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4/23/2017 F Malden

✅ Verified Review | Tel Aviv to Hong Kong. One of the worst airlines I've flown. Staff is rude, not helpful and unapologetic. Interior of the plane looked old, dirty and broken in some places. Entertainment system stuck in the '90s. Our whole row's entertainment system was broken, after 2 hours of flying and numerous attempts to notify staff (looked like I had to apologise for bothering them) we were given 3 ipads for 5 people. No sorry or apology - nothing. Anyone should be crazy to fly a second time with them, or a first. Do yourself a favour and choose a different airline.

4/9/2017 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 58C

The row behind 58 was for exclusive use by flight attendances who had quick naps during the flight there. This allowed you to recline your seat freely without anyone complaining or bumping against your seat. Noise from the galley was on an ok level as well, so this was really an ok seat for an afternoon flight.

1/29/2017 M Grant

✅ Verified Review | Tel Aviv to Zurich. The check-in was very pleasant. The lady took great lengths to tell me I did not need to check-in my bag and could take it on board. I proceeded through the rigorous Ben Gurion Security control. I expected extra special security for EL AL but it was the same as for other airlines. The seat pitch was comfortable and better than Swiss. There was no in seat entertainment. Breakfast was served with a choice. I chose the omelette that was delicious. The flight arrived on time. I hope to fly EL AL again in the future, I felt EL AL made me feel very welcome onboard.

1/17/2017 David Diaz

✅ Verified Review | In October I arranged a trip with El Al from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles for myself, my wife and my daughter (seven years old). I was to fly to LA at the beginning of November. My wife was to fly out on Thanksgiving with my daughter. My wife was then to return to Tel Aviv a week later, and I was to return to Tel Aviv at the end of December with my daughter. I had no complaints about my flight to LA in November, aside from the '90s vintage entertainment system with several channels of movies on loops. The plane was comfortable enough and clean, with relatively good food and no trouble with the service. Then, due to an internal dispute, El Al arbitrarily canceled the flight my wife and daughter were to take to Los Angeles, providing no solution whatsoever and destroying our plan. We were notified of the cancellation a few hours before the flight, when they were already packed and ready to leave, leaving little time to make other arrangements. We were on the phone for hours trying to reach El Al, but nobody answered. My wife and daughter were crushed and upset. To salvage the rest of the trip, I had to scramble to book alternate flights with United and had to spend several thousand dollars on alternate flights—way beyond the cost of the original flights. I had to rebook my own return flight with United instead of El Al because my daughter obviously can't fly alone. There was no other option but to cancel the trip and return home. El Al was nowhere to be found throughout this traumatic experience. It wasn't until several weeks later that we received a refund for my wife's and daughter's flights. El Al refused to offer any compensation of any kind for the trouble or distress caused, or the additional cost incurred. After a month and a half of wrangling with El Al's customer service, the only compensation offered was a partial credit for the return flight I could not use, which could only be used for a single ticket with El Al. El Al's management and personnel are apparently highly irresponsible and incompetent, putting their own internal disputes above customer service. I highly doubt we will ever fly with El Al again. **ASK TICKWT

1/14/2017 F Martin

✅ Verified Review | Zürich to Tel Aviv with El Al. I read lots of bad reviews about this airlines, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised by my flight. Staff in Zurich were really friendly, soufganyiots (donuts) were served to passengers in the boarding area, cabin crew was friendly, and food more than edible.

1/2/2017 J Sofer

✅ Verified Review | I took yesterday a flight from Tel Aviv to Hong Kong with El Al. The economy cabin seats are smaller than regular Economy on other airlines. The flight was late and no one appeared to care! The inflight entertainment system is terrible and from the 90s! My ticket cost:$2600, and this will be the last time for me with El Al.

11/20/2016 K Vanton

✅ Verified Review | Tel Aviv to Brussels. As a frequent flyer of El Al, I've learned to deal with the sometimes outdated plane interior, long waiting lines at Ben Gurion Airport (both for check-in and security), delays and the absence of a proper inflight entertainment system on European flights. However on our last two flights with El Al, the cabin crew managed to reach an ultimate low for service standards. The night (early morning) flight from Tel Aviv to Brussels was packed with screaming kids and (praying) men, who hijacked the plane to turn it into one big playground. For 5 (early morning) hours we had to suffer from the constant aisle traffic, loud screaming and ultra-orthodox men and kids bumping into other passengers. Although El Al can't be blamed for screaming kids and annoying passengers, they should be able to cope with it. Unfortunately the crew decided not to act upon our (and others) requests to stop the mayhem. Even more so, the El Al crew encouraged the behaviour by announcing that everyone should get their drinks at the back of the plane, dramatically increasing the amount of aisle traffic and people bumping into us. For the rest of the flight the cabin crew did not visit passengers or provide any services to them. If you needed something you were to get it yourself from the back of the plane. Our flight back to Tel Aviv was much better, albeit that the flight attendants were particularly unfriendly and unorganized. When handing out meals, several rows were 'missed' and did not receive a meal. Apparently something went wrong with some of the meals. In the end we did not receive a meal. After notifying the crew, we got an unfriendly "there isn't any left". No alternatives were offered. Upon return home we filed a complaint with El Al as an opportunity to take away the bad feeling we were left with after the 2 dreadful flights and numerous service failures. Unfortunately El Al's customer service did not have the courtesy to contact us, despite several follow ups. It has now been over 5 weeks and I doubt we will ever hear from them. I do however know that we will not use El Al again. A company treating its customers in such an arrogant way is not worth my money.

