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6/15/2019 Claus, Airbus A330-200 seat 1C

Corsair seems to have changed quite a bit since last reviews in 2011. I flew business and surprisingly i slept better than on most other carriers - with 193cm todays C Cl seats which get tight at the foot end drive me crazy and Corsairs seats had more space. Overall great value for money and great flight from A to Z. Just read their premium Economy was rated "best of the world" out of 40 airlines.

5/23/2019 Zafrullah Hamzah

✅ Trip Verified | Paris Orly to Pointe-à-Pitre. Good service in business class. 2-2-2 layout. 12 business class seats in total. The outbound flight was quiet, so each business class passenger had two seats on his/her own. Food was good though I thought they served the 2nd meal a bit too late as I was getting a bit too hungry. Inbound flight business class cabin was full. Service was a bit more hurried but was still good and acceptable. There was only one toilet in business class and at times there was a wait as several passengers from premium economy were coming forward to use the business class toilet. I have no problem with this but Corsair should probably have 2 toilets in the business class cabin if it is too be shared with premium economy. The music albums in their entertainment system were surprisingly shocking. I did know any of the artists and I happen to follow French songs/music. For a French airline not to have any mainstream artists like Matt Pokora, Shy'M, Amel Bent or more seasoned stars like Julien Clerc (who happens to have connections with Guadeloupe as well) is quite surprising.

5/12/2019 Lebidule, Boeing 747-400 seat 16K

Belle virée dans le nez de l'appareil en 2016, un calme absolu, magnifique voyage!

5/12/2019 LeBidule, Boeing 747-400 seat 66A

2 sièges à l'arrière, places avec supplément. Un peu bruyant mais idéal lorsque l'on voyage à deux et que l'on veux rester entre quatre yeux. L'écran tactile fonctionne lorsque l'on a un peu de patience, il faut y aller avec l'embout du casque pour qu'il réponde... Perso nous utilisons Corsair On Sky sur notre téléphone portable. Il y a eu qq turbulences sur le vol mais il ne s'agit pas d’éléments liés au Boeing747.

4/23/2019 Lucas, Boeing 747-400 seat 8A

Excellent flight, the "grand large" class from corsair is definitely a good price-performance ratio.

3/9/2019 Kai Matuschewski

✅ Trip Verified | Thanks to an exceptional deal to the Caribbean I had the chance to fly Corsair, a french-based leisure airline. Coming from a neighbouring country I had no clue what to expect and planned on being on a typical holiday flight with minimal service. I was more than pleasantly surprised and had a very enjoyable flight to the Caribbean and back. Check-ins in Orly and Fort-de-France were a breeze, staff on the airline very attentive and full of smiles. Perhaps thanks to the very civilized french holiday crowd the flights were relaxed and quiet. And we were treated with a full meal and drinks of choice (including decent french wine) and snacks before landing. All in all, an outstanding flight experience, which I will gladly repeat at any given time. Highly recommended!

3/4/2019 R Carbault

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Pointe a Pitre. Cabin very densified. I chose duo seat for more space. Standard seating comfort but rather quickly uncomfortable. The cabin, dating from 2012, is aging rather well. IFE: old generation and not at all reactive. The touch works with the nail but you have to be patient as the reactivity is bad. The catering is just ok. The quantities are minimalist, even for the eco, the taste is correct when the search for originality is totally absent. The snack (2 brownies) before arrival is a petty joke. FR: Cabine très densifiée. J'ai choisi siège en duo pour plus d'espace. Confort d'assise standard mais assez rapidement inconfortable. La cabine, datant de 2012, vieillit plutot bien. IFE: d'ancienne génération et pas du tout réactif. Le tactile fonctionne avec l'ongle .. mais il faut être patient tant la réactivité est mauvaise. Le catering est tout juste correct. Les quantités sont minimalistes, meme pour de l'éco, le goût est correct quand la recherche d'originalité est totalement absente. La collation (2 brownies) avant arrivée est une blague bien mesquine.

