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5/17/2018 Martha Lucia Estrada

✅ Trip Verified | Pereira to Bogota. This is the worst airline I ever knew. I bought a plane ticket because I thought it was cheap and because my mum had an important appointment in Bogota that she could not miss. The plane was delayed for more than 1.30 hours in Pereira, which made my mum very stressed as she could miss the ap...

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12/4/2017 Ana Zambrana

✅ Trip Verified | Medellin to Pereira. I flew to 49 countries around the world. My work involves some serious traveling and here I am after 7 hour delayed local flight with no apologies of EasyFly. This is the worse flight I have ever taken. First they don’t notify you of time changes, then they gave me a meal that was so poor t...

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7/31/2016 Lione Ginata

✅ Verified Review | Easyfly from Pereira to Medellin. Don't take it if you are a tourist! Booked and payed online more than a month ago and only once arrived at the check in they told me my booking was cancelled (although the money were charged on my bank account). I had to pay a higher price to fly. None at the check in or cal...

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3/27/2016 Diego Florez

✅ Verified Review | Matecaña to Enrique Olaya Herrera, Medellin with Easyfly. The flight was a little delayed, but not too much. They have a nice staff, the flight was very quiet and comfortable. They bring a little catering, but the flight just takes 30 minutes so it`s a really nice detail, the plane was clean, the price is ve...

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1/11/2016 Miguel Salcedo-Gomez

Palonegro to Cucuta with Easyfly. Was put on this flight after Satena cancelled one of the legs. I was hesitant since I had to make it to CUC that day. The JS41 are quite small, yet efficient planes. Easyfly ground staff at Palonegro was quite helpful and professional. Flight was smooth and punctual. No complaints at all. Despit...

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