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10/15/2018 Petri Hottola

✅ Trip Verified | On average a reasonably good airline, Finnair has recently let its standards fall a bit. After arrival in Madrid (Iberia GRU-MAD), about 5 hours before Finnair departure to Helsinki, I first noticed that there was not even terminal information for the connection on the airport monitors. A short inquiry at Iber...

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10/13/2018 Tapani Utunen

Not Verified | Several flights with Finnair, the following in 2018: HEL-DEL-HEL three times, HEL-SIN-HKG-HEL, HEL-SIN-BKK-HEL, HEL-GVA-HEL, HEL-BUD-HEL, HEL-ARN-HEL etc.etc. for work and for leisure. Finnair - being the monopoly in Finland - has turned out to be a low-cost carrier charging premium prices giving null added-value...

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10/7/2018 Yves Paesen

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Bangkok via Helsinki. All flights on time, very polite and nice cabin crew, clean aircraft. I checked in online and i got a seat in economy comfort on the Hel-Bkk flight. The food was also good and many drinks are offered. I would definitely recommend Finnair and would fly with them again.

9/26/2018 P James

✅ Trip Verified | Premium Economy on Finnair is one of the better deals in the air. The legroom is nice, the seats are comfortable (though the same seats as regular economy) the headrests are useful for sleeping, the hour of free wifi is fun, and the noise reducing headphones are superb. Don't forget to order the Blueberry Juice...

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9/21/2018 Wolfgang Bernhart

✅ Trip Verified | Helsinki to Frankfurt. A low quality airline. Plane was obviously older, as well as interiors. Service is very slim, you don’t even get a beer on international flights in economy class. Cannot recommend at all..

9/19/2018 Tom Evans

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Helsinki. Lost baggage and lost article with poor customer service. I had delayed baggage and was told they would cover 70 euro per day, I had flown in for meetings and had to buy cloths, 2 days later at the end of the day my bag arrived. Over a month later still no reimbursement. After multiple cal...

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9/16/2018 Inga Autukaite

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Vilnius via Helsinki. Finnair couldn't change my flight date. Then flight was delayed for a two hours. I came to the airport and they gave me additional flight with two stops. My original was with one stop. To one connecting flight I had to run because it was less time for connection. And for anothe...

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9/8/2018 Mary Ann Kasjens

Not Verified | Helsinki to Chicago O'Hare. The flight was 50 minutes late but that probably wasn't the airlines fault. My main criticism was the fact that there was less than 12 inches between seats in the last section of the plane, 3rd row. I am a woman size 8 and I could not reach my purse under the seat ahead of me. We had t...

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8/30/2018 M Hashimoto

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo Narita to Helsinki Vantaa on 4 Aug with AY72 and back on 12 Aug with AY71. On both legs I got into Business Class. Before booking them, I was quite surprised to know that Finnair has two daily services between NRT and HEL. My expectations for the flights mounted up, as I thought that they would offer in-f...

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8/29/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A319 (319) seat 17E

For a 6"2 and long legs this seat is very small. The pitch 31 is measured in the middle of the seat but the armrest support mechanism in the seat front of you makes the gap so narrow that it is almost impossible to find a good position for your knees. If possible, try avoiding the seat if you have long legs.

8/13/2018 Wolfgang Segato

✅ Trip Verified | Dusseldorf to Beijing via Helsinki. Checkin in Dusseldorf very slow, only one Staff at Counter. Must wait long time. During flight to Helsinki offered Coffee, Tea and water for free only. Transit in Helsinki fast and easy. Boarding on Time. Flight in A350 very quiet and Seat comfortable with good space for leg...

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7/27/2018 Moradeyo Ade-John

✅ Trip Verified | London to St. Petersburg via Helsinki. Finnair has the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced in my LIFE. I got to the airport 4 hours before my flight, printed out my boarding pass and noticed boarding time was an hour after the flight was meant to depart. I spoke to an airport customer servi...

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7/26/2018 L Staender

✅ Trip Verified | Flying first from Brussels to Helsinki went smooth, no delays, orderly check-in. Small snack and drink (blueberry juice) was offered. The lay-over at Helsinki airport went very easy. The check-in was very orderly. This flight was with an A330-300, which was still ok. The 2-4-2 seating is quite nice if you are...

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7/25/2018 Elise Lok

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Oslo via Helsinki. Pleasant experience with Finnair. The cabin was comfortable and legroom space was just nice for Asian height. They offered varieties of food, you can choose either western or Asian meals. The flight ticket price is average also. The aircraft which have quiet engines is really co...

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7/20/2018 Jesper Edinger Andersson

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Tokyo via Helsinki the 29th June with return from Osaka to Copenhagen via Helsinki the 18th of July. Overall a decent airline, with a good customer service. Staff were friendly and welcoming to meet the needs from customers. The bad part is that it was almost an hour delayed from Helsinki to Toky...

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7/20/2018 Aiyaphol Kemapuckpong

✅ Trip Verified | London to Bangkok via Helsinki. I had booked this flight as a mistake, I should've booked with Oman Air (Who was cheaper at the time) but then I chose too quickly. Upon realising that there was a 17 hour layover, I was prepared. I used the Qantas lounge at Terminal 3. Boarding took 45 minutes for an A321. Only...

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7/19/2018 Gurban Hudayberdiyev

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Tokyo via Helsinki. Terrible experience. Air hostesses are not bad, but lacking smile on their faces. Food is terrible. If you sit near the end of aircraft you won't have any choice of meal or drink, because most choices will end. When we arrived at Helsinki, passport control was so crowded that I m...

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7/17/2018 D Kasake

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Helsinki. Finnair customer service is the worst. The flight that myself and my wife took was over 6 hours late to board, with almost no information on why. 2 hours into the wait they started to give a very limited reason. 4 hours in they gave us $10 food vouchers that only worked at limited food ven...

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7/8/2018 C Ramera

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to New York via Helsinki. On July 3rd, we arrived early, got to our gate on time, and were told by a Finnair employee at the gate that our flight to Helsinki was boarding next. I showed her my boarding pass. We waited for another 15 minutes and I asked again what the status of our flight was. I didn't see...

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6/26/2018 C Geare

✅ Trip Verified | Our flight from Kittila to Gatwick was cancelled 5 minutes before the scheduled departure. We were 6 passengers and had to wait 3 hours at the airport to fly to Helsinki instead, sleep there in a terrible hotel and fly to a London only the next day. We all lost a day of work. We asked for our compensation (400...

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