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6/25/2018 K Vincent

✅ Trip Verified | I flew Finnair from Helsinki to Copenhagen. By booking the flights well in advance the price was very reasonable and on this specific flight I was automatically seated in an exit row with extra legroom, which would usually cost extra money to book. During the flight only drinks were served, which is fine since ...

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6/24/2018 John Tanwani

✅ Trip Verified | I flew Finnair on 6/19 from Gothenburg to San Francisco via Helsinki and my experience was excellent. I was seated beside a couple with a kid and the hostess noticed how uncomfortable I was and used her discretion to upgrade me to a comfort class. This was a great customer service that I wasn't expecting but on...

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6/23/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A350-900 (350) v1 seat 41L

41L is an extra-legroom seat. However, there is no window for the seat and the entertainment system is stowed under the seat. The stowage space may take up part of the left side of the seat and you may find this annoying. Good for a short haul flight but I prefer the window,

6/18/2018 Pawornprach Pakdeeteva

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to Bangkok via Helsinki. This is my first time I fly with Finnair since it was the cheapest option to fly from Manchester, UK to Bangkok,Thailand. The check-in area in Manchester was quiet and have no queue and the check-in process was very quick since I already check-in online. Both flights were de...

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6/17/2018 Kurt Singer

Not Verified | Helsinki to Hong Kong. This is my first flight on the new A350 with Finnair and its a massive improvement from my previous flights with Finnair on the old 340. The cabin is very spacious and bright and the seats are comfortable with a full Flat Bed. You get a nice Doona to sleep in. Food and drink service is stan...

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6/9/2018 R Starlam

✅ Trip Verified | Oslo to Shanghai via Helsinki. After weeks of planning I was about to travel to Baracay Island in the Philippines to go kite-surfing. Finnair managed to ruin that plan entirely. As my intended flight with Lufthansa was cancelled, I was rebooked to Finnair. The flight for it self was fairly ok. Nothing special,...

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6/4/2018 N Nelson

✅ Trip Verified | The economy class is pretty good. For a short haul flight, they only provide drinks. For long haul flights, the food quality was really good compared to other airlines. The food was served really hot, tasted good and was not like flight meals at all. The onboard entertainment was good as well with recent movies...

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6/1/2018 Amj Sha

❌ Not Verified | Had a chance to fly with Finnair last month. The airline was late over 5 hours due to technical fault. The onboard services were mediocre. The food was not up to any advertised Nordic standards promoted by Finnair advertisements. Positive is a clear aircraft. As per EU rules and regulations, the airline is supp...

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5/21/2018 Tony D, Airbus A350-900 (350) v1 seat 55A

Not a horrible seat, it is the only seat in Economy that has 220V power. It's for medical use. I used it with my CPAP, but it was a major hassle getting Finnair to access it via their customer service. It didn't need to be as it's a standard 220V plug behind a panel in the roof you can open with a pen or paperclip. Worked grea...

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5/17/2018 H Kainer

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Frankfurt via Helsinki. Business class check in and I get the seat 1A Window side. If you sit straight your head touch the side wall. The front wall is maybe 60 cm from you. If you want to toilet and your neighbour is sleeping you have to climb over the person. The food was economy class standard. T...

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5/12/2018 Jasper Rom

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Tokyo Narita with Finnair. The bagage drop off in Amsterdam was extremely slow. There was a long queue and only two people from groundstaff were available for the check-in. The third groundstaff member at the business class desk was playing on her phone instead of helping passengers with the bagag...

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5/7/2018 S Fadibodeen

✅ Trip Verified | Helsinki to London and one of the cabin crew was extremely rude. When it came to serving the drinks she didn't bother to ask me if I wanted anything and served others around me. I noticed she did not converse with a lot of the passengers but only gesture to them, as she was not in the mood for conversation. ...

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5/7/2018 T Stamoto

✅ Trip Verified | Kansai to London via Helsinki. I paid and booked a seat 9D from Helsinki to London. However, my flight from Japan was delayed and my original flight from Helsinki to London was cancelled. So Finnair gave me a seat 30D which is the back block. I requested the refund as I paid and booked the front seat. Finnair ...

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5/2/2018 Nikita Goncharov

✅ Trip Verified | I’ve made 16 flights with Finnair this year, 30% - 40% of them ended with problems because of the significant delays, 2 of them had to be rescheduled (one time I had to stay one additional night in Helsinki, another time to wait for more than 8 hours for another flight). I was thinking that I would be constantl...

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5/1/2018 K Pellberg

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Helsinki. Daytime flight from Bangkok started late due to a computer issue but the captain kept us informed about the delay. The full Business cabin was served by a very attentive, friendly and polite crew - Finnair as its best. The main meal was quite tasty which isn’t always the case when starting...

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5/1/2018 L Sinder

✅ Trip Verified | My first Finnair flight on a new A321 from Helsinki to Amsterdam. Thanks to Emerald status i got priority boarding. That can be helpful because the storage space in the lockers is limited so that late comers may find no space for their hand luggage. Seat 10A is an emergency exit seat so there is not a seat in...

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4/30/2018 Amanda Cowan

✅ Trip Verified | Dublin to Helsinki. I booked with Finnair to travel to Northern Finland for an Easter break with the family. Everything was clean and on time. In flight tv showed our live departure from cameras under the plane and we were served complimentary tea, coffee or blueberry juice. The children were also given a Moom...

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4/18/2018 J Nassijen

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Helsinki. This was a 2h 20min flight, which was competed 20 minutes faster than the scheduled time, which was excellent. The plane was a well-kept A320, although it didn't have the usual Finnair screens with a real-time indication of the map location and heading of the aircraft. The staff was very fr...

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4/8/2018 Paul Franklin

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Oslo via Helsinki. I booked business class tickets, and was told that because I had used one portion (forward journey only) I wouldn't get a refund if I cancelled the return leg, and the price to change the flight was astronomical. As good as the inflight experience was, the unwillingness to help ...

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4/4/2018 Giovanni Giorgis

✅ Trip Verified | Helsinki to London. Chaos at boarding gate, no priority queue for group 1 passengers, one had to push their way in front of other groups. Mentioned it to ground staff, but they were rather curt and did not care for my polite feedback. Had to get into a freezing cold bus with aircon on in winter. Snow on the st...

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