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9/14/2018 Andreas Rainer

✅ Trip Verified | Since several years I fly Eurowings Vienna-Hamburg. Never has it been as bad as this summer. Of my last six flights HAM-VIE, five were late. Today again one hour. This Monday 20min, etc. Over 50% of my Eurowings flights are late. I think airlines should be punished for such practices.

9/13/2018 Kim Antunovic

Not Verified | Split to London via Dusseldorf. I went to pick up my boarding pass in Dusseldorf connecting from Croatia to London, when the person at the desk told me they had overbooked the flight so I wasn't assured my seat and had to ask at the gate whether I would get on the flight. At the gate after three tries I eventually got assigned a seat, this seat had also been assigned to someone else! So there were people milling about on the plane with no seats. Luckily I was one who got to keep the seat I was in. But I could have missed this flight, a flight I paid fully for weeks before, due to Eurowings' disgusting practices and negligence. This has never happened to me before, in 35 years of flying! I will never fly Eurowings again.

9/7/2018 N Karbin

✅ Trip Verified | Really bad experience with Eurowings from Dusseldorf to Stuttgart. 2 flights on one day: both delayed, one by 80 min, the other one by 120 min. Seems they took over all the bad habits from Air Berlin when acquiring their fleet. Useless explanations for the delay.

9/6/2018 Huu Phuoc Phan

✅ Trip Verified | Hamburg to Keflavik. The flight was on time and good service onboard, they checked our boarding pass and served our rebooked meal even we sat on other seat (not same with our seat on boarding pass). Staff was friendly and helpful. I can recommend it, i will fly next time. The website is also easy to book .

9/4/2018 Wolfgang Bernhart

✅ Trip Verified | Naples to Stuttgart, late by half an hour. Service is bad, as a SEN I cannot get access to the contract lounge at Naples when flying basic economy.

9/4/2018 K Thiagarajan

Not Verified | Köln to Seattle. Not a great experience. Cologne check in and passport control were chaotic, flight delayed by an hour without reason given. Small and crowded waiting area. Once on board aircraft feels old and worn out. Tape holding fixtures in bathroom, torn seat and missing plastic parts in Best class - costs extra for broken seat? Flight itself was ok, crew friendly but cabin felt too warm and something wasn’t quite right with the air con. Finally after delayed arrival the return flight was cancelled and this week the outbound is cancelled. A shame this is a Lufthansa group airline as the aircraft and service are not up to standards and the reliability is very poor. WiFi never worked. Won’t fly it again.

9/1/2018 Adrian Elmslie

Not Verified | Flight leaving Olbia delayed by 3 hours. No explanation and guaranteed misssed connection to London. Rerouted through Munich with 6.5 hour layover and landing in Stansted (original destination was Heathrow). Late arrival at Stansted with a further wait on the tarmac of 20 minutes followed by another 1.5 hours in line for passport control. Stansted is a terrible airport. I would not recommend Eurowings unless you place no value on your time.

9/1/2018 H Lewis

✅ Trip Verified | London to Cancun via Cologne. The worst airline I have ever had the misfortune of flying with. Our flight from Heathrow was delayed by an hour and 40 min, so we had only 20 minutes to catch our connecting flight in Cologne. I did wonder at this point, will our luggage make it? But staff around us at the time assured us it would. We arrived in Cancun, and unsurprisingly, everyone who I recognised from the connecting flight did not receive their luggage. My two friends who I am travelling with received their cases 3 days into our trip, yet I am still yet to hear any information on mine. It has now been 10 days, I go home in 4 days. It has partially ruined a very much needed holiday, I am extremely disappointed. No one from the airline has helped, they are rude when you call and just ask that you email an email address where no one ever responds. They say that baggage enquiries are only managed via email, but no one responds, I have sent 8 emails since my luggage went missing. I have found out more information myself by ringing Cancun airport to find out where my case was last scanned. It’s despicable that they get away with taking people’s money for a terrible service, no support or help. I do not recommend you fly with Eurowings. And to echo what someone else said here, it’s not even that cheap! I paid nearly £600 for my fare, including £60 to check in my luggage. Imagine that, I have actually paid £60 to potentially never see my belongings again. They are an absolute disgrace.

