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6/8/2019 C Morton

✅ Trip Verified | Santiago de Cuba to Havana. My wife and I spent three weeks wandering Cuba and, overall, had a wonderful time filled with exceptional experiences... our flight with Cubana Airlines was not one of those experiences. If it were only the close to two hour delay we experienced (apparently this is a regular occurrence with Flight 205, Santiago to Habana), then I wouldn't be writing this negative review. The fact that they detained us and all their other delayed customers in a very hot, stuffy room with no air conditioning or fans... I'd be willing to let that slide. Even having to wait an extra hour at the baggage carousel for our checked bags wouldn't have inspired me... but after discovering that items had been stolen from both my bag & my wife's is when my real issue began. I personally picked up both my backpack & my wife's and carried them myself to our waiting taxi. I put them in the trunk of our taxi, where they stayed until we arrived at our destination. I was present when our driver opened his trunk & I then picked up both bags and carried them to our room, no one else touched our bags as soon as they were back in our custody and when we arrived in our room and began unpacking I we discovered items missing. All the items just so happened to be in the most easily accessed compartments of our bags. Unless our driver had someone hiding in his trunk then the theft had to have occurred while our bags were in Cubana Airline's custody. The next morning I contacted Cuba Travel Services (who we booked our tickets through) and they told me to send an email as soon as I got home, which I did. The folks at Cuba Travel Services were responsive and helpful, I believe they did all they could do, but an cannot offer any similar compliments for Cubana Airlines. After filing our theft claim we didn't hear back from Cubana Airlines for over a month at which point they explained that since I didn't file a claim at the airport in Havana, they weren't willing to do anything. I found this response unsatisfactory and absurd for a number of reasons, one being that there would be no reason for me to unpack our bags at the baggage carousel, so how could I possibly discover that we had items missing? Cubana Airlines only reached out to Cuba Travel Services, they made no effort to contact me directly, they have offered no compensation for the theft nor have they truly expressed any regret or apologies. They don't even seem concerned that they have employees handling customer's bags and stealing items while in their custody. I have almost nothing but wonderful things to say about Cuba and its people, but I have no love for Cubana AIrlines and while we plan to return to Cuba we do not plan to fly with Cubana again.

4/7/2019 Andrew Martin

Not Verified | Madrid to Havana. Myself and my girlfriend had wanted to go to Cuba for some time and in 2015 we realised our dream to visit the island. We decided on flying with Cubana from Madrid to Havana and return so as to spend a couple of days in Madrid on our return journey through Madrid. I booked our flights which were scheduled for a Saturday departure from Madrid and booked our connecting flights from Dublin to Madrid with Ryanair. A few weeks before departure I received an email notifying me that the flight had changed as was now leaving Madrid on Friday. This change of plan cost me another €200 in new flights with Ryanair. Got to Madrid, checked in for our flight and after about an hours delay we were on our way on board an Ilyushin Il-96 with the smell of stale urine emanating from the toilets. Fast forward 2 weeks later and we find ourselves back at Havana airport for the 10pm flight back to Madrid. The tired old Il-96 is towed on to the stand and shortly after boarding commences. Engines are started, we push back off stand and a few minutes later return to stand. Everybody disembarks and sits in the terminal awaiting news of our flight. Very little info is forthcoming from official sources but a helpful fellow passenger explains to us what is happening. The flight is delayed then cancelled. We get a voucher for a roll but little else. We bed down for the night on uncomfortable airport seats as no hotel or accommodation is offered. Not much sleep was had and after a 14 hour delay we finally take off for Madrid arriving at around 3.30 in the morning. We were both given a form to fill in presumably to claim for compensation which I posted to the airline but I never got a reply. All in all, Cubana despite being the cheapest option to Havana ended up costing me more because of their schedule change and offered nothing in the way of compensation for the 14 hour delay on our return. That was our first and last experience with Cubana, you have been warned!

