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4/21/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Three Class v2 seat 50A

amazing seat, great view,

4/21/2019 Matteo Bertoni

✅ Trip Verified | Milan to New York JFK return in economy. Very solid product, the best way to travel in Y from Europe to US with plenty of legroom, food, film & music with IFE top notch. Even if not the cheapest choice on this route note that flying the A380 worth the premium price because of the superb comfort and silence of the aircraft. Crews are just OK , but they did the right job. EK is a real 4 star airline. Recommended.

4/21/2019 Angelica Biasutti

✅ Trip Verified | London Gatwick to Kuala Lumpur via Dubai. Terrible service, cabin crew unprofessional and not responding to calls. The airline has gone severely downhill. I haven't travelled with Emirates since 2012, and back then it was fantastic. Good customer service, food drinks and snacks were offered regularly and it was definitely a different experience than travelling with Lufthansa or BA. Now BA offers much better service on long haul flights than Emirates.

4/19/2019 H Winnie

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Edinburgh via Dubai. Was quite excited for this route but turns out to be a total nightmare and I would much rather stuck with my usual BA. The second leg of the flight from Dubai was delayed by 45 min. Plane was hot for the morning flight and cabin crew was rarely in sight for the entire 8 hours. Rarely had water or beverages offered. It felt like a budget flight. On the return flight ground staff had poor customer service. I wanted to buy an extra bag at the airport but they insisted on charging me overweight which amounted to £500 and resulting me in leaving my belongings in the UK. Inflight service was poor. Again cabin crew are rarely in sight. The second leg the snack was so dry I spat it out. Also not to mention no cabin crew was bringing out water for the flight. Overall an incredible letdown. Never flying this route again and Emirates isn’t worth the hype.

4/18/2019 B Shaw

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Manila via Dubai. Was recommended by a colleague to fly Emirates business class. What I was surprised about was I experienced 2 very different business class products – I was totally shocked at the difference. London to Dubai was on an Airbus and Dubai to Manila a Boeing 777. The Airbus flight was aligned to business class travel expectations, seat was reasonably comfortable, large selection of IFE, food was of a good quality. My only quibbles were the seat belt length seemed quite short – it was tight on me and not something I experienced on other airlines; staff helped when asked but otherwise didn’t offer. The Boeing product is significantly inferior – uncomfortable seating and it was not lie flat, no storage at all, 2-3-2 configuration, no amenity kit etc, slow food service with a very limited selection. The Boeing flight is like flying premium economy – a good amount of leg room and a wider seat (seat belt size was much longer) but that’s as much as I can positively say about it. It was a really uncomfortable flight for me given it was close to 9 hours – I felt cheated for having paid for a business class seat. Regrettably, I had 2 more business class flights that week with Emirates which were not refundable otherwise I would have cancelled. Flew HKG to Dubai on an Boeing 777 - just as bad (if not worse) than the Manila flight. What storage existed was used by the cabin staff, myself and 2 other passengers had to store our cabin bags several rows behind us in a single overhead – we had to do this ourselves, no help or interest from cabin staff. Food was awful. Lounge in Dubai served excellent food and beverages and had some nice quiet seating areas. However, if you wanted some F&B getting it was a bit of a challenge - I witnessed only 2 serving stations for main courses and tea/coffee - despite being there for over an hour, never did manage to be able to get through the endless throng to get a cup of tea. I regularly travel long haul for business but I'm afraid Emirates does not get a recommendation from me.

4/17/2019 D Fafiza

✅ Trip Verified | I bought an economy ticket to Cairo but the service was very poor, is totally different what you see on publicity and advertising spots. The cabin crew were not professional. The plane felt narrow and it was difficult to move or ask permission for the bathroom. The bathroom only one for the entire economy class. The free wifi, was not working for the way DXB to CAI so I was so disappointed really.

