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6/14/2019 G Stoykovich

Not Verified | Mykonos to Thessaloniki . A short, super enjoyable flight! Everything went well on both flights, the planes were nice and clean, crew presentable, professional and helpful, and the flights on time, short and so enjoyable - I kept looking through the windows at the islands we were flying over, beautiful! Both flights were under 50 minutes long, we even got a small bottle of water, coffee, a cookie and a wet towel. I can totally recommend Ellinair.

11/23/2018 Christine Croxton

✅ Trip Verified | Heraklion to Athens. We bought the online ticket because it included hold baggage in the price and appeared to be the most reasonable. We checked in very easily as there was no one at the checkin desk. We had our bags tagged and sent on the conveyor belt at 10am. Alls good. We had a quick flight to Athens all on time. Within 15 minutes of arriving at Athens we were able to pick up our bags off the carousel. Took them to the taxi. Less than an hour later we checked in our Athens Plaka Hotel. My husband went to open his bag and to his dismay he found the toggle openers of his Osprey pack had 5 out of the 6 missing off his zips making it virtually impossible to open. I immediately emailed Ellinair, they responded and said a complaints department would contact us. They did but because we hadn’t notified the people at the airport they couldn’t do anything about it. Well, we didn’t notice the missing handles at that point. Anyway, since then we have realised that the bag had been opened and new gloves had been stolen. For this reason we wouldn’t go near Ellinair or Heraklion Airport ever again. The most reasonable ticket has ended up costing us a lot more than we bargained for. We are incensed that there are staff who are dishonest and clearly not enough checks are done when employing people. There should be cctv in place in the baggage handling area so they can be checked as I’m sure we are not the first or the last to have items stolen during baggage handling.

10/9/2018 S Karykas

✅ Trip Verified | Thessaloniki to Athens. Very nice and comfortable journey. Flight was almost full. Used the website to check-in and a mobile phone boarding pass was sent, making it really easy. Crew was friendly and helpful. Candy, small snack and drink offered in this 40' domestic Greek flight. Luggage was included in the price and although I did not have any, it made the cabin have much more space for people's hand-luggage. Timely and orderly departure and arrival. Very good experience - I recommend them on this route.

7/19/2018 Dimitrios Trakas

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Thessaloniki. I usually use this company in my trips to Moscow. Even if i was wondering about this new company that they use leasing airplanes, i tried it and i want to say just one thing. these are our lovely Greeks. Every trip is small party, specially when the destination is a Greek airport. People are drinking free alcohol (Greek wine), they are eating, and are enjoying their trip. Staff is very good.They use more than 3 languages.

9/4/2017 S Karykas

✅ Verified Review | Very pleasant flight from Athens to Thessaloniki with Ellinair. Easy process of booking and e-check in, the boarding pass is sent to the mobile, so no app or printer is needed. Athens Airport was a breeze, the fee included checked baggage, so I chose to check in my hand luggage also (for free - the company did it with a smile). Departure and arrival on time, flight about 60% full. Good legspace, service included very small snack and drinks. Immaculate and smiling crew. Quick retrieval of baggage in Thessaloniki. Excellent experience!

6/26/2017 D Ison

✅ Verified Review | Both flights I took from Thessaloniki to Athens return had a delay. The aircraft was tiny and the air condition was blowing warm air. It really felt like a bus. The cabin crew was professional, kind and tried to counterbalance this mess. The ticket was a bit cheaper relative to other companies but very expensive considering the level and the quality of service provided.

4/23/2017 Thanassis Michaelides

✅ Verified Review | Thessaloniki to Athens. I was pleasantly surprised by the service on this short flight (approx. 40min). Service was quick, good selection of drinks and small candies and biscuits. Friendly staff, aircraft was clean. The crew are ready to assist the passengers. I will be happy to fly them again.

4/18/2017 C George

✅ Verified Review | Flew Ellinair from Thessaloniki to Cologne. Booking process and space on the plane were unacceptable. Staff were friendly. Propably the only aspect which could be reviewed as good. The airline is not following European standards and is charging extreme prices for this poor service.

9/1/2016 Andrew Jenkins

We decided to fly from Santorini to Heraklion rather than take the fast ferry as there wasn't much difference in price and it was more convenient to arrive at Heraklion airport. We hadn't heard of Ellinair and there weren't many reviews. We were a little apprehensive but we were pleasantly surprised. The flight was on-time, the aircraft clean and comfortable and the crew were friendly and professional.

8/22/2016 Roberto De Marzi

✅ Verified Review | I flew Ellinair from Thessaloniki to Verona. The flight had 30 minutes delay, otherwise everything went really fine. A nice meal on board and the baggage (incl 20kg) were included for a really cheap price. The aircraft, a Boeing b737 was a bit old but the seats were really comfortable.

7/18/2016 S Dostanides

✅ Verified Review | Ellinair from Heraklion to Thessaloniki. Boarding began with 10min delay. Departure was also delayed, but due to a problem with the ground power generator. Otherwise the flight was OK and the crew very helpful and friendly. I missed the cheap fares, but the price was fair enough. All in all a very good alternative to other, more popular greek carriers.

8/24/2015 George Vrontos

Great regional airline. Even though an old aircraft, it was very well kept and clean. The service was great for 1 hour flight, caramel, and juice. The staff was very professional, friendly and very thorough with safety regulations.

8/6/2015 S Diamantis

First flight with this new Greek airline, Ellinair. Was not sure what to expect but this 35 minute flight was one of the best short flights I have flown. For such a short flight, the flight attendants managed a professional and efficient cabin service as well.

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