10/1/2018 G Lameen

✅ Trip Verified | Santiago to Havana. We would never fly this company again. We were flying from Santiago De Cuba to Havana, and that same day from Havana to Paris. The flight from Santiago De Cuba was with Cubana Airlines. This flight was delayed 2 times and it took 2 hours instead of 1:30 hours. We were never informed of why this was happening. Because of these delays we missed our other flight to Paris and had to pay a lot of money for a new ticket. We would not recommend flying with them AT ALL. Apparently they are almost always late and/or the flights are cancelled.

9/11/2018 Ramiro Bassi

✅ Trip Verified | Havana to Buenos Aires. I had no trouble with the schedule departure time. Aircraft is a Russian aircraft. Uncomfortable. No entertainment. Food was the worst I've ever seen or tasted for a premium cabin. Toilet was old, dirty. The flight attendants were ok but it doesn't make you feel you are in a premium cabin. They took the food that was left, with them. These people are hungry in their country. I would never fly with them again. Not for pleasure, not for work.

2/23/2018 Deborah Schultz

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Caya Coco. Flight out, on time. Staff provided a lovely breakfast sandwich with juice and dessert. Coffee/water served for free. Beer wine offered at a very modest price. Touchdown early. On return, again flight on time, arrival very early than expected - sandwich lunch again for no charge and coffee and water. With all the other airlines charging for every scrap of amenities I don’t understand what people complain about, And the washrooms did not smell! I would fly Cubana at any time.

2/16/2018 A Manter

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Santiago de Cuba, Jan 25th 2018 Flight 191 - departure scheduled for 12:55 - actual lift off from runway at 4am Jan 26 - apparently technical/mechanical difficulties with the aircraft that arrived, on time, to fly us there; plane eventually towed away for repairs and etc - passengers were at least issued lunch and dinner vouchers for $20 each. But the duration of the delay was severe - by the time we got to SCU, disembarked from the aircraft and got out to the luggage carousel, a number of passengers then discovered that their luggage had not arrived with the flight - details were recorded, by hand, at the airport lost & found, for each passenger but no claim forms issued, no receipts provided, no information or other assistance of any use provided; just a lot of throwing up of the arms into the air. Passengers on this flight lost a full day of their vacation as well as a hotel room night, both of which they'd already paid for and did not receive. Trying to get meaningful information on the whereabouts of the missing luggage and when it would be delivered to us at our hotel was met with mostly uninformative dismissiveness - complaints have been lodged with the tour operator and the airline. Tour operator and airline should be providing complainants with better levels of compensation than just meal vouchers after all that we have been through. On this episode, you get a 1 - will still be using the tour operator and the airline; but come on people!

1/19/2018 Giovanni Giorgis

✅ Trip Verified | We could not book our seats together online or on the phone, so we had to go to their office in Havana, which was chaotic to say the least and the staff were rude. When we got to the airport we were in a huge queue, which snaked around the terminal. When we finally made it to the front of the queue, we were refused boarding because we did not have a print out of our ticket out of Costa Rica! There's no WIFI at Havana Airport and we could not use the data on our UK mobile phones to retrieve the details of our booked AA tickets out of Costa Rica (AA staff on the ground would not help us either). We went to see the Cubana manager in his office, and he was rude and did not care that we were stranded. We explained we were waiting for a text message from a friend with the flight info out of Costa Rica, but he did not care. They are obviously operating a scam to get people to pay twice at huge prices or free up seats they can resell. There were other people in the same terrible situation as us on the day. Once refused departure, we could not get on another Cubana flight for 4 days so we ended up having to buy an expensive ticket with a different airline to get to Costa Rica, as by then we'd received our flight details from Costa Rica. Never again! Avoid like the plague!

10/14/2017 Tilo Saurin

✅ Verified Review | Cubana Airlines is the worst airline I ever flew with. We used the airline for a domestic flight within Cuba (Havanna to Holguin). The flight was around 5,5 hours delayed, the airline communicated nothing in advance and never said sorry for the circumstances. They offered no free drinks or a snack, the information at the airport in Havanna was horrible. They only changed the departure time on the monitors. In Holguin the pilot was not able to meet to runway in the first attempt and needed a second landing. In Holguin Cubana needed 45 minutes to bring the luggage to us. My leather bag was impured with white color. Nobody at the Holguin airport, no employee of Cubana felt responsible to help me. For safety reasons I would avoid dmestic flights in Cuba. They had no print tickets and wrote our boarding pass with a pen! At the safety check they dont want to see my passport! I will never again fly with Cubana and can't recommend this company to you.

