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6/20/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 717-200 (717) seat 15E

Seat pitch is reduced by ~3". Severe lack of legroom! Seat has AC and USB power available.

6/20/2019 C Baker

✅ Trip Verified | 100% not recommend. We were scheduled to fly to New York and then fly to Orlando Florida. We arrived at the airport at 3.00 in the morning because we were not notified our flight was delayed. The lady at the desk rescheduled our flight. Needless to say she messed up our connection flights. Luckily we caught her mistake and we attempted to fix it. It took a half hour of bantering with another Delta employee before we finally correctly rescheduled our flight. We spent 7 hours waiting for that flight. We were not compensated and I was left feeling like Delta did not care about me or any of my fellow passengers. I missed a day at Disney our vacation destination. The service was stiffer than the chairs.

6/19/2019 J Meares

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Sydney via Los Angeles. Words can't express my disgust at Delta but I will try! Traveling with a young child (age 1) is never pleasant. On the first leg of the flight, Delta did not have any bassinets so the baby sat on my knee for 7 hours. On the second leg, we were told we would have one bassinet. We did not. They told us we would have a spare seat at least. We did not. An upset family took the spare seat after they too had been screwed around by Delta. Staff admitted that we had been lied to on several occasions. All staff, bar one, were rude and just couldn't care. Delta just don't care. After 23 hours with a baby on my lap, no sleep and terrible food - I promised I would do something to balance the world back out by leaving this review and telling people to pay the extra $30 to go with a proper airline. We both received a $50 apology voucher but have no intention of ever flying Delta again.

6/19/2019 Kip Willis

Not Verified | Peoria to Atlanta via Daytona. Horrible. Never again. Every time we have used Delta they have cancelled or moved flights. Huge delays. Hours spent wasted in airports instead of being on vacation. No customer service. Automated phone says two hour wait for a response. Another trip we had to spend an extra night at a hotel stranded in a strange town. Never ever again. They do not care E and offer no help or compensation for wrecking your vacation plans. No customer service response.

6/18/2019 Rick S, Airbus A321 (321) seat 1D

Tight quarters for first class. The legroom is worse than coach. Also, seat placement has no windows forward of seat. Feels very claustrophobic.

6/18/2019 P Martin

✅ Trip Verified | Atlanta to Dallas. Delta is a real airline unlike Spirit and Frontier. They offer customer service and pretty quality amenities. They overbooked my flight and they offered a reward for switching to another. The person at the flight desk was extremely polite and accommodating.

6/18/2019 F Ramete

✅ Trip Verified | Eugene to Seattle. Worst experience ever. I will never fly Delta again. I showed up at the airport at 1 PM for a flight leaving at 5:06pm. I was told by the lady at the gate that the earliest I could check in will be 4 hours prior to departure. Then I replied oh that works then since it's 1pm so I'm in the 4 hours window. She then says, no you can't check in because our gate is not opened yet and I'm like "didn't you just said I could check in 4 hours prior" she then says no I should come back at 3pm that's the earliest time they would open. She just contradicted herself right there. I left , checked in online,paid my bag then showed up 4:25pm which was 40min prior to departure and was told they can't take my paid bag even though I checked it online after they refused to check me in 4hours before. I was then provided a number to call and the person I spoke with, told me they can't do anything and I would have to talk to the agents at the airport which is odd because the agent told me to call you. Now time to board , I'm told they have to check in my carry on (my bag was already gone because they wouldn't take it) and I told them I don't feel comfortable checking in my carry on because I had things stolen before and I have my laptop and they replied "you don't want to check it, you won't board".

6/17/2019 Guy L, Boeing 717-200 (717) seat 20D

The description of this seat says that it has a “limited recline”. This isnt true. It has zero recline. And the adjustable headrest adjusts, but doesnt stay put. It slumps back down. Prepare to sit fully erect the entire flight.

6/16/2019 Matthew Heldak

Not Verified | Poor operations management. EWR to ATL leg was delayed by 4.5 hours, really? Missed connecting flight to MSY. It was the last flight of the night, so I wandered around ATL airport overnight until the first flight of the morning to MSY the next day. On the return, flight from ATL to EWR was delayed by about an hour, not too bad, but still a bit inconvenient. Ground staff in EWR and MSY were friendly, not so much in ATL. Cabin crew on 3 of the 4 flights were lovely. Tasty snacks and drinks included in the ticket. I wouldn't recommend Delta, they don't seem to have much respect for the passenger's time.