11/13/2016 K Müller

✅ Verified Review | Took this flight to go from Frankfurt to Tel Aviv in November 2016. Check in was efficient although the usual high security procedures. Check in staff very unfriendly. Seats were comfortable, food was good. The only thing that was really unpleasant was the mood and the friendliness of the cabin crew. No smile on their faces and questions are asked very unprofessionally. Instead of asking if I ordered a special meal they just said "what's your name, what's your name, your name". They obviously don't enjoy their work. Next this I will go with Lufthansa for a lot less money.

11/2/2016 Alex Daniaev

✅ Verified Review | Toronto to Tel Aviv with El Al Israel Airlines. Horrible experience. Booked a baby crib, triple checked crib was available for us and was assured it is. Got on the flight and the crib is taken "Because the plane got changed". Had a 6 month old baby on my lap for over 11 hours. Also, when I book an El-Al flight I expect to fly with El-Al plane and crew, and not some chartered falling apart plane. In 2016, inflight entertainment should be the norm, especially when EL-AL advertises it. Spanish crew were nice and food is decent.

10/25/2016 Inna Medvedev

Flew from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv with El Al and will never fly with them again. The regular schedule flight has the lowest charter service levels. The cabin was overcrowded, with almost no leg space and narrow seats (I'm 60 kilos, not obese). Not enough space for luggage in cabin storage. The crew only did one cold beverage run. If you want tea or a second cup of water - you have to go to the stewardess and ask for it. Hard to judge about the entertainment, since no one offered headphones, even for a charge. Blankets are short in supply - first grabs first keeps. Only one pillow was detected. No seat swapping, not even for the obese disabled man stuck by my side (near the toilet). Security is good, but other companies offer it too. So, what's El-Al's excuse?

10/21/2016 Daniel Cohen

✅ Verified Review | Tel Aviv to Amsterdam. We arrived at the airport at 2:00AM. We did electronic check-in which took 5 mins. We boarded the airplane at 5:00 and took off at 6:00. The seat was comfortable, and it had a headrest that you can lower, higher or fit to your head! After the takeoff we got beverages and 45 mins into the flight we got our food. You can choose your food when you purchase the ticket. The food was really good and IFE also great. You can download EL AL's app into your phone and watch movies, play games, see the map and even you can chat with other passengers without internet. (The planes has an internet connection). We landed at Amsterdam after a great flight.

10/2/2016 Chris Draper

Tel Aviv to London Heathrow. Travelling with an infant yet no chance of securing a bulkhead seat and no seatbelt for the child. Shockingly bad value in premium economy. Nothing to separate it from standard economy: neglible leg room difference, still 3 seats in a row etc. Drinks service laughable: the only alcohol was red wine; no beer, no white wine, no spirits. Soft drinks served in little paper cups without ice. Check in was a nightmare of queuing for nearly 2 hours at the national airport to simply complete pre-check in security for the national airline. Israel should be ashamed. Quite honestly, from start to finish the worst airline experience I have ever had.

9/29/2016 M Forrest

Newark to Tel Aviv with El Al. Our first time to the Middle East. While not inexperienced travelers, we were shocked at the difference in quality and comfort of this airline. The seats were dirty, smelly and worn out. Once the meal service was over so was customer service. The flight was approximately 12 hrs long (extra tiring by anyone's standards). However, the flight could have been endurable had the lights in the cabin not been turned out, the tv not been broken with no help from cabin crew, refreshments been regularly offered, water would have been nice (I went in search of an attendant but no sightings), the bathrooms were disgusting with no one to report the problem to. The food - I understand the need to serve a kosher meal to those who require it but, we were a plane full of passengers that didn't require this. We were not given the choice. Who serves a hard roll cold with no butter? And sorry but, chopped salad for breakfast? Horrible. We were herded through the airport onto the plane and off again like cattle. The security questions were patent and a joke. If we are ever called to the Middle East again which I don't foresee, flying El Al will not even be considered. Flyers Beware.

9/8/2016 T Brannar

✅ Verified Review | Hong Kong to Tel Aviv. Terrible experience from start to finish. The cabin staff servicing our area of the plane were very rude and unattentive. Our row of seats and numeorus others were missed when handing out hot towels etc and the same also happened with breakfast as we had to ask for our meals. We were seated opposite a family who obviously worked for the airline and they received all of the attention, including seconds of meals before we'd even been serviced. Just before arrival I was told that my luggage did not make it onto the plane, even though they had been checked through from Sydney and there was a 3-hour stopover. The staff at Lost & Found at Tel Aviv airport were not helpful at all and very hard to communicate with. Was told to ring the airport again the next day to check progress on luggage but was only able to leave a message asking for a return call, which never happened. My luggage ended up arriving 4 days later. I was told to keep my receipts for any clothing I had to buy because of luggage delay and I'd be compensated by the airline but their online claim forms crash and do not work. Have tried 3 times but impossible to complete. Overall a very forgettable experience and would advise not to use this airline.