8/11/2017 C Partane

✅ Verified Review | Upon arrival to Cayo Largo, our luggage was lost after a direct flight from Toronto to Cayo Largo. A fiasco was about to start, nobody could help us locate our luggage, nobody knew how to contact Toronto to see if our luggage was sent on the plane, nobody understood what we were trying to ask. After the Cubana Hola Sun representative finally understood that we did not receive our luggage, and had an airport rep scribble on a piece of paper of apparently what seemed to be a lost luggage report. The Hola Sun rep insisted we get on a bus to our hotel, when we wanted to receive answers before leaving the airport on the status of where our luggage was located and how we can have access to it. Nobody wanted to make a call to Toronto. They indicated the only flight from Toronto to Cayo Largo was the 5th of August, the day we were leaving Cayo Largo, and we had no other options in regards to receiving our luggage. We left the airport after the Hola Sun rep told us she would take care of this. The next morning at our group meeting with the same Hola Sun Cubana rep, she did not recognize us and did not know we had lost our luggage. She scribbled beside our room number lost luggage. She told us again that she had no way of contacting Toronto to see where our luggage was and that she had no control in this matter. The following day we approached the rep yet again about our lost luggage and that we had nothing for the entire week in the deserted island of Cayo Largo, she said we should contact the Cubana rep at the Cayo Largo that only works after 1PM. She again did not want to call Toronto Cubana Airline for us to see if the luggage was there or not. The next day, she had no idea who we were and said she did not deal with lost luggage. Finally, day 4 of our trip, still no baggage, no sunscreen, no clothes, no snorkelling kits, no shoes, a new rep comes on duty and immediately takes charge and types a Microsoft Word document stating we lost our luggage and signs it, still no report sent to YYZ stating they lost our luggage. She then tells us she spoke to the Cayo Largo Airport rep of Cubana that will send our luggage to Cayo Largo tomorrow via Varadero. The next morning, we prepare to be ready for the arrival of the 6.45AM plane from Varadero, to finally receive our luggage. Nothing, nobody knows, no claims about lost luggage, no reports, no file #. Day 6, we go see the rep again, who states your luggage could have never sent because YYZ Cubana is on strike, sorry. Day 7, finally we leave this fiasco, on route to YYZ to see about where could our luggage be. We arrive in YYZ at 1AM, no reports about lost luggage, nobody at Baggage Claim knows what we are talking about, Cubana. He brings us into a closet, hundreds of lost luggage unorganized piled on top of each other, a dozen of strollers, bugs, humidity smell, and he says to check in there by ourselves. Desperate, we search through the piled on top of each other, nothing. The Baggage Claim in YYZ tells us to call in the morning, nobody knows and there's no claim report in their system and they refuse to file an official report for us in the system, stating only this one person can do the actual report. 2AM we drive 5 hours home hoping maybe the luggage was sent home during our time away. Nothing. 5 days of phone calls, we find the luggage.