6/15/2019 SeatGuru User, Bombardier CRJ700 (CR7) seat 11A

Head compartment is reserved for aircraft equipment only

6/15/2019 Samuel Sullivan

Not Verified | Seattle to Boise. Supposed to leave for Boise at 7:50. Got to the gate at 7:35. All the arrival/departure gate screens were not working or off. They had moved our flight to the other side of the airport with no warning. They made no announcements, and the lady that was making announcements at that gate spoke only broken English. Got a new flight booked for 12:50. So after sitting in the airport terminal for almost five hours, the dirtiest, most haggard airplane I've ever seen shows up at the terminal. We board and the captain comes over the intercom. He warns us that the APU is not working properly, and they cannot put cold air into the cabin, or start the main engines. We wait for a start cart. After cooking in the plane for half an hour while they wait, they tell us to go back to the terminal. If I had known I was going to go through this, I would have drove. I would have been there already. Now I'm sitting in the terminal still.

6/14/2019 Becky Kemmer

Not Verified | Minneapolis to London. My daughter was to get a flight to London at 5:44pm and missed the luggage cut off time and she couldn't board. I called a number that i thought was Delta and they upcharged me $538 and told me she would be on the 7 pm flight guaranteed and needed to process it quickly as we had 15 min for her to board, me frantic paid for it to get her on which didn't happen. So here is my daughter a mess at the airport no flight. I contacted several people at Delta whom were all pleasant to speak with and trying to be very helpful the whole process. After being on hold and different people it was now 11 pm and couldn't do anything more. Next morning 6:30 Am called and spoke with a Jack in Dallas, who took the situation and quickly helped me place my daughter on the next direct flight to London. No up charge and excellent service. I cannot express how much his professional Customer Service Helped me! Thank you Delta, keep Good People like you have!!!

6/13/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 2J

Flew DTW-CDG in this configuration. Hard to complain about the setup here for an 8-hour red-eye. Very comfortable seat in all positions with solid privacy. Service was outstanding as well. I'm 6'0 and felt like I had just enough room for both my feet to be comfortable when in lie-flat mode. Anything taller and I could see how you'd start to feel a bit cramped

6/13/2019 Cassandra Chike

✅ Trip Verified | Atlanta to San Juan. My husband is on Kidney dialysis and we must travel with a portable dialysis machine which cannot be checked in it must be checked and hate to stay with him at all times. We label the machine in lime green duct tape with large letters stating it’s a medical device. This machine was pink tagged by Delta as well meaning it cannot go on a luggage carousel. We traveled from Atlanta to Puerto Rico on June 7th. When we landed our machine was not waiting on us to deboard the flight. We were told that the device had been thrown into the carousel. This is a $4000 machine and a life or death device for my husband and they overlooked the markings and tags and just threw on the carousel. They did realize their mistake and radioed the luggage department. However they did not advise us of any of this. We spent 20 minutes looking for the machine on the carousel. I finally decided to look for someone and found the luggage office. Our device was in the office!! This special $500 car that transports it was damaged luckily the machine was not. When a complaint was made the pulled the pink tagged marked by Delta it was under the wrong name!! Had this luggage been lost we would have never been able to get it back. What really saddens us is no one seemed to care! You’re supposed to be the friendly sky! Shame on you Delta! Educate your employees!

6/13/2019 S Allen

✅ Trip Verified | Delta Airlines AMS to DTW: I left a review on the reverse route where the flight attendant for DTW to AMS in Business class could not make drinks. Well the return flight was awesome. Flight Attendant went out of her way to keep checking up on me during the flight even though she didn't have to. Also I finally got to have the Delta signature Cocktail as the flight attendant knew how to make it. She even went out of her way to make it from scratch and not pouring it out of the pre made bottle that is loaded from the catering kitchen. The cocktail was refeshing, and the meal service was good as well. Everything is was the usual Delta service for transatlantic service. Overall a great experience and flight back home after a good vacation.

6/13/2019 S Allen

✅ Trip Verified | Delta Airlines Business class from DTW to AMS. The usual service which was good in Business class meals and service prompt. However the drink service was awful because the flight attendant working my side of the plane did not know how to make drinks and she even mentioned she did not drink so did not know how much of what gets mixed. I was shocked as frequent flyer who travels Business Class for international travel with a variety of airlines. At this point I am wondering how Delta allowed this person to pass the needed classes and training given. She did not know how to make Delta's signature cocktail which is highlighted in the menu card given. So much for the cocktail that Delta raves about. I ended up having to take a coke zero twice. Fastforward to morning time about six hours later before landing at AMS. The same person is working my side this time she walks by for breakfast I ask for Coffee and she has to move the cart as to others wanting to use the bathroom and then totally forgets to serve us breakfast. I even brought it to her attention but she did not care. ThankfulIy I was not hungry. If anyone from Delta actually reads this make sure your cabin crew is fully trained for International flights more so for Business class service.

