Customer reviews

7/29/2019 Kilic Hasan

✅ Trip Verified | Newquay to London. Worst airline I travelled, avoid at all cost. I paid £120 for cabin bags, complaint customer service, no help. Wont be travelling with you again.

7/29/2019 John Weir

Not Verified | Manchester to Toulouse. Pre booked and paid for 23kg bag that was only 17kg. After the check in of bag, told hand luggage too big, charged £40! Worst airline in the world - if they can’t afford to run the flight and need to steal off people then this company shouldn’t be trading. I would rather not travel than fl...

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7/21/2019 A Henderson

✅ Trip Verified | Toulouse to Manchester with Flybe. I haven’t queued at an airport for years, always travel light with cabin bags, so why on earth was this necessary at Toulouse airport? A queue for over 30 minutes. Also, there were no sandwiches available on the plane. None at all. How can this be? The air hostesses were very...

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7/19/2019 E Lanouli

✅ Trip Verified | Glasgow to Southampton. Departure gate staff announced to waiting passengers that boarding would be delayed by 10 minutes due to “technical issues”. Thirty minutes later passengers were still waiting. A passenger approached gate staff to ask why there had been no further information/announcements and was met b...

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7/18/2019 T Mandel

✅ Trip Verified | Glasgow to Birmingham. Not to be recommended at all! Flybe doesn't care about customers. Not even sure why their is a line called "customer service" as they are useless. Your flight is delayed? They keep repeating you they can't do anything for you... A good will gesture to show their empathise to "their value...

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7/17/2019 Wolfgang Bernhart

✅ Trip Verified | Birmingham to Stuttgart. Be careful not to get ripped-off with hand luggage! They use a specific hand luggage size which is slightly smaller than normal IATA standards. If your luggage does not fit in by 1 cm, even if it weighs only 6kg, you have to pay 50 GBP. Using worn-out planes as well.

7/15/2019 R Meares

✅ Trip Verified | We had a return ticket from Heathrow to Newquay. Our carry on luggage fit the baggage size restriction at Heathrow but not at Newquay on our return, because Flybe made the size restriction smaller. The result was that we were charged £40 instead of £24 because online check in was no longer available. The custo...

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7/11/2019 A Maseed

✅ Trip Verified | Southampton to Düsseldorf. I've travelled several times with Flybe before and used the SAME small hand luggage suitcase each time and I never had a problem going through all the checking and it fits in the overhead cabin inside the plane. All of a sudden, they decide to enforce this "strict" baggage checking...

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7/6/2019 Abdallah E, Bombardier Q400 (DH4) seat 11B

This was by far the LOUDEST flight I've ever taken in my life. Could have been my seat location by the wing, but I've flown regional jets in the US previous and never recall experience such a loud droning noise the entire flight. I could barely hear myself thing and my ears were ringing it was so loud. Highly suggest ear plug...

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7/4/2019 S Dean

✅ Trip Verified | Glasgow to Birmingham. Flybe are working a clever scam, by basically conning passengers into a false believe their cabin bags are acceptable. They appear to have adopted a policy of allowing you to take cabin bags, not to their size requirements, on outgoing flights so that you assume these will be ok on retur...

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7/3/2019 C Noblet

Not Verified | Glasgow to Birmingham. I don’t understand how Flybe won an award for punctuality. I have flown 4 times in the last 4 weeks. 2 flights were cancelled and the other 2 were delayed by more than 2 hours. My experience in flying with them each week this year is that at least 25% are cancelled and more than 2/3 are del...

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6/29/2019 J Markham

✅ Trip Verified | Aberdeen to London. Like many of the people who have flown with Flybe recently, baggage is my main issues with this airline, having been charged £50 at the gate. My bag was not actually measured, so quite how they deemed this too large, I don't know, particularly as it was the same bag I have always used on Fl...

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6/29/2019 Michael Gardiner

Not Verified | For me, Flybe continues to do what I want of it. Took a day-trip from Birmingham to Aberdeen, outward on 9:15 flight and return on 20:45 from Aberdeen. Outward: left on time, arrived 10 minutes early. Return: departure and arrival both about 15 minutes late. The aircraft was comfortable enough for an hour and fif...

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6/28/2019 Mike Greenall

Not Verified | Manchester to Paris CDG. Awful airline. That for me is hard to avoid given the number of flights they operate from Manchester to Europe. Last year they were always late, or cancelling flights, quite profitable actually through compensation claims, but useless if you wanted to arrive. Now they have their cabin bag...

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6/28/2019 E Philpott

✅ Trip Verified |  Malaga to Exeter. Delayed by nearly 2 hours until after midnight departure. 2 cabin staff by front door stood yawning and ignoring passengers during boarding. Silence from cockpit throughout a long boarding process. At the end of boarding, the Captain blatantly lied by stating the delay was due to Spanish Air ...

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6/25/2019 Ian Ross

Not Verified | Exeter to Manchester. I booked my 16 year old son onto the flight to Manchester that should have departed at 10.35am Saturday 22nd June 2019. I knew that Flybe have a hand luggage policy so I made sure my son only took his usual cabin bag (a Samsonite bag that is sold as cabin bag) which on all the other flights ...

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6/22/2019 P Maltin

✅ Trip Verified | Exeter to Malaga. This airline will surely fail even with the Virgin Atlantic bail out. The treatment of customers is appalling, airport staff in particular are rude and clueless. Web check in fails every other time, flybe customer support takes 7 days plus to answer. Herded to gate at 11.25, at 11.32 flybe st...

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6/22/2019 Michael Gardiner

Not Verified | Birmingham to Aberdeen. Once again, and while acknowledging that others' experiences seem to be very different, I can only say that flights for this day-trip from Birmingham to Aberdeen were everything that could be reasonably expected. The price was OK, even though I booked quite close to travelling, outward fli...

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6/21/2019 G Scott

Not Verified | Doncaster Sheffield to Paris. Online check-in did not work. I nearly missed my flight because of this. When I complained they just laughed. Paid for front seat but you can't have a bag in exit row. All locker space taken by massive bags. When I pointed out that I thought Flybe were supposed to be cracking down o...

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6/21/2019 A Dalmeita

✅ Trip Verified | In May 2019, my teenage son was taking his first solo airline flight from Amsterdam to London City to visit his older brother in London for the weekend. He had one piece of cabin luggage with him that met the dimensions permitted by Flybe (55 x 35 x 20cm). Flybe staff at Amsterdam Airport measured this bag and...

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