8/1/2017 Christelle Chamaa

✅ Verified Review | Havana to Mexico City. Cubana Airlines is the most horrible, unprofessional airline I've seen in my life! We had booked a flight from Cuba to Mexico City on 23rd July at 6am, to then catch our international flight from Mexico City at 1pm. (5 hours stop, which gives enough time for any anticipated delays from Cuba) Its 6:30am and still we didn't board and no feedback when we will take off, then at 7am they announce boarding. We stood in line and there was no employee to board us and we could see that the plane had no captain or any employee inside. 20 min later an employee shouts in the airport in Spanish "gate change". We board the plane after 1.30 hours delay to find the plane so dirty and smelling. After 1 hour of flight, the captain announces there's a problem with the wing ne and we have to go back to Havana airport! We flew back to Havana, were dropped at the airport with no information on what's next and were led like sheep back into passport control. That was already 10am and obviously we had missed our international flight from Mexico to Beirut since no other plane was scheduled to depart and the flight takes 2:30hrs to Mexico city. We tried to find someone to talk to, the security guy didn't speak any English so we got the translation from another passenger, and we understood that they don't know what will happen next. We tried to look/ask for the manager and they told us he is very busy and has no time for us! We asked for him urgently because our international flight is gone and obviously we had paid a lot of money for the flight, but the employee of Cubana Airlines didn't seem to care much and told us "its not my problem" Our luggage's were given back to us and still no information on anything else Our adventure of chasing the manager lasted for 3 hours with all the excuses you can imagine "he's up in his office", "he's down somewhere", "he's very busy", "he's not answering his phone". etc.. One of the times when we were told he's in his office, we went and obviously he wasn't there, another employee of Cubana airlines was there and when we told her what's the issue, she simply stood up, left the office, locked it behind her and ignored us. After 3 hours running from one place to the other at the airport carrying all our luggage with us up and down the stairs not less than 10 times, we found at last the famous manager. My husband explained to him the situation, however his reply wasn't any better than his employees, he also advised that its not his problem. When my husband asked him at least if he will provide a plane anytime soon, his answer was "now go to the hotel and I don't have any information on when we will have another plane!" Not only did the manager have the worst communication skills, he didn't even bother to suggest a solution. Now we went looking for a flight that goes back to our home country which is impossible in a country like Cuba with no internet, no wifi, no sms, airline offices with no employees and few/no people speaking English. We ended up paying 4500USD for 2 tickets one way back home!

4/29/2017 C Dalton

✅ Verified Review | Toronto to Cayo Largo return. Was hesitant to book with Cubana after reading reviews, wish I followed my instincts. Flight to Cayo Largo was actually ok. Flight home a nightmare. Were told it was delayed 30 minutes, got to the airport, boarded, was excited for the first time in 3 trips my trip home wasn't going to be delayed hours! Then everything went wrong. When they turned the jets on, a strong strong smell came into the plane of jet fuel. People coughing, sneezing, we were covering our mouths. 20 minutes later the captain says they have an error in the cockpit and we must disembark. 30 minutes later we get off the plane, and play a waiting game, overhearing on the intercom 'your estimated departure time is approximately tomorrow. At 10:30 our rep says at 11:30 if the plane isn't fixed they will have to figure out what they are doing with us. 11:30 its fixed they say, but can't land at Pearson now?? So back to the resorts we go. But only after we have to get our visas back one by one, and our luggage, and check back in, only to have to check out at 7 am to return to the airport. They attempted to feed us the meals from the plane when we left the airport, it was a soggy piece of bread and some soggy cucumbers. Unedible. We saw them giving water to some people, we didn't get any. Which by the time we landed the next day put us at 25 hours without a meal or beverage. The bus came and we waited until 10:20 to board the plane, many of us didn't want to get back on as we were scared. It wasn't a good situation, and they should have sent a new plane, but I know it's a risk flying with Cubana. So 10:45 we finally fire up, and the plane smells again, we were all nervous, I've never smelt jet fuel on the plane like that, it was terrible. We managed to take off regardless, and I cried on the way home. So much turbulence, the entire flight, and the landing was so rough. It was the first time I was almost sick on an airplane, good thing I wasn't as there wasn't even a vomit bag. Another part is no communication. The captain never came over to tell us anything, I missed communication greatly. Sometimes he would just say something in Spanish which was more alarming. Many of us concurred they are our never again airline. They should be taken out of commission, not safe, not friendly, poor service, old planes. Just happy to be alive! Do yourself a favour, if you are debating on booking with Cubana like I was, don't!!!

4/25/2017 Wade Hyde

✅ Verified Review | Since the last published review it seems that the service has deteriorated even further. Our flight from Havana to Santiago which was scheduled for 13.00 was cancelled at the last minute and we were told to come back in the morning! After seven hours in the airport and some vociferous complaining we eventually got on the last flight out that night. Our return trip three days later was scheduled for 8.25am but when I checked with the Cubana office in Santiago the day before I was told it had been delayed, by 12 hours. All the staff in the airports and on the planes were surly, uncommunicative and downright unhelpful. As with a lot of the state run services in Cuba, the state employees have got jobs for life and just don't care. If I had thought to look at these reviews before booking the holiday, I would have stayed well clear of internal flights and I would recommend this course of action to anyone considering it.

