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4/28/2019 Colin Bates

Not Verified | Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam. Having flown many many long haul flights over the years, I have never disembarked feeling hungry like I did with my recent two long hauls on this airline. First time with Etihad and chosen because it appeared on the the 5 star list of carriers. On the plus side the aircraft are modern and clean with ample legroom in economy, also the cabin crew were friendly. However, the inflight catering was very very basic. Never had meals so stingy with any other airline, barely enough for a Mouse. Quality not an issue, but quantity a real issue. One alcoholic drink served for the whole 7 hour duration. The refreshment tray midflight consisted of Water, not even fruit juice. Sorry Etihad your 5 Stars are certainly not as bright as I expected and we will probably revert back to the other two carriers in the ME 3 group. U.A.E are a wealthy country and the national Airline should reflect this. Whoever made the decision to charge for inflight snacks needs to think of the repercussions, they really do need a “Sheikh” up.

4/27/2019 Clare Blake

Not Verified | Melbourne to Rome via Abu Dhabi with Etihad. I am a frequent traveller and I can honestly say that this is the worst airline I have ever flown with. The meals are pathetically small and terribly presented. It is the worst food I have eaten on an aircraft. We had one opportunity for drinks on this long haul flight. If you wanted another, you needed to request one. Although I could stretch out my legs, the seats themselves lacked sufficient cushioning and my back was aching for most of the flight. I felt cheated as I could have flown with another airline for the price I paid. Never again!

4/25/2019 Penelope Saunders

Not Verified | Two years ago we flew the same route leaving Sydney at 2100 hours. We enjoyed a really delicious dinner and loved the fresh dates handed around after dinner. This time we were looking forward to a similar experience. Disappointed beyond. It was more like a self service cafe with a less than interesting menu on offer. I ate a burger but only because we had time on our hands. My partner had soup which he was unable to finish. Other diners were equally disappointed. This sort of fare is available at any airport cafe and waiters formally dressed does not create a business class lounge. What has changed? Last time it was superb. At present it is poor. The worst business class lounge ever.

4/24/2019 D Nashindra

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Abu Dhabi. After a fairly seamless check-in and boarding process, I was astonished with the dismal service from the flight attendants. They refused to advise me of the meal options, only that one was chicken and the other was beef and considering Etihad have stopped providing menus on their flights, I was clueless as to what I was having. In addition, as you can tell from the photo taken on the meal served, they have made the entire meal disposable and removed salad and dessert and butter from the meal. I'm a very disappointed passenger.

4/24/2019 M Shamok

✅ Trip Verified | Kochi to London via Abu Dhabi. Simply appalling! Checked in for my flight to London - booked and paid for 2 months prior. Was not given a boarding pass for the second sector and told it will be given in Abu Dhabi. Queued for 15mins to find that the LHR flight was overbooked and 15 checked in passengers are all off loaded. Guy on counter next to me on Manchester flight had 35 overbooked! Offered a free fast food dinner & $300 off my next flight with Etihad (which I will never use!). Faced with a 7 hour wait - not willing to give me time at the airport hotel to sleep, begged for a business class upgrade and given priority to do this upon boarding but seats mysteriously all taken at that time. Staff completely unsympathetic and acted like this is standard practice. This has never happened to me with Emirates - have flown with them over 20 times. Just stay away from this airline.

4/22/2019 L Maldase

✅ Trip Verified | Cheap company - so disappointing. This is the first time i took Etihad. The worst flights ever. On the way from London to abu dhabi my seat was not working so i asked a member of the crew and she confirmed that i won t be able to move the seat. After 1 hr I requested to change the seat, the flight was full in economy and one told me i have to deal with it for a 7hr flight. On the way back, it was not better , arriving to the airport, overbooked flights, and not only mine all Etihad flights from Abu Dhabi to Europe. Midnight i have to queue and talk for an hour with staff telling me i will have probably to wait few hours and take the next flight. And by few hours he meant 8hrs. After 2h stress and last minute they found me a seat and i left people there waiting 8 hours in the airport because Etihad doesn't provide hotel. On the plane, the members of the crew were unfriendly and one extremely rude. Etihad is not a premium company but a cheap one. From service, members crew, tickets, food ... everything was disappointing.

4/22/2019 Chris Oates

✅ Trip Verified | London to Bangkok via Abu Dhabi. So Etihad have entered the race to the bottom in style. Simply avoid regardless of price. They no longer bother with pre-dinner drinks, the drinks trolley only came by once on both legs of my flight. The food is the real headline grabber, you get a little tray on a little board, chicken or beef is all your told. Menus are gone, so is a side salad, cheese, decent cutlery, oh and no butter with bread!? Dessert is served after with tea or coffee, and then that is the last you will see of any staff. There is no longer a second meal service instead there is a menu where you can but food and drink 'Ryanair' style, and its all rubbish. The staff look as tired as the Boeing 777's do. Sadly I still have to fly back home with them but will be sure to pack some food for the journey. Will not be back.