9/1/2018 B Peris

Not Verified | Never fly with Eurowings again. Flew Frankfurt to Bangkok. Crew were extremely rude. They threw our food on our tray with no respect. When my boyfriend asked for water for his medicine they complained rudely about using the service-bottom. The wifi is pay for but it was ok, it was announced. However the entertainment was paying too and it was not announced anywhere. The whole experience with them was painful. They have lost a customer.

8/31/2018 C Larch

✅ Trip Verified | Cologne to London. The worst airline I’ve ever flown with by far! Flight was cancelled after sitting on the tarmac at Cologne airport for an hour. No information as to why. Only one representative offering help or advice at the airport. My company were able to book me on another flight the next morning. This was delayed by an hour. No information as to why. The staff were incredibly rude on the plane when helping people with luggage. The seats were horribly uncomfortable and no leg room at all. Will never fly with them again!

8/31/2018 N Cabile

✅ Trip Verified | Venice to Cologne. Avoid at all costs, you are better off with Ryanair. Living in Cologne I don't get much of a choice of flying with them most of the time, and I'm appalled at how they manage to always do worse than the time before. The flights are always late, with an average delay time that seems increasing with each flight, no customer support whatsoever and little care of providing some service to the airplane passengers... Now they started giving a 5€ voucher to boil off when waiting for the plane, which barely pays for anything at the airport nowadays. Avoid!

8/28/2018 B Dalini

✅ Trip Verified | Punta Cana to Zurich via Cologne. Worst flight ever. They do not provide entertainment unless you pay for it. But even worse they only speak German assuming you understand it. It gets even trickier if someone in the aircraft seeking for a doctor help, but you do not understand what is going on, and then the announcement "dear passenger we need a doctor" is only done in German. I was also seated in front of annoying people that were adamant of not letting me pull down my seat to sleep during the 9 hours flight. I thought this was one of each passengers' prerogatives when buying a tickets. Especially in a 9 hour flight! They brought us to the wrong gate. They let us wait ages because there where not enough buses on the floor serving the flight.

8/27/2018 Emiliano Morchi

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Milan Malpensa via Stuttgart. The overall journey was fine and both flights were on time. The aircraft was actually the same, an ageing but well kept Dash 8, that I suppose before belonged to AB. The staff was kind and professional, the service is buy onboard but not stressing. I fly quite often with Eurowings and generally I am satisfied. Also, the flights count for LH M&M status. I would recommend Eurowings at least for European flights, for long haul I can't judge.

8/27/2018 G Farrell

✅ Trip Verified | We booked directly on-line with Eurowings for a flight on 31 December 2018 Stansted to Munich. We were advised that Eurowings had unilaterally changed our flight to one day (24 Hours) later. This was not acceptable as we would have missed our connection in Munich. We were told that the flight was not being operated any more. However, both Eurowings and the wholesaler still list the flight on their websites and we could have wasted more money by purchasing the same ticket again. Clearly, either the "reason" for the change is not true or the airline has not kept its website up to date. We suspect the former. We have made our own arrangements (at extra cost and trouble) with another airline. I have allocated one star as that is required. If I had a choice, I wouldn't allocate any stars.