4/25/2017 C Barcora

✅ Verified Review | Toronto to Cayo Coco. When boarding in Toronto staff at gate were initially very nice and friendly. Once on board what a disappointment. Staff were very stoic, looked unhappy, seemed annoyed when they came around with beverages and you actually wanted to buy one. I purchase a cola and was short changed $4.00. When I politely mentioned it to the stewardess she rolled her eyes, said something in Spanish to her coworker who then laughed and then abruptly gave me $4.00. The plane was very dated and dirty, seats were crammed and sink flooded in washroom. No smiles from anyone working on the plane. Flight home was worse. We were suppose to fly out on a Sunday evening at 8pm, were notified by hotel that flight changed to 2am! Not a problem cause we were able to stay in the room at no charge. We then get a call flight is delayed to 330am, now annoyed. We finally get to airport to another delay, flight to depart 440 - no explanation, no one has an answer or cares to help. Finally board the flight home, plane was a bit better than first one or maybe because we lucked out and got seats in row 3 that had extra leg room. Again, attendants were cold faced, shoved a paper in your hand as you got on plane and did not smile or say hi. Again they came around with food and beverages and just plopped food in front of you and said nothing. I sat next to a woman who had crutches from an injury she got on vacation, she asked to use the washroom up in the front as it was 2 rows away, attendant refused to let her insisting that only first class paying people use it. They made her hobble to the very back of the plane. When we finally landed they opened the door and stood there looking miserable, not one staff member smiled or said a word. What a miserable group of people. I will never fly Cubana again.

4/25/2017 B Clearey

✅ Verified Review | Havana to Managua. The worst airline I have ever had misfortune to fly with. Initially I was booked to fly to San Jose from Havana on the 19th April but this flight was cancelled when I arrived at the airport. After being taken to a hotel back in Havana that was the last we heard from the airline - people had to make their own way to the Cubana office to sort out new flights. I opted to go to Managua on the 22nd as that was my eventual destination and would save a long bus journey - big mistake! Confusing communication about my pick up from my hotel meant I was taken to the airport 8 hours before my flight. I tried to get food vouchers but got nowhere with the staff - even trying to sort out food myself was impossible with the lack of facilities at Jose Marti. The time to board came and went - no one thought to come and let us know what was happening, eventually 3 hours after we were supposed to depart the flight was cancelled with the excuse that it was the weather - interestingly no other airline seemed to be affected by this phenomenon, even another Cubana flight seemed to be still leaving. It then took a further 2 and a half hours to sort out transport to a hotel back in the city. We did eventually leave on the 23rd but even that wasn't without hold ups and lack of information. I know sometimes things happen that are outside your control but the one thing that marked this experience was that no one from Cubana ever said the words "I'm sorry". Waiting for the bus after the cancelled Managua flight - staff would not look us in the eye when we asked for someone to come and sort out the situation - just told "another 20 minutes go wait there". A lot of the frustration felt by the passengers on both flights could have been avoided if we had been given information on what was happening and treated as human beings rather than an inconvenience that needed to be passed on elsewhere. I've flown on a lot of iffy airlines in the past but have never had such a bad experience as I had with this joke of an airline. Never again!

4/21/2017 M Andrews

✅ Verified Review | Flew Cubana Airlines from Santiago De Cuba to Havana. Awful. Flight delayed by 7 hours - no one at the airport knew what was going on, we kept being given different times. Flight was full of people from the night before whose flight was cancelled. No compensation given - missed our flights home so had to buy new ones at a cost of 1400USD each. Would not recommend - just take the bus its cheaper and far more reliable. Nightmare experience.

2/24/2017 J Varinder

✅ Verified Review | Toronto to Cayo Coco return. We returned from Cuba to Toronto on February 19 leaving 11:35 from Cuba. Staff was very rude, it seems like they didn't care. We asked for tea and they brought the tea - we then asked for milk and sugar and she even didn't acknowledge this, not even the second time.