8/8/2016 Ehud Spektor

✅ Verified Review | Tel Aviv to Bangkok. We planned a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in very high detail, about six months before traveling; flights and ground services were booked and were reserved accordingly. On July 3rd, 2016, we left with high expectation, a group of five people, to fly on EL AL flight LY081, planned to depart at 2230. We had a connecting Vietnam Air flight to Hanoi, with a layover of two hours and ten minutes, significantly higher than from conventional MCT. Although we did an early check in early, and left our contact information, EL AL did not update us directly on the two-hour delay in flight. We heard of this delay only on the way to the air field. The magnitude of the delay was reveled when it was too late to book an alternative connecting flight, while we still had the opportunity (free seats wise). We had to wait for hours before the flight left, almost 3 hours after the scheduled time. We arrived to Bangkok after an exhausting flight in El Al's old 747 plane, amazing to see this plane is still in service (seat handles ashtrays openings, still existing). Upon arrival to Bangkok, EL AL representative escorted us, trying to help us find a connecting flight. We were on a "waiting list" for Vietnam Airlines flight, which was scheduled to leave at 1905. If we had gotten on this flight, there would have been a minimal damage to our trip itinerary. We were delighted when we learned that we had seats available on this flight. But, we were asked to pay for re-booking of flight. EL AL were not willing to paying the additional $120 per person for this change. In order to avoid extra costs (cancellation of hotel reservation, change an itinerary, etc.), we decided to pay the above amount and to clarify the matter with EL AL, in a later stage. Unfortunately, the payment process prolonged and the flight left without waiting for us. When we turned to EL AL station, to arrange the next connecting flight, they declared they cannot help us, and told us to come back on the next day. We had to stay another night in Bangkok and cancel the ground services booked and paid in Hanoi, Vietnam. We found ourselves the first alternative connecting flight, that had seats available (Thai Air), and paid $ 350 per person. It goes without saying that since the trip was carefully planned, on a daily and even hourly basis, we had to make changes and concessions and disrupted our enjoyment.

7/20/2016 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 10H

Very comfortable, plenty of leg room

7/20/2016 J Coleman

✅ Verified Review | It has been almost 30 years since I flew to Israel and I thought I would always fly El Al. Yes the security is great but it was far below par on many things. Flew from Perth to Tel Aviv via Hong Kong and Bangkok. The main complaint I have is the way satff give out beverages and food. Not just once but several times was this done so haphazardly that whole rows or sections were missed. I had to ask the staff to return to give a section food, at which point I was told we were all sleeping, we were not. Towels were given out to sections and missed with others. Bottles of water were given out and then not to others. It was like they started well then just forgot where they had got up to. Just not good enough.

7/12/2016 Michal Green

✅ Verified Review | I had not flown El Al for years and had almost forgotten why I avoid this airline. We booked a flight with Iberia from Tel Aviv to NYC with a stopover in Madrid. The first leg was with an El Al flight to Madrid. Take off was delayed due to an unfortunate illness of one of the passengers, the plane was freezing and when I requested a blanket I was told that there were none. We landed in Madrid one hour late and were assured by the pilot on the p.a. system that a representative of the connecting flight would accompany us to the gate for our flight. In fact El Al had already e-mailed the passenger service to send us to a hotel until the following day. I could easily cope with this delay but had great difficulty with a blatant untruth. I will make every effort not to fly El Al in the future.

7/5/2016 C Wain

We recently flew to Israel on El Al from Hong Kong. We had a short layover but this is very common and we were also delayed 1.5 hours. Surely 3 hours is enough time to get our bags on board? No, bags were lost and were only sent to us two days later. The inflight entertainment was shocking, the movies were on a loop so you had to keep checking, tray tables falling apart and the aircraft was so old. The second flight we had booked was from Israel to Bangkok and then we a flight from Bangkok to Hanoi. El Al sent no message to us to say it was delayed and we had checked in. Not even an email. It was delayed 2 hours due to a flight coming late from the previous destination. El Al showed no remorse that we were going to miss our flight to Vietnam, even so they wouldn't even write us a letter for insurance. I emailed the customer service email as I was instructed to and was told "we will do our get back to you in 21 days". Clearly not a priority. We got to Bangkok and sat with Vietnam airlines for 4 hours on stand by and they finally said there was 2 seats but we needed to pay. They are a disgrace, we spent 24 hours running around airports because of their disorganisation and lack of care. Will not fly them again.

6/8/2016 Harry Aronowicz

✅ Verified Review | Tel Aviv to Toronto with El Al. Flight on time, plane clean with very comfortable seats. Inflight entertainment via I Pad is not as good as competitor's offerings. Crew exceptional friendlyand caring - without being overbearing. Flight leaves just after midnight and arrives before 7AM in Toronto, allowing for a full night sleep. All in all a very good experience.