4/14/2019 J Caminet

✅ Trip Verified | Brisbane to Dubai. I always thought Emirates was supposed to be one of the best but let me tell you, it is not. The staff were pretty professional but that is common among airlines. I was initially excited to be flying in an A380 for the first time but the moment I boarded, my heart sunk. It was obvious Emirates had chosen the the cheapest possible configuration that you would expect on a budget domestic airline. The seats were super low quality and grubby. There was next to no padding which made it painful for a 14 hour flight. The air was dry, but worse is the LED lighting which has a low Hz flicker. This becomes migraine inducing as the lighting splits into green blue and red as you move your eyes about. There is also an insufficient number of toilets available. The Boeing 787 is much better from my experiences on other airlines. Overall disappointed.

4/12/2019 V Shandira

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Dubai via Singapore. I had a fantastic flight with Emirates, from check-in to arrival. The ground staff were organised and efficiently boarded all passengers. The flight crew ensured I was comfortable and even the odd chat when they weren't busy. One even went out of her way to help me translate something into Arabic. The meals were more than adequate. In-flight Wi-Fi was affordable - $20 for unlimited wi-fi.

4/10/2019 Loay Osman

✅ Trip Verified | Probably the worst flight I ever had with EK since I started flying with them 13 years ago. My route was DXB-CAI and return both ways were with very old outdated B777. First of all EK stopped handing hot towels prior to take off, inflight magazines are removed from the seat pocket probably to reduce cost. On the way DXB-CAI we boarded on time however there was a delay of 1 full hour sitting on board with no explanation. Crew didn’t even bother to serve water or a juice and no explanation from the captain, secondly my headphones were not working properly due to the age of the aircraft and I had to keep holding it. Seat was broken and always reclining however I informed the crew but nothing happened, they kept asking me to adjust my seat to up position and I kept telling them it was broken. On the way back it was the opposite, it wouldn’t recline at all. The food service also has dropped a lot with the quality of the meal service and the portions which have become similar to what you get on a Low cost. When arrived back to Dubai also 30 mins late the luggage was delayed for more than an hour, they announced on the speakers but no explanation which led to being late for my early morning meeting as was supposed to land at 7:10am and had meeting at 9:30 am but I had to cancel it and of course no explanation or visibility of EK staff. I’m seriously trying to avoid using them as much as possible now. Very disappointed with what they have became.

4/10/2019 Elias Parker

✅ Trip Verified | Houston to Dubai. We have so much high opinion about Emirates since we had flown 3 years back. But looks like new Emirates is about boasting and less action. Right from the time we checked in to inflight cabin crew to nightmare of changing the flights, it has been a nightmare. When i send a feedback to Emirates, no reply back from them. The cabin crew has no regards to the passenger and they would not even react to the call unless you personally go to their area and ask for water. The customer service was a nightmare. Based on where you call, you get that type of service. If there are other options, i would avoid flying Emirates.

4/10/2019 S Kunda

Not Verified | Newark to Delhi via Dubai. Prior to flying with Emirates, I flew with all the American and major European airlines in North America, and Europe. I must say Emirates is way better than all, and exceeded my expectation. Seating quality, leg space, TV screen, selection of movies and tv shows, food all are fantastic. As of now, this is the best airline so far. This was the fifth time I was flying with this airline, and I will continue with them. Also, connecting in Dubai airport is easy. Security screening is very fast and convenient. The airport itself is amazing, so if you're flying with Emirates and transiting here in Dubai, you're in great hands!

4/9/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Three Class v2 seat 6B

i FOUND THIS SEAT TO BE NARROW on the 777 - 300ER, as I sat in the seat I was unable to place my arms down beside me so not as good as the Qantas A330-300 for my flight over on QF23 which has a 1-2-1 seat configuration and these are lie flat and much wider the Emirates are angle lie flat. So I wont be chasing Emirates Business if I have choice of Qantas on this leg.