1/23/2017 Joelle Mifsud

✅ Verified Review | Santiago de Cuba to Havana. The representatives are very unhelpful and would not recommend to use this airline. We had a delay from Santiago (due to faults in the aeroplane) and they did not have any information about how long it would take. We had another flight from Havana 3 hours later but we were not given any priority or help. The Cubana Airlines representative did not even want to tell us the name of the hotel where the other customers were spending the night until the aeroplane was fixed. In the end the delay lasted 18 hours and we lost all our flights back home. The airline did nothing to compensate for the flights lost and we had to buy new tickets to get back. To top it all, when we finally arrived in Havana, we spent 1 whole hour on the plane waiting for the plane stairs and a bus to take us to the arrivals. Horrible experience so make sure you have extra days to cater for any delays if booking with this airline!

1/22/2017 R Braude

✅ Verified Review | Toronto to Cayo Coco. Cubana Airlines is the worst airline I have ever flown with. My 6am flight meant I was ready to check in at 3am, only to find the flight was now delayed by 6 hours to noon, and then at 9.30 delayed again to 14.30. What a complete joke and $15 for snacks is supposed to be compensation? Come on Cubana Airlines, this is ridiculous!

9/6/2016 Christine Tonon

✅ Verified Review | Toronto to Cayo Coco via Cienfuegos. Left from Pearson International Airport on August 14,2016. Flight to Cayo Coco was supposed to leave at 6:25 am, being I read the reviews of the airline prior to booking I thought, ok great one of the first flights out so it shouldn't be delayed. Wrong, checked the time around 10 the night before to discover it was delayed until 9:00 am. Plane was older but fine with me other than the seats were really really tight, I thought Sunwing was bad but Cubana is much worse. No tv's but again, I don't watch them so that didn't matter. Crew was nice, breakfast snack was good. Coming home, I checked the night before to ensure the flight was on time, it was. I checked again in the morning and the hotel assured me that if it was delayed the Rep would have notified the hotel. Flight was leaving at 12:35 pm. We arrived at the airport at approx 11:30 am to find the flight delayed to 1:00 then 1:30 then 4:00 then 4:30 then we finally left at 5:00. Would I fly Cubana again? Depends on the difference in price between Cubana and the next airline. If it's not a huge difference in price I would book the next airline to avoid the delays, if cost doesn't matter, then go with the other airline to lessen the chance of delays and a little more legroom. I booked first class coming home. It was so worth the extra 100 pesos ($120 cdn) for the extra large seats and almost 3 feet of legroom, better service, a care package and much better meal then economy.

5/9/2016 M Leamer

✅ Verified Review | Montreal to Cayo Coco. This was the worst flight/company I have ever dealt with. On April 29th at 3:45am I get to the Montreal airport where I am to board the 7am flight to Cuba, Cayo Coco. Upon my arrival, I am told that the flight has been delayed to 9:50pm - when I left my house at 3:00am, the flight was still on for 7:00am. They told us that they were giving our plane to the flight for Cayo Largo that was supposed to leave the day before. All in all, we waited in Montreal airport for 19 hours. After a lot of arguing, Cubana Airlines hired Sunwing to take us to Cayo Coco. We had to wait in the plane from 11pm to 12h 30am because Cubana Airlines had to give a document to them. Finally arrived to destination/hotel at 5:30am the next day. On our way back, Cubana was on time, no issues there. The issues however came up with the plane itself. It was the most decrepit plane I have ever seen and flown. I get to my seat, get my bagages settled, only to find that I can not actually sit in my seat without have the back of the seat lay down on the passengers lap that was sitting behind me. With a a lot arguing with the stewardess, they finally changed my seat (they actually wanted me to sit there the whole time without resting my back). Get myself settled again, to only have someone comme up to me and tell me that this was their seat. This happened to me 3 other times - I finally get a seat that no one claims, but the plane was dirty. This plane looked like it had not been cleaned since its inauguration, it was just downright dirty. You get what you pay for, but seriously, this was beyond that. Never, ever again will I fly Cubana Airlines.