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10/18/2015 S Rasmussen

Very nice and comfortable Estonian Air flight from Copenhagen to Vilnius via Tallinn, crew friendly and smiling. Even if Tallinn airport is very small, connection time was too tight. Smaller aircraft to Vilnius, but comfortable. For reasons unknown there were no sales on this 1h 20min flight. A good experience for the price, and safety was taken seriously.

8/30/2015 Gert Jätsa

At Brussels airport the check in service was smooth, they even accepted my luggage, although it was 2 kg overweight. The boarding was quick due to the small plane. The trip was around 2 hours. I prefer bigger airplanes for longer flights, as these smaller planes tend to rock a bit more and the legroom isn't the best either. The flight attendants were polite and nice. The landing at Tallinn was smooth, managed to clear customs very easily.

7/28/2015 Kevin Overtoom

Amsterdam to Moscow with Estonian Air, which proved to be good choice. AMS to Tallinn leg was carried on a CRJ200. They served complementary coffee, water and a chocolate. Transfer at Tallinn was seamless, their non Schengen area consists of a few gates and one restaurant. The connecting flight to Moscow was on a slightly worn Embraer 170, leg room okay but the interior had seen better times. Service on both flights was very formal and a smile was nowhere to be seen. Would fly them again due to the easy transfers.

5/18/2015 Vincent A Borlaug

OV174 15th March and OV173 24th March. Amsterdam-Tallinn. Decent legroom nice inflight magazine and even boarding with a proper jetway at Tallinn for the return flight. Good inflight service featuring a solid drinks menu with Estonia's superb A. LeCoq lager and Viru Valge vodka - not a bad little airline at all (I had flown them before in 2010 on a Copenhagen-Tallinn round trip with similar results).

9/28/2014 G Kumpe

Vilnius-Tallinn OV 356 Sept 2014. We were very surprised when the check-in lady at Vilnius airport charged us the equivalent of around 10 Euro pp for the check-in. The use of the existing check-in machines at Vilnius airport would cause this fee as well she explained to us. The only way to get a free check-in would have been the use of a smartphone. We did not unfortunately have this possibility. Up to now I have never encountered costs for the use of a check-in machine at any airport. Apart from this: Flight was on time Aircraft clean. Quiet and comfortable flight. Seats average. Only few travellers on this flight. Drinks and food for sale. Free check-in baggage. Very fast baggage delivery in Tallinn airport.

6/20/2014 J Homans

Used Estonian 5 times in the last 12 months. AMS-TLL vice versa. Pleasantly surprised. CRJ900 with a lot of legroom. Charming staff. Disliked the practice of sending economy passengers to a kiosk in TLL to get a boarding pass where you pay 10 euros. Once had a delay of 20 minutes which the captain explained announcements over the speakers were very distorted and hard to understand. Boarding at TLL was a mess. The plane was a bit late arriving disembarking passengers refuelling no bridge from the gate 80 people kept waiting. Catering was okay but you pay through the nose of course. No visa cards just cash.

6/13/2014 Toomas Käbin

Estonian Air #145 Tallinn-Copenhagen June 12 2014. Flew Tallinn Copenhagen in flex class (premium economy) which means free meal and bar service 23 kgs of luggage and flexibility to change tickets. The food consisted of smoked salmon on a slice of bread a small but fresh salad and an appetizing Sacher cake. Not too much but enough for the 1hr 20 minute flight. Swift boarding and disembarkation aircraft clean and fresh newspapers available friendly staff clear safety announcements over good audio system and interesting inflight magazine to while the time away. Estonian Air is a small and pleasant regional airline.

9/22/2013 E Birman

TLL-AMS a busy morning flight on the perennially cramped CRJ900. Compared to my last flight with Estonian a year ago the service much better and Tallinn airport keeps improving and is now probably the nicest small airport in Europe: clean free wifi comfy seats and even a library. No service whatsoever on Estonian Air which besides being government-owned is on par with Ryanair for what it offers. But as a way to get from Point A to Point B it's acceptable.

9/2/2013 U Robertinho

Stockholm - Tallinn - Kiev and back. Clean and nice Embraer on the first leg and a new CRJ900 on the second. Overall a pleasant experience. Transit at the small Lennart Meri ariport in Tallinn smooth and easy. Staff rather dull but agreeable. I would gladly fly with them again.

7/9/2013 C Ten

Tallinn-Amsterdam is a short flight but crew were nice helpful and were able to understand at least 4 languages (they helped my Dutch Grandmother who speaks no English). Amenities not normally provided but because flight was near empty they gave out snacks plus complementary tea and coffee. They also allowed us to sit in vacant seats which was nice. In general a nice trip and much more than was expected for basically a regional airline.

