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10/5/2017 F Ranes

✅ Verified Review | Tel Aviv to Milan. The Boeing 737-800 is the oldest version as El Al is replacing it with the 900ER The business class seats are 2x2 manual and faraway from a bed position. Anyhow this is a very good service within Europe. Watch out for row 10 (the first) as the leg room is not good due to the galley wall.

10/5/2017 Chang-Ying Tsai

✅ Verified Review | Check each passenger thoroughly before check-in. From Hong Kong to Tel Aviv took around eleven and a half hours. Flight attendants are very nice to satisfy passenger's request. Moreover, the Kosher meal taste is beyond my expectation and it is very delicious. Overall, it is a smooth flight. I'll definitely t...

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10/4/2017 F Ranes

✅ Verified Review | Milan to Tel Aviv. I was happy to find the 767 in the route usually El Al used the 737-800. The 767 is old but it is clean and have the entertainment system called dream stream - you need to download the APP before the flight or you will get an IPad in business class with the app already there. Seats are 2x2...

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9/28/2017 S Abrams

✅ Verified Review | Flew Venice to Tel Aviv. Boarding was on time from gate 19. Upon arrival the air crew welcome was very nice. El Al offer real business class with 2x2 configuration, full business service and meals. The 737-800 is the old version of the El Al short - Mid distance aircrafts. Most of the 737 they have are 900ER...

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9/26/2017 S Andrews

✅ Verified Review | Check in at Business class was fast and warm, than visiting the King David lounge that is ok, and even below average if you consider it ad the home lounge of El Al. Boarding was exactly on time with a warm welcome of the crew. El AL operate "real" business class in those single aisle aircraft meaning 2+2 and ...

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8/28/2017 S Levy

✅ Verified Review | Flew Athens to Tel Aviv. Check in started 20 min late, upon arrival to the jet the team were nice and welcoming. This new 737-9 looks nice although I hate this narrow body aircraft. Nice blue coloring for economy and grey in business. Seats are ok and complimentary WIFI is great. Even for a short flight we re...

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7/16/2017 Daniel Cohen

✅ Verified Review | Tel Aviv to Amsterdam, thy flight was late by a hour. After take off, the cabin crew served food to random people around the cabin, they just had no order. The cabin crew itself wasn't good, very impatient and unfriendly. The food itself was no more then fine, and the old IFE didn't even work. I slept most o...

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7/1/2017 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 47A

Though the aircraft wasn't the most modern one in the skies, El Al certainly gives you the best in-flight service. And very tasty food!

6/30/2017 Yogesh Taparia

✅ Verified Review | Had the worst experience flying with El-Al from Paris to Tel Aviv. Repeatedly questioned by 4 different officers. Provided them with all the documents to satisfy them, still they confiscated my passport and cellphone. Was escorted for full body pat down and forced to stay under the vigilance of the officers ...

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6/17/2017 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 44A

The Tray table is not on the arm, but in the seat infront, great legroom. only the lack of floor storage can be annoying

6/6/2017 Mike Beaumont

✅ Verified Review | Tel Aviv to Luton. Pretty appalling everything! Staff were unfriendly and uncommunicative. Our flight was very bumpy and the captain kept putting on the seat belt sign - but not once did cabin crew come round to see if we had complied. And nor did they come round with water during the flight. Very poor! The ...

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5/22/2017 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 23C

In the last years I have flown the Brussels Tel - Aviv route +- 100 times planes on this route crappy as the meals but great crew.

4/28/2017 S Lopez

✅ Verified Review | I flew the same airplane both directions to Tel Aviv and return to Los Angeles. I recommend this flight. It is better than having a layover. My trip to Tel Aviv almost made me change my opinion which had previously been based on several previous horrible experiences on El Al. Trying to reach El Al by phone o...

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4/23/2017 F Malden

✅ Verified Review | Tel Aviv to Hong Kong. One of the worst airlines I've flown. Staff is rude, not helpful and unapologetic. Interior of the plane looked old, dirty and broken in some places. Entertainment system stuck in the '90s. Our whole row's entertainment system was broken, after 2 hours of flying and numerous attempts t...

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4/9/2017 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 58C

The row behind 58 was for exclusive use by flight attendances who had quick naps during the flight there. This allowed you to recline your seat freely without anyone complaining or bumping against your seat. Noise from the galley was on an ok level as well, so this was really an ok seat for an afternoon flight.

1/29/2017 M Grant

✅ Verified Review | Tel Aviv to Zurich. The check-in was very pleasant. The lady took great lengths to tell me I did not need to check-in my bag and could take it on board. I proceeded through the rigorous Ben Gurion Security control. I expected extra special security for EL AL but it was the same as for other airlines. The sea...

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1/17/2017 David Diaz

✅ Verified Review | In October I arranged a trip with El Al from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles for myself, my wife and my daughter (seven years old). I was to fly to LA at the beginning of November. My wife was to fly out on Thanksgiving with my daughter. My wife was then to return to Tel Aviv a week later, and I was to return to Tel...

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1/14/2017 F Martin

✅ Verified Review | Zürich to Tel Aviv with El Al. I read lots of bad reviews about this airlines, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised by my flight. Staff in Zurich were really friendly, soufganyiots (donuts) were served to passengers in the boarding area, cabin crew was friendly, and food more than edible.

1/2/2017 J Sofer

✅ Verified Review | I took yesterday a flight from Tel Aviv to Hong Kong with El Al. The economy cabin seats are smaller than regular Economy on other airlines. The flight was late and no one appeared to care! The inflight entertainment system is terrible and from the 90s! My ticket cost:$2600, and this will be the last time fo...

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11/20/2016 K Vanton

✅ Verified Review | Tel Aviv to Brussels. As a frequent flyer of El Al, I've learned to deal with the sometimes outdated plane interior, long waiting lines at Ben Gurion Airport (both for check-in and security), delays and the absence of a proper inflight entertainment system on European flights. However on our last two flights ...

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