6/12/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A350-900 (359) seat 25G

Sat in Premium Select seat 25G both directions LAX-HND. I chose the location of the seat because of the divider behind it (so no worries about who you recline into, or pax using the seat to pull themselves up), but the layout of this plane where the aisle "jogs" to the side at the right rear of the Premium Select cabin meant that flight attendants frequently backed into my seat when they were moving the service carts around. In particular on the outbound flight, the same FA must have backed (more like bashed) into my seat 4 or 5 times - I don't know if he was not used to the plane or just particularly clueless, but either way it wasn't pleasant. I get that this can happen in a small space, but when the same FA does the same thing over and over -- come on, figure it out, dude. Next time I'd grab a bulkhead seat instead.

6/12/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 717-200 (717) seat 12C

I am a very large traveler. I am a female at roughly 5'5, weighing about 315lbs. I relied heavily on this site to help me find a good seat, so I wanted to share my experience as well to help others. I sat in 12C, which was a Comfort+ seat. I will be honest, I was terrified because of my size. The seat was surprisingly comfortable. I felt like it was wide enough to hold me and I didn't even interfere with the person next to me. At the same time, however, my seatmate and I got lucky and our third seatmate did not show. Since that happened, my seatmate went ahead and moved to the window seat and we had the seat between us empty. I got LUCKY! While I don't feel I was an undue burden on my seatmate, I felt much more comfortable having the spare seat between us. Please see my other reviews for the smaller planes!

6/12/2019 Abdallah E, Bombardier CRJ100/200 seat 1B

So I'm not sure if this is the right plane, but my ticket said that my plane was simply 'CRJ' There was no number associated with it. I was flying from Detroit to Lexington. I am a female about 5'5 and weigh approximately 315 lbs. Flying is hard for me. I sat in seat 1B because it was the only one available when I booked. Although it doesn't show on the seat map, I was located in Comfort+. There was no first class options. While my foot room was ample, I BARELY fit in the seat. It was a struggle. I had the fixed arm rests that went fully down the seat, so there was no overhang of any kind. In order to sit in this seat, you have to be able to fit BETWEEN the arm rests. While my hips fit, BARELY, I very much hung over when it came to my arms and shoulders. I definitely took up extra space. Let me just say that I feel SO FORTUNATE that I didn't have to sit next to anyone. There was a man who had the seat next to me. It was CLEAR that he did not want to sit next to me (I DO NOT BLAME HIM). We got very lucky and there was an open seat right behind me and he actually knew the person in the seat next to that. he was very kind and didn't make a big deal, but took the seat behind me. I couldn't have been happier. This was by far the smallest, most uncomfortable seat out of all the flights I had for this trip (I had a total of 4). At the same time, however, the seat belt DID fit. I didn't need a seat belt extender, though, I had to stretch that seat belt as far as it would go. It wasn't extremely tight, just a little inconvenient to buckle. I got it, though. If I wouldn't have been able to sit by myself, I would have felt uncomfortable and bad for the person next to me. I don't believe there was any good seat on this plane for a person my size.

6/12/2019 Saeyoung Kim

✅ Trip Verified | Horrendous travel experience with Delta Air Lines, was supposed to depart from Tampa at 12.15 pm and land in LaGuardia at 3.00 pm, instead the plane ran out of fuel / the pilot legally couldn’t fly anymore / LaGuardia was closed (kept giving us different excuses) so we landed in Syracuse at 6.00 pm. We were told a new flight would arrive at 7.15 pm that got pushed to 9.56 pm then cancelled altogether. Rebooked for 6.20 am today and I wasn’t able to check in online, was not told the slip I was given wasn’t a boarding pass so by the time I went through TSA and was told to go downstairs, I was too late to checkin. The self service machine upstairs was broken. Staff showed zero empathy and made no effort to help. The employee took immense pleasure in calling the supervisor asking if I could late check in but failing to mention everything that happened to me yesterday, framing it so it sounded like it was completely my fault. I have clinically bad anxiety and now I am traumatized from this experience.