Seat Map Boeing 767-300 (76Q-76P) Delta Air Lines

Seat Map Boeing 767-300 (76Q-76P) Delta Air Lines
Seat Map Boeing 767-300 (76Q-76P) Delta Air Lines

Airplane Boeing 767-300 (76Q-76P) Delta Air Lines with 3 classes and 261 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


11/10/2015 ag26butterfly, seat 2B

Very disappointed in first class. No recline, no foot rest, and the seats are just a little wider. No comfort at all. We booked first class based on pictures showing recline seats. What a waste of money! Never again!!

1/1/2015 sby2k, seat 5E

Flew first class. What a disappointment. I wanted to fly first class because I need the leg room. I get a lot of anxiety and pain if I can't stretch my legs. Well, the FC seats this particular B737 were barely larger than economy comfort. In the future on the same route and plane, I will book economy comfort. Also, the 5e a...

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6/19/2014 Charlotte, seat 12A

Husband and I had seats 12A and 12B. Legroom was more than ample for his 6'2" frame. Usually the seat in front hits his knees, but he was comfortable on this flight. Had no free in-flight movie. Do not get this seat if you like to look out the window, for 12A does not have one! We enjoyed the flight.

9/10/2013 Lynn S., seat 11E

Upgraded to economy comfort so I could get off the plane faster and make my connection. There didn't seem to be that much more legroom but if regular coach is worse I don't want to be back there.

4/16/2013 Jay M, seat 2E

First class on this aircraft is less than desirable. While I would agree that Economy Comfort may provide more legroom, I enjoyed the first class service. Delta always does a good job!

3/17/2013 Dan H, seat 4C

Terrible first class product. The seating is barely better than economy comfort. If you are wanting a comfortable domestic first class experience, pick a 757 or 738. Look at the width. You are going from 7 across in coach to 6 across in first. On the 757 and 738 you go from 6 across to 4.

2/12/2013 Amanda M Heidbreder, seat 4A

The seating configuration in the first class cabin is substandard for first class. There is no leg rest; the last row doesn't recline. It was crowded and not comfortable for 6 hours. Some of the Economy Comfort seats looked more comfortable. The flight attendant told me that had I flown a few days earlier, I would have been ...

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11/20/2012 Michael McAdam, seat 3F

The seats on the old style 767 were a huge disappointment. The placement of the magazine pocket meant that it jutted straight into my legs. During the flight, I went back to the Economy Plus cabin to speak to a friend and found that the leg room was equal to or superior to that in business class with the intrusive magazine pou...

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6/30/2012 Justin, seat 12A

SEAT 12A DOES NOT HAVE A WINDOW! IFE was excellent. The only way to see out a window was to recline and look out the window for the seat behind you. I would not recommend this seat if you are looking for a seat with a good view. If you are looking for an economy comfort seat with a good view, go with 10A, 10G, 11A, or 11G.

6/9/2011 The 757 man, seat 10D

The 767 is a nice, spaced out airplane fiied with personal TVs at every seat. Sadly, the system would shut off every 30 min. or so, and re-booting itself. Overall, this plane is very nice with the new Delta seats, but could use the new cabin style seen on the Delta 767-400 and 777-200. Anyways, keep up the good work Delta!

4/27/2010 T. Fagan, seat 26C

Flew ATL-SEA on 8/30/09. Flight wasn't full, and middle seat was open, which made the flight more comfortable. 26 C/D/E probably has about 33-34" of legroom, if I had to guess. Every domestic 763 now has AVOD, which makes the flight go by so much faster. Service was great as well.

4/27/2010 T. Fagan, seat 26C

For a non-preferred/exit row seat, still pretty decent, with about 33" of legroom. DL has done a good thing by putting seatback televisions at every seat.

2/17/2010 Ethan Lathan, seat 3C

These aircraft are perfectly suited for a high density route, especially one like HNL. The first class cabin is small compared to the aircraft and with two flight attendants and excelled AVOD, the five and a half hours flew by

6/22/2009 Ethan Lathan, seat 4G

Even though the flight was short, the seat was quite nice! The pitch was greater than the rest of the Delta domestic fleet at 40". The seats that have been re-vamped with all leather are excellent because they offer a very nice recline with good padding as well as incorporating the new AVOD.

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