and was a pleasant experience with friendly, helpful cabin crew. Meal options (4) were each very tasty (especially the Asian options) and alcohol generously served throughout the flight. An assortment of self-serve snacks were available between meals. The lie-flat beds were a little tight around the feet, and the cabin a little warm for a perfect sleep on the three overnight flights but nevertheless a reasonable number of hours of Z's were achieved. If requested, the crew will leave you asleep and not wake you for meals. IFE had a reasonable selection of recent release and an assortment of foreign films. Not the greatest in the world, but OK for the average 10 hour sectors. The spoken English standard of the crew was variable, but communication overall was not a problem either in the air or at check-in.

4/20/2019 Jill Hansen

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Shanghai. 48 hrs into our hazardous experience trying to get home, I wish I had known about China Eastern Airlines. My husband and I arrived in Kuala Lumpur on April 18th around midnight to catch a connecting flight on our way home from vacation (leaving Borneo headed for Reno, NV). Our connecting flight was to leave approx 2am. I was held up because my ticket said Jill Hansen and my passport said Jill A Hansen. No amount of common sense would apply. No matter how many countries or check points I had crossed. Nor would China Eastern change the name on my ticket per my authorization. They insisted Malaysia Airlines needed to make the change. My husband requested by phone that Malaysia Airlines make the change and they refused saying China Eastern could make the change. We were effectively trapped in the Kuala Lumpur airport. Also China Eastern said we had missed the connecting flight much earlier (anyway) as their flights close one hour prior to take off? We found that quite unusual, but the front staff supervisor insisted this was accurate. China Eastern staff also assured us all flights were booked the next day. We could not understand what was happening and grew very frightened of this company and their staff. We called another airline, Cathay Pacific and booked a flight out. It cost us $2400. We were not alone. Several other families were being trapped under the same ruse. We escaped, but a warning needs to go out to US travelers. It is very scary and costly experience. Please start communicating this. I’m still not home after almost 3 days of travel, but wanted to share this story. When we asked them to provide a letter or some documentation on our missed flight and the reason we were not allowed on the plane, they directed us to an office on another floor. They assured us someone would be there to assist us. We hiked to this office only to find a dark hall and a locked door.

4/20/2019 A Hubert

Not Verified | Shanghai to Melbourne. MU737 on 19th April 2019. Total chaos at check-in. Ground staff was not able to manage the queues. Arrived at checkin gate 2.5 hours prior to departure, almost missed the flight

4/7/2019 S Bee

Not Verified | Yangon to New Zealand via Kunming. Do not fly to NZ on this airline. You have to get de-embark and reembark in China and Sydney, luggage and all. China is a terrible place to fly through, rude, officious, uncomfortable and unpleasant.

4/4/2019 L Kin Keung

✅ Trip Verified | Kunming to Shenzhen. My wife and I went up to Check-in Counter E36 at about 7:15 am on 2 April, about 3 hours before the time of our flight --- fortunately. After checking our China permits and HKSAR passports, the lady told us that the reservation list did contain our names. But the corresponding numbers for our names are totally different from our permit/passport numbers. So she couldn't give us the plane tickets, even though we had paid for them on-line at Expedia website. At first, she did not want to help us at all. Then we insisted to see her supervisor. Shortly afterwards, a man came and simply told us the problem was with Expedia and not with the airline, that we should call Expedia and asked them to change the numbers for our names accordingly. After more arguments, he asked the lady at Counter E36 to help us. She took us to another counter where many more phone calls were made. Finally, they fixed the problem and gave us the tickets. The whole fuss went on for about 45 minutes and at the end we were not given any explanation for the problem. Nor was any apology given. They kept insisting that the problem was ours and the airline was not responsible for the mistake. During all my trips, I never experienced anything like that. I will never choose this airline again.