11/26/2018 Oded Eilon

Not Verified | Old Boeing 747 aircraft, but clean and enough legroom. Entertainment is very average, but this airline is value for money - what you pay is what you get. I paid round trip 11 hours flight to the amazing island of Reunion 630$, its very good price and cannot complain. Corsair offer solid product, the food is bad on board, but many airlines that offer higher rates, serve bad food as well. Clean plane, good and friendly service and offer enough drink during the flight include wine.

11/12/2018 Gheesah mehzabeen, Airbus A330-200 seat 26F

Nice and smooth trip. Good service from flight crew. Very satisfied with my journey though long. Some good movies available also.

5/5/2018 Asselin Eric, Boeing 747-400 seat 67A

It a good place, with more space between the seat and the wall than the others. We were four, my wife and my children, and it's very nice to be together like this.

4/28/2018 Sophie D. & Dirk I., Boeing 747-400 seat 69F

Our seats have been changed during the check-in. Instead to seat in the middle we had the two places at the right. In fact, easier :) to go to the toilet. There was a package (headphones, blanket, ...) We watch movies (baby boss, downsizing). The quality of the image and headphones was excellent. One of the hostess came to help us because the screen has to be touch by a finger nail or top of a ball pen. We like to sit at the end of the airplane (nobody who push on the head of the seat). For us its comfortable because we size 1M60 - 1M70. Our legs have enough place. The Boeing is a very big airplane, they managed well the embarquement starting with babies, elder people, people with a disability, ... then with the latest numbers, like ours 69, so we were one of the first to enter in the ship. I think we left on time. The aircraft landed 30' before the arrival hour. Once in the air a cocktail was proposed. The food was okay (chicken with paella I think). There is a lot of perturbations over the ocean. But I felt save in the Boeing (surprisingly). The atmosphere during the flight was relatively calm & smooth. It was one of the best sleeps that I had on a plane. Breakfast (compote, bread) was very basic. Coffee is bitter.

4/10/2018 Andreea Tudor

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Réunion via Mauritius. If you are not French or you don’t speak the language you’re in for a really nice surprise. Nobody in no position will know more than 2-3 words that barely make sense. Somebody was feeling sick so we had to make a forced stop in Rome. I had no idea what was going on. Needed a lot of power of deduction when trying to speak to a flight attendant to understand what was going on. They said we were to get off to refuel just to keep us on the plane for 1 more hour so that we find out that we were not going to proceed to our destination but surprise go back to Paris where nobody knows anything and again nobody bothers with English. We were sent to a hotel after a long wait and cold shoulder treatment (in French of course) after being ping ponged around between check in and their desk where nobody knows when the flight is or what’s about to happen. They put out another announcement and guess what only language they used saying to meet outside for the bus (lucky for me I was one little bit attentive in my French class in high school). One lady at their counter said and I quote “we don’t know probably at the beginning of night “ referring to the flight to take us to our destination. How are they going to give me my days of holiday back when they can’t even point me in the right direction for the mysterious hotel. Avoid this airline at all cost!

3/26/2018 cleiren - geerst, Boeing 747-400 seat 46A

very good can we have the same seats on 31/04/2018 to go back ? thanks

3/3/2018 Le Goff, Boeing 747-400 seat 6K

C’est pas mal

9/1/2017 S Porter

✅ Verified Review | Montreal to Paris. Not what I expected and paid for. I have been flying with Corsair almost every summer for the last few years in Grand Large. I was appreciating the extra space at a price similar to Air Canada full fare economy class, and Orly and not Roissy arrival (more convenient for me ), A1 passage at Orly with the lounge. Surprise: during the last trip, no light purple seats. It was full flat bed but not working properly. Surprise: the crew did not speak french, barely English but Portuguese, and service was almost non existent. They dont work for Corsair, they work for Hi Fly - an unknown Portuguese charter line based in Malta. There was a few real Corsair employees on board but not enough. The turbulences were bad that day and I was crossing my fingers that the pilots were more competent than the stewardesses and that the plane was in working order. As the interior was more East Asia style than european, I did my little research and it was an old plane for SriLankan Airlines. The food was good in Grand Large. The entertainment system was a joke: less than 10 movies. Lucky us we had some on our I Pads (loaded for a Rouge flight). Probably the last time I fly with them. They are reconfiguring their Grand Large for a real business class with beds, decreasing in half the number of seats and likely doubling their prices. Note: for those flying to Orly, massive construction until 2019 (linking Orly Sud and Orly West) with a lot of gates missing and plane transfer by buses.

