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6/4/2012 A Moore

Bergerac to Exeter. Like another reviewer we were booked on the evening flight from Bergerac to Exeter on Saturday 26th May. When we booked in our luggage we were told that the flight was being diverted to Birmingham due to (quote) 'staffing difficulties' and that we would be transported to Exeter by coach. We subsequently found...

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5/31/2012 C Goldsmith

Isle of Man to Bristol. Flight due to depart at 13.35 changed at very last minute to 14.00 no explanation available. Passengers for the Liverpool and Birmingham flights also delayed. Explanation that first flight of day had been cancelled causing knock-on havoc for rest of day. Flight times kept being altered at the very last mi...

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5/28/2012 K Barker

Bergerac to Exeter. Checked in at 18.30 for a 20.20 take off. Informed that the flight would not go to Exeter (no reason given) but would go to Birmingham instead (only 180 miles away) and we would then get a bus to to Exeter (arriving in the middle of the night). Then found out that the people sitting dejectedly in the departur...

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5/27/2012 Stephan Court

Southampton to Dublin. I travel this route frequently (4 times per year) and I can tell you that in the four years I have been making this trip it is extremely rare for it to take off on time. I joked once to a member of the crew "why do Flybe call the flight the 18.40 from Dublin it never leaves before 20.00" she laughed. It is...

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5/23/2012 Paul Lynch

Manchester to Edinburgh. This flight was cancelled (apparently for 'technical reasons') which seems to be a common theme - and was put on the later flight. I discovered the earlier flight only had around 40 booked on it and the later flight originally only had 25 passengers. I raised a complaint to their Customer Service team ov...

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5/23/2012 Chris Ward

Norwich to Jersey but could not land at Jersey Airport because of fog diverted to Gatwick where they provided a meal for us and flight back to Jersey 2 hours later. All staff were polite reassuring and helpful.

5/21/2012 Andrew Duff

SOU-EDI return and SOU-LBA return in the same week. Pleased to see that my repeated complaints about their booking system seem to have had an effect. It's much improved - more upfront and transparent no debit card charges. Edinburgh flights both good - on time crew cheerful. Return flight from Leeds delayed by 90 minutes but sta...

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5/21/2012 K Buxton

Edinburgh to Manchester. Checked departure time before leaving for the airport - everything was on time. Arrived at the airport - flight was showing as departing on time. Checked in and was given a boarding card which stated a completely new boarding time - almost 4 hours later than the flight I had booked. Was told my flight ha...

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5/15/2012 Adrian J Bailey

Flew from Belfast City to London Gatwick used self service check-in and only had cabin baggage security very fast flights departed and arrived early. Onboard the E195 very clean cabin sufficient legroom for flight 3 female cabin crew immaculate and gave excellent and efficient service without any hard sell despite a full flight.

5/15/2012 D Glasgow

Afraid its the cabin luggage scam complaint again. I booked through Last Minute which detailed the IATA standard sizes on the booking confirmation. I always use a cabin Max bag which matches these exactly. When checking in I discovered that Flybe have a much smaller allowance. They don't say or admit that unless forced to. I saw...

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5/14/2012 C Adrian Hutton

Flybe's ok when it works but the Southampton-Manchester route seems to be plagued with problems the latest being a two-hour delay last night. Similar delays have occurred on at least 50% of the times we have used the airline. And they have the effrontery to charge a large premium when you book your flight using their own credit ...

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5/8/2012 Karen Whitaker

Delayed over 3 hours from Manchester to Southampton and all we got was a £5 meal voucher which bought a sandwich and not enough for a drink as well ! Eventually when we were on the plane not even a complimentary drink. Further flights were delayed whilst we were there and the Aberdeen flight got cancelled.

5/8/2012 C Waddell

Was booked to travel Birmingham to Edinburgh then Edinburgh to Stornoway. Because it was cheaper to book this as two separate journeys rather than in one I did this. However the first leg was delayed by over an hour causing me to miss the connection. Saff at Flybe Edinburgh were marvellous. They provided dinner bed and breakfast...

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5/8/2012 Barry Stocker

For the past several months I have flown on a weekly basis from MAN to ABZ no problems with the outgoing flights which are mostly on time but the incoming flights are rarely on time with delays of 2 hours not uncommon with the same old excuses "Technical issues". BMI have an earlier flight which leaves 50 minutes before the Flyb...

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5/1/2012 Geoff Fox

Flew Manchester to Hannover return on a new Embraer 175. Excellent flights arriving early both ways only took hand luggage and didn't pre-book seats to keep cost down.

5/1/2012 A Munro

Have been flying Flybe on a regular basis for the past 2.5 years. Nothing wrong with the planes generally leave on time sometimes arrive early cabin staff are friendly and the Rewards4all scheme is good. The one big criticism is that customer services are appalling latest problem changing an economy class flight cost £260 the on...

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4/27/2012 K Cripps

Flew Southampton to Faro on one on their Embraer 195's in April. Flight left on time and arrived early. I found the seats very comfortable with lots of leg room. No leg supports or under seat storage boxes to get in the way of stretching out. Flight crew were friendly and efficient and as the plane loaded and unloaded using both...

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