8/26/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320 (320) seat 16A

Seats w/o extra leg room really do not have a lot of leg room. My flight was only 40 minutes so that's alright and probably not worth paying an extra 20 euros for a seat up front. For longer trips one might want to consider paying for the upgrade though (or chosing a different airline)

8/26/2018 I Seiden

Not Verified | New York to Budapest via Dusseldorf. I bought a ticket through Lufthansa, so I was disappointed to be on Eurowings. I called them to verify their luggage restrictions, and got no answers from the woman I talked to. At JFK they put a tag on my checked bag saying JFK to DUS to MUC but when I asked about it, I was told my bag would meet me at BUD. On the 6+ hour flight there was no meal service (compared to 2 meals on Lufthansa flights of that length, which was the ticket I purchased). The baggage rules for my connecting flight were different, and the flight attendant hassled me about boarding the plane with a bag and a personal item, even though I was coming off a long haul flight. Unsurprisingly, my bag was not there to meet me at BUD. The employee I spoke to said my bag was in MUC, but had been located and would be delivered in the next couple days. It has now been over a week, and my bag is still at MUC. I have tried to get information on my case through several channels. Their Hungarian customer service phone number (as posted on the official Eurowings website) is disconnected, and there has been no response to emails sent to the airline or their baggage handling contractors (Menzies), and there has been no response on the Menzies lost bag portal's messaging platform. I have explained several times to them, I had necessary medications in my checked bag, which I have not had access to in the time that Eurowings has failed to send my bag. This has been extremely stressful and uncomfortable to say the least. I'm very upset not only with Eurowings but with Lufthansa, since I purchased a Lufthansa ticket at Lufthansa prices and instead was given wildly inferior, cut-rate service at every turn.

8/20/2018 K Garmann

✅ Trip Verified | Dusseldorf to Los Angeles via Munich. My second flight had 19 hour delay. I had to rebook other flights- it was an absolute mess. Avoid long haul Eurowings flights if possible. Onboard service was ok. TV costs 10 euros to use but they have great new movies. Staff was extremely nice. Gave some people free food and gummy bears in addition to catering included in some fairs. I got a free sandwich and banana and declined the gummy bears. Legroom was a little tight- but I'm 6'2.

8/19/2018 E Darstener

✅ Trip Verified | Miami to Munich via Duesseldorf. Worst airline ever! Worst and rudest customer service! Our flight had 3 hours delay, it wasn’t rebooked automatically like all other airlines would. I’m 6 months pregnant and am flying with a 2 year old, we were given no priority and had to wait 2 hours at a poorly staffed help desk at the connection destination and were told by a very rude lady that the next flight is full so we had to wait over another 4 hours on our connection flight. And all that after an 8.5 h flight from the US with a toddler! Furthermore, the food on the flight was disgusting, my TV didn’t work and we were not given a seat with extra leg room as promised when I called in advance to reserve seats. We were constantly given opposite information, one person telling us our luggage will be sent to the destination while the other said we have to pick it up and check it in again. Poor organized and unprofessional. Eurowings doesn’t care the least about their clients, very disappointing.

8/16/2018 J Luemer

✅ Trip Verified | I was supposed to be flying on EW1979 from Hamburg to Munich (21:10 - 22:30). Weather forecast predicted thunderstorms for the evening. Additionally, the aircraft that was supposed to be flying me from Hamburg to Munich already had a delay of 1h31min at 16:30 on its way from Dusseldorf via Munich to Hamburg. I called Eurowings to ask for changing the flight to an earlier flight (EW7000, 19:00 - 20:25). This flight had seats available, but there was a changing fee of 150€ as my flight was still showing that it would be in time. (Impossible, since the incoming flight was delayed 1h31m). Long story short: My flight was cancelled. I had to fly the next day and stay another night in Hamburg. I called the hotline for rebooking which was more helpful than the airport staff. Delays can happen and I understand that. This delay was absolutely foreseeable as the incoming aircraft was delayed. In the end, the weather in Hamburg was sunny and the other flights in the period in question were on time (LH033, FR4026, EW2045, SK4844,SX207, JU935, EK062, OK544, BE7110).

8/13/2018 Victor Sale

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Hannover. I was travelling with hand luggage and upon check in they told me that my little suitcase with my medium size backup would have been not allowed, but as this is kinda crazy as I´ve never had any problems with this, at the end they allowed to enter with this in the plane. The flight was okay as well the cleanliness of the aircraft and the crew was really polite, not complaining for anything on this flight, really good value between service and money.