7/25/2017 Yann Tournon

✅ Verified Review | I paid and book several months in advance a flight with the company Corsair and to my disappointment I end up on a charter plane of a Portuguese company flying from Montreal to Paris. Why pay for Corsair flight at a full price to end up on a foreign charter plane. Entertainment onboard only has old movies that I have seen in flight on other routes several years ago. No relation with the one that is posted on the Corsair site. Moreover the French leaves a lot to be desired on board. My mother tongue being French I myself had difficulty understanding. I call this stealing customers and this is the last time I would travel with Corsair. Pay the price for Corsair and finish with a charter company called Hi Fly, no thanks.

7/5/2017 G Lachen

✅ Verified Review | Reunion to Paris. Corsair's service is getting worse year after year. Whether it be communication or service. Much of the information provided on the website is inaccurate. The company boasts daily 7am-10pm hotline for frequent users, I called at 8.30 only to hear a message saying they were closed. I sent messages on social networks and never got a decent reply, let alone help. I need to buy more luggage for my trip, the webste announces a total 9 pieces allowed, and the opportunity to book up to 4 from the website, but you actually can book only 2. Onboard the meal was honestly the worst ever (they never are very good in aircrafts but that one was inedible). I even advised a friend who was flying with them a few days later to bring his own meal and am planning to do the same for my return flight. I've been flying to France about 2 or 3 times a year for 10 years and never had such a bad meal before. The tactile screen was old, scratched, and not very reactive, which led the person behind me to push the buttons quite fiercely - it moved my seat and prevented me from sleeping since the screen is attached to the seat in front of you. And while leaving the aircraft, a hostess physically pushed my friend instead of asking him to use the path where she required him to go.

5/25/2017 G Herring, Airbus A330-300 seat 44C

We chose row 44 A & C because these are at the rear and the seats are in pairs instead of threes (A,B,C). I found that the winged headrest on my seat was damaged and did not fold forward properly. Obviously nothing could be done at the time but crew were informed. The IFE was selection in both English & French was good, however my partner's screen (44a) was badly scratched and not 'touch' receptive. Seat width was normal for economy class and pitch acceptable especially as I could stretch my legs into the wider aisle space without preventing others from passing. this was a night flight and we had the usual choice of two dinner menus with wine/beer/soft drinks and a 'help yourself' selection of drinks left at the rear of the cabin throughout the flight. Shortly before landing we we given a rather disappointing 'breakfast box', but after an eleven hour flight it didn't seem to matter too much. We have flown with Corsair a on seven or eight occasions and find that the service for the price, compared to other carriers, is better than expected.

11/26/2016 F Duroet

Montreal to Paris Orly. Corsair postponed my evening flight to the next morning. They refunded me 17$ Canadian, saying they only refund expenses incurred before the flight. I asked their customer service to direct me to their policy which I didn't see on their website nor on my boarding pass/booking confirmation, and they stopped responding to me. I live in Canada, and their call centre hours, 9 am to noon France time, make it impossible for me to call them. First and last time flying with them.

11/16/2015 David Higgins

Paris Orly to Saint-Denis, Reunion with Corsair. Very disappointing lounge at Orly Airport, poor food, only bread and cheese and nothing refilled. Plenty of champagne and wines etc. The worst was the very dirty carpets. This didn't look good for our first Corsair flight. The flight itself was excellent, with lovely food and drink and very attentive staff. Looking forward to return journey on 21st November.