4/9/2019 Roy Carpenter

✅ Trip Verified | Flight EK191 on 19th March had aircraft change from 777-300 to 777-200. We always reserve (at extra cost) dual seats of row 48 but were re-allocated to seats row 37 which on the seat map look identical. However, on boarding we found that 3 extra rows had added and row 37 was a normal triple seat. The purser apologised and moved us to the only double row available in row 39 - the one with fixed arm rests and of-set screens. My request for a refund of the seat reservation charge of €80 was refused on the grounds that Emirates are allowed to make changes for 'operational reasons'. Because of the extra rows seat pitch is now 31" and not the 33" - 34" shown on the seat map. Food quality has also dropped but I overcame this by ordering a Kosher meal for this return flight which was delicious after waiting 20 minutes for it to thaw out! As others have said Emirates is cost cutting to the detriment of its reputation whereas adding 1-2% to fares would avoid this.

4/9/2019 D Barton

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to Dubai. Emirates is vastly overrated. Good inflight entertainment but that is it. Poor impersonal service that was surly, their cabin crew are far from the best. The whole experience lacked any character and as for the afternoon tea before landing - their version of a sandwich is a literally one quarter of what even the most diet conscious would expect. Fly Emirates to be treated like just a number. Not looking forward to return flight. Luggage took about an hour to arrive in Dubai.

4/9/2019 Ahmad Hafeez

✅ Trip Verified | London Gatwick to Islamabad via Dubai. My first time on Emirates. I had heard good things about this airline in the past so decided to give it a go. Baggage drop-off at Gatwick was fine. The gate at Gatwick was horrible, a small space to accommodate all economy class passenger of an A380. Most of us had to stand for a long time before boarding commenced as the seating at the gate were totally inadequate. My seat on the A380 was comfortable but the IFE did not work. The seat would not recline either. The stewardess tried to help but ended up apologizing for the broken IFE and seat. The meal service was good and the quality of food reasonable, however, the portion sizes were very small. The flight from Dubai to Islamabad was not good at all. Boarding at Dubai was chaotic, Most passengers were not allowed to take their hand luggage on board with them as according the staff at the gate the flight was full and there would not be enough space on the plane for hand luggage despite the fact that most people had just one item of hand luggage with them. The boarding process took a long time and the gate staff didn't seem too bothered. The seats on Boeing 777-300ER were extremely uncomfortable, the legroom was very tight and the seat width was also very cramped. Shortly after boarding completed, the cabin lights were switched off with on the screens and seat belt signs providing any light. The captain announced that we would be delayed due to heavy traffic along our flight path. No cabin crew were around to answer any queries and any calls for them were ignored. We eventually left Dubai over an hour late. The rest of the flight was unremarkable. The crew were not very friendly and didn't seem too bothered. The breakfast was ok but again the portion size was very small. After landing the I noticed that most of the cabin crew seemed absent with only one stewardess standing by the door. She did not bother to smile or say goodbye to anyone.

4/8/2019 Piotr Wegrzyn

Not Verified | Oslo to Singapore via Dubai. I expected something more from an airline like Emirates. My friends who have flown with them, told me that has very good food in economy class, and the cabin crew are friendly. This is the opposite of what I have experienced. My first flight was from Oslo to Dubai on the 21st of March. We flew with a Boeing 777, reg A6-EWC. Before the flight, I was happy that I could use the ICE, an internationally awarded In-flight entertainment system. I was really disappointed when I touched the screen, because it was unusable. The screen heated up to 40-50 degrees, and the touch didn't work well. The food was OK, but again, I expected something more from an airline like Emirates. Two members of the cabin crew were rude to me. The flight from Dubai to Singapore with A388 was really good. Plenty of legroom under the seat in front of me. Back to Oslo, I have ordered Vegetarian meal to try something different (I had Asian vegetarian meal from OSL to SIN). I was angry when they gave me vegan food. Is it so hard to see the difference between Vegetarian and vegan food?. It was definitely the worst meal I have eaten on an airplane. I recommend to choose an another airline if you have a possibility to do so. I could fly cheaper with Finnair or Qatar airways, but i choose Emirates only because they had the A380.