4/21/2019 Rahul Tripathi

Not Verified | Mumbai to London via Abu Dhabi. Really pathetic service and worst airline ever. Had booked business class ticket from Mumbai to London via Abu Dhabi as per there stop over policy given on website after booking they declined a hotel and asked for charges of AED 500, then they declined the chauffeur saying stop over is too less. Finally had to cancel the plan.

4/21/2019 N Ball

✅ Trip Verified | Beirut to Abu Dhabi. Etihad have in recent times been deceiving people in their online bookings, but most recently with their seat selections. When making a miles redemption booking I progressed on to make a seat selection without realizing that I was actually paying for each seat selected. I went all the way to the payment page, went ahead and paid (perhaps I should have paid more attention to the final amount, but it was not clear and I was in a rush to book). Only after finishing the booking I realized I was charged $30 for one seat and $10 for the other, I have never paid for selecting a seat, and these seats would have been free at check-in. Realizing I paid for seats that I did not want to pay for, I contacted Etihad by email asking for a refund of the seat payments. After several back and forth emails, they refused to refund my money. They claim it was clear on the site that these seats were chargeable. I have a relative who also fell for this deceptive seat selection process and also paid for seats without realizing. It is bad enough that they charge for seats (given that are apparently not a budget airline, although you could argue this now), but to deceive their paying customers into paying for seats they did not want to pay for, and then refusing to refund the payment (regardless of who was at fault) is disgraceful! Further evidence of Etihad's greed and lust for money from their customers, with so many examples like this in recent years. The icing on the cake- today I wanted to change a booking I made with miles, and the only way to make this change is to contact the call center. Previously to call Etihad, you dialed a 02 number, which was a local number that was charged at a local rate. However, in line with their money hungry ways, they have now changed their call center number to a 600 number which is charged at a premium per minute rate. So, not just can we not make changes online in some cases, we are also forced to call their call center and pay premium rates for making the call. Absolutely disgraceful from an airline that deserves all the bad reviews it is getting. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

4/20/2019 N Vincent

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Istanbul via Abu Dhabi. I was hoping to have a good flight from Melbourne to Istanbul but it was not to be. While the aircraft itself was decently spec'd, the food and beverage offering was below satisfactory. They don't include the standard butter with your bread, salad and dessert that you'd find in served at other major airlines. Instead, I was compelled to purchase snacks from their exorbitantly "Choose Wisely" menu. I paid USD 4 for a small chocolate bar. I hope that my return leg in a few days will be better.

4/20/2019 Dara Lourdes Cayanga

✅ Trip Verified | Abu Dhabi to Muscat. Very poor service on a codeshare ticket. We arrived in Oman Airport lay over for 1:20mins but unfortunately we have delayed flight for 6hrs then for return back ticket Manila - Muscat - Abu Dhabi again we suffer for 10hrs delayed flight, the staff are not friendly even they don’t explained and apologized. This is my first and last to avail you ticket. Very bad and poor service.

4/19/2019 F Sallon

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Abu Dhabi. I really wonder how this 2/3 star airline made it to the 5 star level. Planes are modern and have a nice cabin with reasonably good IFE. The good stops here. On the 7-hour flight from CDG to AUH, a tiny and inedible meal with no starter or dessert was served and the rest was only buy on board. Feels more like Norwegian than a 5-star Gulf airline. Boarding was completely disorganised and the bus from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is staffed by completely incompetent people. They were letting people on the bus without checking the tickets or the number of luggage pieces. To be avoided altogether.

4/19/2019 G Farnham

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Manchester via Abu Dhabi. An airline severely let down by ground staff and cost savings. If you have a bassinet on the booking you cannot check in online & a first come basis. We got to airport before check in opened, only 1 baby in front of us in the queue. Staff advised us that bassinet confirmed and aisle seat, repeated same at end. Come to board, and no bassinet, no aisle etc. Cabin crew reiterated the 1st come message, but when we explained they were bemused. 2nd flight was better but again their systems did not ack the linked booking so not seated together. This is a long route (14.5 hr + 7.5hr) and available food is a joke. You have to pay for extra. No breakfast on landing in Manchester after 7.5 hrs and the main meal is a roll without butter and the hot meal, I was absolutely starving.

4/18/2019 K Makhal

✅ Trip Verified | They overbook planes and you may discover that your ticket means nothing and it is first come first serve service. They claim that I came late so boarding is closed and they charged me new tickets. I had online boarding card for all my family but they refused to accept them.. Then after half an hour they came to me saying I have to make new booking and I have to call internationally to Etihad office to make the booking. I paid 23000 egyptian pound for new tickets and spend the whole night with my family waiting the next available flight after 12 hours.

