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11/30/2018 Diane Thomas, Embraer 195 (E95) seat 29A

Surprisingly comfortable seat at the rear of the plane. My husband was sat in the aisle seat and at over 6ft tall found he had plenty of legroom and we both had elbow room. The cabin crew were very pleasant and attentive. Two toddlers on the flight cried often and the cabin crew were very helpful and attentive which was so nice...

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11/24/2018 Kyle Irwin

✅ Trip Verified | London City to Belfast. Very poor online experience to start with, was unable to add a bag to the booking due to some issue with their website, in as advised they were changing systems and that some information was incorrect. Ok. Online check in didn’t get much better, I wasn’t assigned the seat that I paid fo...

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11/23/2018 A Cameron

Not Verified | Belfast to Birmingham. Two hour delay. No information. Tried help desk on phone. No help. Ruined a trip I was taking my son in for early Christmas present. Never again. Do not use this airline. Bad service. Not interested in customers. Avoid at all costs.

11/14/2018 Richard Laycock

✅ Trip Verified | Cardiff to Paris. On time and a very effective airline. Second time I’ve flown with them and I would recommend them. 2x2 seating on the plane was perfect for the short hop for me and my partner.

11/8/2018 John Lynch

✅ Trip Verified | Dublin to Southampton. I travelled on Flybe. Everything ok with service but it’s a disgrace that they charge 50% more than Pounds Sterling in the conversion, it’s a disgrace when the exchange is 14% difference. Euro 7.50 instead of £5 for a sandwich. If I have any other option I will never travel Fyybe again.

11/5/2018 Pierre Ferrandi

✅ Trip Verified | Flybe flight from London to Caen in France is really making our life easy and is a much better alternative than going through Paris. Barely a 1-hour or less flight between non congested airports that are easy to get in and out of. London Southend airport is a bit far from London but the train stops right in fro...

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9/21/2018 Matthew Murray

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to London. My first flight was delayed 45 mins. This delay caused us (and 20 other passengers) to miss our connecting flight. They were not able to schedule another flight for us until 3 hours later. The boarding passes we received for this later flight was not even valid, causing us to nearly miss ...

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9/20/2018 Matthew Ellison

✅ Trip Verified | Southampton to Paris. Just received really poor service from person at gate of Flybe flight. She looked at me as though I had crawled out from under a stone when I asked about my flight. The gate was showing the wrong flight, which caused confusion for me and other customers.

9/13/2018 Juanma Muñoz

Not Verified | Birmingham to Edinburgh. I take this flight twice a month and is delayed 70% of the time! I always have to wait at least 90 minutes or take the next one because my flight is canceled. An absolute disaster. Last time they lost my luggage and it appeared 2 hours later in a different belt all broken.

9/11/2018 Nadja Marcin

✅ Trip Verified | Do not fly with them! Worst airline ever. Stood today at check-in 2.5 hrs in Dusseldorf before the international flight from Duesseldorf to Manchester to Boston via Flybe and then with Thomas Cook. No information was given that this flight is delayed. No information on why they do not check in. The actually is...

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9/8/2018 M Dean

✅ Trip Verified | Lost or Mislaid baggage, never saw my luggage once I boarded my plane for a trip from Mobile, Al. to Birmingham UK. on 1 September 2018. My baggage did not arrive with me in Birmingham, UK. Filled out a Property Irregularity Report when I arrived in Birmingham and no luggage. Was in Birmingham for 3 days the l...

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8/29/2018 Martyn Walker

✅ Trip Verified | Due to fly 18 Aug 13.30. After posting delay for several hours, flight was cancelled. Re check in manually next day. Due to fly 13.35. Eventually left after 3 hr delay. Flybe did not represent them selves at airport and did not answer phone calls from customers or Manchester airport staff. Delay at Innsbruck of...

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8/21/2018 TS Sagwete

Not Verified | Southend to Dublin. Wish I had read all these reviews before travelling with Flybe, it was my first time traveling with them and thought I would use something different. Big mistake, will never use them again. Our flight to Dublin was delayed for 6hrs. Our flight was 645am, no information was given to start with,...

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8/21/2018 N Kamarov

✅ Trip Verified | Edinburgh to Southampton. I didn't know an airline could provide this bad a service in the UK in 2018. A month before the flight Flybe contact me to tell me that the flight time has been changed. 5 minutes earlier departure and over 2 hours delay on the return. Not the worst, but considering that the flights w...

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8/16/2018 Mark Gilling

Exeter to Malaga. Another display of utter incompetence, this time including the cockpit staff. First flight of the day and flybe managed to incur delay of 40 mins - the Capt states that it is August which is a busy month! It is time for accountability, and whilst the CEO may have cut some of the major losses this tin-pot airlin...

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8/11/2018 Sally Drew

✅ Trip Verified | Norwich to Alicante. Agree with most of the comments here and if you have a choice, take the alternative! Flybe timekeeping is terrible, and they have no concern for customers. This is my 5th trip in 2018 with them, and every single one has been delayed. They are useless at offering any updates that BA excel a...

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8/10/2018 Martin Mears

✅ Trip Verified | A frequent flyer on this route through necessity not choice, standards at flybe continue to get worse and worse. Management is obsessed with trying to keep the airline afloat through cost cutting, and this is now manifesting itself in worrying ways. Delays, delays and delays and I strongly suggest you choose a...

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8/9/2018 Robert Phillips

✅ Trip Verified | Southend to Cologne. As usual, the Cologne flight was delayed. I have never flown on time with Flybe. The fleet planning seems to be organised by rolling dice and planes are always arriving late or have technical faults or some other weird excuse. This flight, however, was even worse than usual. We started boa...

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8/7/2018 Michael Gardiner

✅ Trip Verified | Birmingham to Aberdeen. I can see from reading the other reviews that many folks have not been impressed by Flybe but I can only report as I found, which was very good indeed. It was a day return without checked baggage, BHX-ABZ, and cost only £92 despite being booked quite late. The morning flight was on time...

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8/1/2018 S KIeane

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to Aberdeen. Avoid! Not only is Manchester airport a nightmare but after a 2.5 hour delay I finally got to Aberdeen! Missed a family dinner and all! Flybe staff seemingly couldn’t care less and I never received any compensation!