4/8/2019 Piotr Wegrzyn

✅ Trip Verified | I expected something more from Emirates. I've heard many pros about the airline from my friends who have flown with Emirates and an ex-Emirates stewardess. What I experienced, is the opposite of what they told me. They told me that the food is the best food you can eat in economy class. I have also read that the ICE intertainment system is the best IFE system in the world. I do not agree at all. My first flight was from Oslo to Dubai, flight number EK 160. We flew with a Boeing 777, reg A6-EWC. I was excited to try the ICE, so the first thing I did after I found my seat was to try the system. I was very disappointed when I realized, that the screen's temperature is over 40 degrees, and the touch works badly. The sound from the headphones was also very noisy, I think that DACs in the aircraft were maybe broken. I ordered Asian Vegetarian meal (AVML) on their website before the flight. Agian, I expected something more from a 4 star airline like Emirates. The food was just OK, nothing more than that. The next flight was from Dubai to Singapore with an A380, reg A6-EOT. The A380 was the best long haul plane I have flown with. There was a lot of legroom, and place next to the seat (I had a window seat) to leave small things like a pillow or your headsets. This time, the ICE worked well, and was more advanced than the old crap in the 777. Unfortunately, the cabin crew were rude and they didn't care about the passengers as much as the cabin crew in KLM or even AirAsia. I saw them only when twice when they gave food to the pax. On the way back to Oslo, I ordered Vegetarian meal. I was shocked, when they came with a Vegan meal. Is it so hard to see the difference? All other airlines offer vegeterian food or even lacto-ovo vegetarian etc. Also, I don't recommend the meal for those who are Vegans. It was really disgusting, and it was too warm. I will never recommend this airline to anybody. I could fly cheaper with airlines like Qatar Airways, LOT or Finnair, but I bought an Emirates ticket just for the A80.

4/5/2019 India Stoughton

✅ Trip Verified | Beirut to Colombo via Dubai. The flights were comfortable both ways and Emirates staff on board were helpful and friendly but on our way back from Colombo to Dubai we had a short layover and our first flight was delayed and then parked miles from the terminal, necessitating a long bus ride and meaning that we rushed to make our connection. When we arrived at our gate we enquired if our bags would make the connection and were told that they were in the process of being transferred. Our flights was then delayed by the gate for 30 minutes, leaving plenty of time for the bags to be loaded. Despite this, when we arrived in Beirut, we received a message to say our luggage wasn't on the plane and would arrive on the next flight, eight hours later. We were told by ground staff that it could not be delivered and we would have to return to the airport to collect it. It took us almost an hour to find the Emirates office and someone who would help us. He promised that if we returned that evening to collect the bags the office would be open and Emirates staff would help us and would reimburse our taxi costs. When we got back, the office was closed and locked and no one answered the phone. We tried going back three times over the course of an hour. No one was there. Eventually we got our bags but the process meant we lost almost four hours of our day and over $30 in additional taxi costs. Finally, as we were leaving the airport, Emirates staff called us to say that they were at baggage claim, though we had already been there to get our bags and seen no sign of them. When we explained that we had already left the airport, they told us to come back, despite the fact that we had already lost all the money on the extra taxis, not to mention our one free day back at home to prepare before going back to work. Terrible customer service from the Emirates staff in Beirut and no offer to reimburse our expenses or compensate for their mismanagement of the situation.

4/4/2019 H Deiner

✅ Trip Verified | London to Bangkok via Dubai. Such a terrible service. Not sure if they even know the word customer service. Couldn’t check in online due their website not letting me and one I finally managed to check in at the airport I’m put on Standby. After speaking to several airline team members from Checkin desk all the way through no solution was offered at all. Even worse I was pretty much told tough luck and try once you get there.

4/2/2019 B Ramatos

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Athens. The flight left on time but was disorganized trying to get people on board. Took them a long time simply bringing drinks to the passengers. Also, if you sign up for their frequent flyer program, make sure you check that they give you your miles. They said it was my responsibility to make sure they give me my miles. Never had any kind of problems like this with the other airlines I have flown with. Very bad customer service.