4/17/2019 N Victor

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Abu Dhabi. My experience on this flight was far from enjoyable. It was marred with a series of disappointing and underwhelming moments. For example, when the IFE was not working, the fight crew refused to assist me for almost 3 hours. Whenever I pressed the call bell, they would switch it off and ignore my request for help. As with the experience from other guests, I can attest that the crew spend more time chatting amongst themselves rather than serve passengers who've requested for assistance.

4/15/2019 Christian Baab

Not Verified | Abu Dhabi to Rabat. Flight completely overbooked and left more than 15 stranded in Abu Dhabi. Flight alternatives were completely useless. I have to fly with a completely different airline now and will reach Casablanca and not Rabat with more than 15 hours delay. Compensation of 300USD of personalized flight voucher is not adequate if you will never fly with this airline again.

4/15/2019 C Markam

✅ Trip Verified | My wife and I are in our late 60`s and retired. Last June we purchased, on the Etihad website, two return Business Class tickets to London for departure from Sydney on April 27 2019. The cost of the 2 tickets was $AUD 14,326.52. which was paid in full at the time of purchase. 4 weeks ago I was diagnosed with male breast cancer and so require radical surgery and several months of chemotherapy. I cancelled the flights but Etihad says that this promotional fare does not allow any change of date nor any refund. They also say that the ticket will expire on the 12 month anniversary of purchase. When asked what our options were, I was told that we should travel on the date booked and that was it. A written online complaint elicited the response that I should contact their call centre, who I had previously talked to and who were unhelpful, and on one occasion degrading and demeaning. The purpose of this review is to share our experience, warn others and to request from the wider travelling community any suggestions regarding what to do next.

4/13/2019 A Galten

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to Tokyo via Abu Dhabi. My review involves the awful inedible food served during these long haul flights. No snacks or drinks offered during the 11 hours. Etihad needs to find someone who knows about airline food. In all my long haul flights I have done in the past 25 years this is the worst experience I have ever had.

4/12/2019 E Weiles

✅ Trip Verified | Brisbane to Abu Dhabi. Etihad has really gone downhill with quality. Checking in ahead did not work, neither online nor through the app. The app actually recommended to call them 'as soon as possible' but then the automated phone service just referred you back to their website. So this was absolutely useless. The check in was then predictably slow with a long queue. As a result the ground team seemed in a hurry and were neither particularly helpful nor friendly. The seats were horrible. For a 14 hour flight this was remarkable little leg space. Cramped in like in a budget airline. The food wasn't very appetising and while most of the staff seemed professional they didn't go above and beyond to make this a pleasant flight experience. A lot of time for them was spent chatting in the galley. Will definitely not make the mistake of flying with Etihad again. Can't believe they are rated as a 'Five star airline'. Absolutely undeserved and miles off, Etihad is currently closer to a three star airline than a five star one.

4/11/2019 N Hashem

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Mumbai via Abu Dhabi. We have flown Etihad Airways several times. We have traveled in economy and business class. My last trip was in Jan 2019, trip before that was in Oct 2017, both in business class. The service and amenities have really suffered in two years. It started with booking tickets online. I had select the flights and was adding all the information they need (e.g. passenger name, preferences, etc.). By the time I was ready to enter credit card information, the website would not let me purchase the ticket because the fare had increased (by $1200 per ticket). It took me less then 10 minutes to enter information about two passengers. The price should have been locked. I called them three times and talked with three different customer reps, but they would not help. I even asked to speak to the manager and was not given chance to talk to a manager. I had to reduce my trip by three days to get lower fare. They stopped providing pajamas, slippers, playing cards in the plane. The quality of amenity kit has also gone down. After the plane took off I asked for a single malt whiskey and mixed nut which were served. Later on when I asked for it again I was told that they did not have single malt or nuts. They only had black label. How can you not have enough (small) bottles of single malt for business class? The lounge at Abu Dhabi needs updating. The lounge was very crowded and only had and did not have enough seats. It one mens toilet room (3 three urinal stalls and 3 toilet stalls). There were people standing in line. The type food in the lounge was same as two years ago, they have not changed the menu.
 My wife wanted to extend her stay to take care of personal stuff so we called etihad, we were told that it would cost us $400 dollars cancellation fee (which is on their website), plus a single ticket from the higher tier for $3600 (this is not mentioned on their website). This is a rip off. Why can I not pay the fare difference? If I have to buy another ticket then why are they charging $400 cancellation fee? We did not extend her stay. It turns out that she has to go again soon, this time we bought business class ticket on Emirates. They provide free limo service to/from airport at both destinations for business class. I have heard good thing about them. I am sure they will be better than Etihad. My friends have traveled Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines and they said that they were very good.