6/28/2013 Thomas Eriksson

ARN-TLL ERJ170 Equipment. This is the airline where you are never met with a smile. Short flight in an old Finnair ERJ170. The seat Comfort is horrible feels like you have a stick in your back all the time. The crew tries to sell you extremely expensive instant coffee for 4 Euros a cup. I was quite impressed that the two cabin crew never managed to smile once during the 50 min flight. This is however the Baltic States best airline. That tells you how bad the other ones are.

12/7/2012 Peter Thackray

ARN-TLL-ARN - Flew from the UK via Stockholm on an SAS Ticket. The leg from ARN was with Estonian Air on a new CRJ900. Economy cabin only has food/snacks for purchase I did not partake so cannot comment upon the choice. The flight itself was on-time both ways with clear announcements inn Estonian/Russian/English. The flight was less than an hour so no need for any in-flight entertainment but an interesting multi-lingual airline magazine was provided along with a choice of some newspapers in various languages. Airline has some codeshares with other carriers in the region and provides a good connection to other Scandinavian/Baltic destinations.

10/4/2012 A Petersen

CPH-TLL-CPH. Cabin Crew both ways showed no emotion or enthusiasm. A very clever metal rod has been inserted in each seat which makes it extremely uncomfortable to sit in. No complimentary products on these flights coffee purchased tasted poor creamer had no effect. On the plus side checked baggage was delivered fast on both flights. In the future will look for other alternatives.

9/5/2012 D Maher

TLL-CPH. Very comfortable and clean Embraer 170 used on the short flight from Tallinn to Copenhagen. Good leg room staff friendly and courteous and a small snack and hot drink offered. Efficient check-in at Tallinn. Would definitely recommend as they are a great introduction/farewell to a very beautiful country.

9/5/2012 D Maher

TLL-CPH. Very comfortable and clean Embraer 170 used on the short flight from Tallinn to Copenhagen. Good leg room staff friendly and courteous and a small snack and hot drink offered. Efficient check-in at Tallinn. Would definitely recommend as they are a great introduction/farewell to a very beautiful country.

3/14/2012 M Kozlov

AMS-TLL-SVO-TLL-AMS. Estonian Air still had a reasonable fare for this route. Nice modern CRJ900 planes on AMS-TLL and a bit tired and worn Boeing 737 from TLL to SVO and back. I had a very short connection time in TLL onwards just 30 min but had no problems because Tallinn Airport is actually very small. Food and beverage service pretty basic just soft drinks and rye-bread sandwiches. No comments regarding the luggage since I was travelling just with a cabin bag.

7/11/2011 C Adams

London Gatwick-Tallinn return in Economy class in a Boeing 737. The queue for check in/bag drop at London Gatwick was lengthy and slow moving for what turned out to be a full flight. However the flight boarded on time and departure was only slightly late due to a busy afternoon at the airport. We had selected the exit row in economy which had two instead of 3 seats on each side and more legroom. These were sufficiently roomy and comfortable for the flight. We had also pre-ordered a hot meal and wine and these were brought to us before the cabin crew started the sandwich and drink service to other passengers. Both the food and drinks were good value good quality and helped pass the time on the flight. The cabin crew were professional polite and friendly. The return flight was much the same on time and trouble free. Tallinn airport had a much quicker check in than Gatwick and no security queue. All in all a decent service and pleasant experience.

4/27/2011 D Graubard

ARN-TLL (Tallinn) brand new CRJ-900. Short 50 minute flight but on-time and very friendly attendants. Plane was spacious clean and comfortable. On-board prices reasonable for BOB; only disappointment is as the flight is so short they don't sell duty-free so I couldn't buy something I wanted from the catalog. Tallinn airport is clean small and very easy to be in the centre of town in 10-15 minutes. OW fare was US $90 and a good deal.

3/15/2011 Thomas Wengler

Business class between Copenhagen and Talinn in Estonia - even though this was a 1 hour 30 min the flight served no food and I could not even get a packet of peanuts. The flight had cost £650 for a return and was a sorry experience.

11/23/2010 U Johansson

Estonian Air is becoming a disaster! Having flown with the airline for many years I cannot recall it being worse. Stockholm-Tallinn flight Friday 19th of November - five hours late. Vilnius - Stockholm flight same day six hours late. London - Tallinn flight a week ago more arrived in Tallinn more than six hours late. And all the time without accurate information - probably to avoid rebooking on other airlines.